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March 30, 2015 4:44 pm

Report Says Iran May Be Keeping Elements of Nuclear Program in Syria, North Korea

avatar by David Daoud

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Despite hammering a deal out in Lausanne, Iran may have transferred aspects of its nuclear program to Syria and North Korea. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

As world powers race to close a nuclear deal with Iran, recent reports have indicated that not all elements of Iran’s nuclear program may be domestic, but that some of it may be located in Syria and as far away as North Korea. In light of the secrecy surrounding the talks going on in Lausanne, Switzerland these reports are receiving some attention, according to The Israel Project, a Washington DC-based advocacy group.

If true, the implications of the reports are far reaching. The Israel Project said that the debate in these reports “involves how Iran has dispersed its nuclear assets to Syria and North Korea, which means that any envisioned deal would only slow a part of the Iranian nuclear program, while flooding the Iranians with cash to bolster what’s left over.”

Last November, as an earlier deadline for the talks approached, the issue came up regarding Iran moving its nuclear program’s assets to Syria, but now the debate is including North Korea. And according to the Israel project, “Even if everything goes right in slowing Iran’s nuclear work on Iranian soil…the deal wouldn’t touch all of the places and ways the Iranians are going nuclear.”

The reports indicate that Germany’s Der Spiegel revealed the existence of an undisclosed nuclear facility in Syria where as much as 50 tons of enriched uranium may have been taken, so that while it remained in Syrian territory, it was nonetheless under Iranian control. The facility is located deep in the Qalamoun region, near the town of Qusayr, territory controlled by the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps-Quds Force and Iran’s terror proxy Hezbollah.

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, rejected the report as “ridiculous,” saying it was meant to “create imaginary concerns about the Islamic Republic.”

Similarly, the Iranians are using North Korea as a storage facility for both uranium stockpiles and the necessary missiles to be used as delivery methods for nuclear warheads, according to Ali Alfoneh and Reuel Marc Gerecht of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. The pair noted in the Washington Post that Iran is using North Korean territory to produce nuclear material, and other reports have indicated that Iran has ballistic missiles stationed in that country.

The Israel Project notes that, coupled with the relaxed verification methods that the West may be aiming for, and the influx of cash Iran would receive from sanctions relief, “Iran’s ability to conduct its nuclear world in Syria and North Korea,” would be “supercharge[d],” leaving Iran with the full ability to develop a nuclear weapon, and not hindering its state sponsorship of terrorism.

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  • This is a problem for our humanized world and humans are not perfect in their acts toward each other. Each Country considers its self interest and then decides its position on the issue it faces. Within each Country there are people with their own self intersts etc. Until there is a real world order with a written “constitution” that makes Iran’s actions ileagle the problem will be solved by the countries that Iran’s actions may endanger. Expecting one country to act alone is acknowledging world acceptance of the end result such action may produce. The UN is, at present, the only organization that speaks for the world and it has not yet spoken on the issue.

  • Frankie

    If this is true, the only strategy to keep Iran from getting nuclear arms is regime change: the mullahs must be removed. The Iranian people appear to want them gone, so what is needed is to figure out how to do it.

  • Jack

    Old news.
    All this was known under W.
    Just cause Dick is a dick about the way they handled intelligence shouldn’t reflect on Barry.
    And you know they will deny all….on both sides.
    It is more about creating an environment that leads to legal clarity.
    Ya know, if ya want the death sentence ya have ta prove the evidence and circumstances, otherwise the judge may convict, but you leave room for appeal, and the possibility of conviction overturned.
    I suspect Barry is a little to cool a customer, sort of a dead eye shot….first time.
    After all bin Laden went down on his watch.

  • ric b


  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Oh, would that it were not so! Unfortunately, those who have the powers to be in these class-act inane negotiations on behalf of the Free World will never fully know where all of Iran’s nuclear assets may be contained and blossoming in the pursuit of nuclear warheads. Both Iran is a very large country and its strong nefarious alliances with Syria, North Korea, and perhaps, one or more other nuclear powers not listed in this article, such as Pakistan, Russia, or the Ukraine may very well enable it to surreptitiously follow the path to nuclear capability in the near future. In my estimation, thinking otherwise is pure and utter tunnel vision.

  • noellsq

    Can the POTUS be tried for stupidity as well as the rest of his assistants

  • On the URANIUN deposited in Syria, you have left out where it came from. – Most of the URANIUM that Iran has comes from VENEZUELA. They have a “supposed tractor factory” in the State of Bolivar, where tehy process the URANIUM to be shipped to Iran. This factory was denounced with video images of same by Roger Noriega. Contact him for more details. – Helping these lunatics in Iran is one of the features of the chavistas, since they do anything that can go “anti-American”, even if it means being cozy with terrorists organizations like HAMAS or HEZBOLLAH.
    However the Israeli government has kept a discreet silence on this matter. I imagine not to place the Jewish community in jeopardy that lives in Venezuela.

  • Tony Rice

    And when they get nuclear weapons, they already have missiles capable of long distance delivery plus subs patrolling the seas, so we will all be at risk, including America.

  • Obama,
    As I said repeatedly, Iran cannot be trusted, STOP THE DEAL!

  • In January 2015 I read reports
    Iran is constructing nuclear plant for Syria in Qusayr, near border with Lebanon.
    Obama will NOT raise the issue in the Iranian nuclear talks.

    • Jack

      If it’s a worry the Israeli’s can look after themselves.
      They can hit Tehran a lot more accurately than Tehran can hit Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.

  • Reform School

    Circumcision of Liberal politicians and journalists Ended: Too Much BRAIN Damage!

  • I already did submit it ! ! ! !

  • My comment. GO TELL IT TO OBAMA !!!! THAT IS if you want to waste your breath and “whistle in the wind”.

    More seriously, the conxortium of Middle Eastern countries and adjacent States,
    starting with Saudi-Arabia, are highly concerned about Iran, and proposals for a task force of their neighboring states if united can prove an active, serious, monitor and force – in conjunction with like-minded states e.g. from Europe order
    to bring Iran into line by whatever means necessary.

    All efforts should be made BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE.

  • A nuclear-armed Iran puts the whole world in danger.
    Nuclear-armed Jihadi terrorists are the greatest threat our civilization may ever face.

    Bibi’s address to a joint session of the US Congress this week 3.3.2015 was appropriate and necessary. There are some who have ears but they do not hear and eyes but could not see. Such people said and asserted that Bibi said “nothing new”. There is an adage which says “a dog that is destined to get lost will not hear the hunter’s whistle”. Majority of Americans heard the whistle, loud and clear on Tuesday, when Benjamin Netanyahu delivered his speech about terrorist Iran’s acquiring nuclear capabilities is a threat to the world at large.
    We must learn to face reality and not delude ourselves to wishful thinking.
    Iran the destabilizing factor in the Middle East and beyond..
    The PM stated the greatest dangers facing our world is the marriage of militant Islam with nuclear weapons.”
    A nuclear-armed Iran puts the whole world in danger.
    Nuclear-armed Jihadi terrorists are the greatest threat our civilization may ever face.
    Radical Islam is not just a threat to American and Israel. It is a threat to Western Civilization everywhere. Unless the West wakes up now before it’s too late and stops this evil.
    Do you want prevent nuclear terror? Do you care about you children and your family’s future? Vote for nuclear free Iran.
    A terrorist state must not be permitted to possess nuclear capability.
    Iran already controls; Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, Gaza, etc. how much more before we stop them from devouring the Middle East and more.
    When Israel takes defensive action for its survival. Israel would rather be condemned for its actions as a live Israel than eulogized as a dead Israel.

    YJ Draiman

  • Valery

    agreement with Iran is useful, but at the same time it is necessary to clarify the issues. which remained with the IAEA on nuclear development in the past.
    If an agreement is not – Tehran could run the military atom, underground or using Pyongyang.
    Then the world is definitely closer to a dangerous point, to war.

  • Valery

    I would like to get a reference to an article in the magazine Der Spiegel and the report in the Washington Post about the Iranian nuclear material in Syria and North Korea.
    It would be interesting to see.

    • ric b

      History :Jimmy Carter. 1967 war:after 1958 Suez war Eisenhower told Israel U.S.guaranteed Israeli access through straits of Tiran,Pres Johnson said he did not know of promise.Israel won 6 day war.Israel takes out Iraqi nuclear facility. Condemned by U.S. and world;later w.bush thanks Israel.Today:U.S.makes nice with Iran and reconsiders U.N. shield for Israel. Conclusion : neither help or hurt Israel.Anyone that says “death to America” consider an enemy. Anyone that beheads Christian ‘s for being Christian consider an enemy.Anyone that goes to a Jewish market to kill Jews consider an enemy.Anyone that donates to or finances horrendous evil is Evil.