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April 1, 2015 9:33 am

Should Israel Fear the UN?

avatar by Moshe Phillips and Benyamin Korn

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UN headquarters in New York. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

President Obama is now reportedly threatening to support – or to at least not veto – a United Nations Security Council resolution demanding creation of a Palestinian state on Israel’s doorstep.

Why? Because Obama apparently wants to punish Israeli voters for democratically re-electing Benjamin Netanyahu, the leader they preferred, rather than the kind of leadership Obama wants Israel to have. Obama’s latest threat is intended to force Netanyahu into forming a governing coalition with the Israeli left.

But does the UN vote really matter? Keep in mind that such a UN resolution would have no practical impact, since the UN has no way to enforce it. The real purpose of the resolution would be to intimidate Israel and its supporters to make more concessions. Should we take such pressure seriously? And should Netanyahu, who is himself a former Israeli ambassador to the UN?

Employing the Hebrew acronym for the UN, “Oom,” Ben-Gurion in 1955 dismissively remarked “Oom-shmoom,” using a Yiddishism to sum up his perspective. Ben-Gurion understood that Israel had to act to safeguard its national security, regardless of whether that made the Jewish State unpopular at the UN.

That’s why he took such steps as the preemptive strike at Nasser, the construction of the Dimona nuclear reactor, the capture and trial of Adolf Eichmann (which was condemned by various countries) and the imposition of strict security measures in the Israeli Arab community. Ben-Gurion also recognized the inherent moral weakness of the UN. Every country, no matter how oppressive or bellicose, has the same voting power in the UN General Assembly as an enlightened, peaceful, and democratic state. One country, one vote.

Genocidal Sudan is equal to progressive Canada.

Misogynistic Saudi Arabia is equal to egalitarian Belgium.

A country where black Africans are enslaved, such as Mauritania, is equal to a country that has rescued black Africans, such as Israel.

A country ruled by a king, such as Jordan, is equal to a country run by a democratically-elected president or prime minister.

An aggressor is equal to its victim.

The UN Security Council is equally problematic. Russia, which is now busy gobbling up Ukraine, and China, which arms terrorist regimes and genocide-perpetrators around the world, enjoy the same veto power as the other permanent members of the Security Council – France, Britain, and the United States. Furthermore, every country,no matter how oppressive or undemocratic, gets its turn among the Security Council’s ten non-permanent seats.

Many countries cast their votes not on the basis of what is right or wrong, of what is just or unjust, but rather according to their narrow interests, their fear of Arab oil suppliers, or their Marxist principles.

That’s why just last month, the UN Commission on the Status of Women voted 27 to two to condemn Israel for “occupying” Palestinian women, 98% of whom are actually live under the rule of the Palestinian Authority. The accusers included well-known deniers of women’s rights such as Iran, Sudan, and, yes, the Palestinian Authority itself.

A UN Security Council resolution on Palestinian statehood would likewise be a moral farce. Those who vote in favor will not be considering whether such a state would be a democracy or a dictatorship; whether or not “Palestine” would endanger Israel; or what the Palestinian Authority’s track record reveals about how a Palestinian state would behave.

Such real-world considerations have no place in the absurd, upside down fantasy world in which the United Nations dwells. That’s why whenever someone threatens to pass some nasty resolution at the UN, Israel and its friends should recall the simple wisdom of Ben-Gurion:  “Oom, shmoom!”

Moshe Phillips is president and Benyamin Korn is chairman of the Religious Zionists of Philadelphia, and both are current candidates on the Religious Zionist slate ( in the World Zionist Congress elections.

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  • Reform School

    What a sad commentary on Jewish “journalism” that nearly all of the Algemeiner’s commenters possess a clearer view of Israel’s affairs—State and Tribe—than its reporters. Have New York’s skyscrapers left them an ‘Edifice Complex?’

  • Ok! Today is not an April Fools day.
    I ask for everyone’s forgiveness who have been hurt by my comments.
    According to the older scriptures relating to Moses and the Ten Commandments
    One of the Commandment says ‘Thou shall love thy Neighbour’.
    In Torah one sentence highlights everything
    ‘So shall be written So shall be done’
    Now the most telling sentence is that ‘The waters of the Jordan shall never be wasted and never be divided and those who drink her waters will remain the chosen people forever’
    I ask everyone to try in their own way to understand what is written here.
    I believe that Religions and Nationalism would come and go and as ever exploited by vested interests to the hilt.
    However to date no one has managed to shake off or successfully proved wrong what is written in the Ten Commandments and The Torah.
    Bibi Netanyahu will not be able to stay the course against the waters of the Mighty Jordan.
    You see Israel has produced one of the mightiest humans ever to appear in the history of the contemporary world whose words are enshrined in different stages of the New Testament.
    The World would only change if Israel becomes an oasis of Tolerance and Inclusivity.
    It is your example that the World will follow o’children of Abraham!
    Regards and God. Bless
    Viren Naik

  • Micky

    This article misses the real objective behind Obama’s willingness to support a UN imposed “solution” to the Israel-Palestine problem: It opens the door to a Security Council resolution authorizing the use of force to achieve the stated end, i.e., it enables the UN to declare war on Israel.

    Obama wants such a war so he can instigate pogroms in America. The purpose of these riots is to give him an excuse to cancel the 2016 election and thus remain as “president for life”. This may seem absurd, but Obama is addicted to power, and leaving the White House means losing the power he craves, so he will do whatever is necessary to retain it.

  • Buz Chertok

    The UN is mob of Jew haters……….mob being the operative word. The world chased the Jews into a little corner of the world and now is seeking to use that concentration to obliterate them completely. The only barrier between the jackals that surround Israel and the damned mob has been the United States until now when it has maniacally elected a vacuous vicious Jew hating jumped up slum king to lead them…Netanyahu in the image of so very many strong, focused, protective Israeli leaders of the past such as Ben Gurion, Eschol, Meier and Begin.. to mention just a few.. is doing what is required to preserve his tiny unfairly hated nation. Naturally, he , like they, inevitably draws stupidly hateful comments and idiotic analyses from the world’s horses asses because he is in the way of their desired destruction of Israel……….LOL…Go Bibi!!!!!

  • What a naive Putz !
    Since when does a “Goy” express anything that G_d has done or will do !
    Israel has been a Jewish homeland for over 5000 years, a proven fact . There never was a Palestine, none of its leaders were born in Palestine!
    Do not lecture, or give any advice to Jews who read Totah, absorb Torah study Torah daily rather than looking up a single Line, a passage to support your stupity !
    Hashem will guide Israel, as he always will, in our body’s our hearts and our endless resolve!
    Shabot Shalom Pesach !

  • Shalom-Hillel

    The abuse at the UN happens because the U.S. allows it to happen. The US is the biggest funder of the UN, and the UN is located in the US.


    Disband the UN

  • Paul

    Oom Shmoom should not be regarded as a generally true statement. The legal international legitimacy of the state of Israel, which is now being questioned, rests firmly on the UN resolution where the family of nations voted to enable a Jewish State in Israel. This is a much more acceptable claim for Israel’s legitimacy than the claim that 3000 years ago God told Abraham and said Israel is for the Jews only. (Actually, he never supposedly said Israel was for the Jews only – he talked of Abraham’s offspring, which includes his other son Ishmael – which makes God’s promise applicable to the arabs too !).
    Despite the problem associated with the UN, most countries in the world, including all our allies, DO believe in the UN. Countries who are neutral towards Israel will definitely be influenced by decisions to enforce sanctions on Israel – just as South Africa was brought to its knees by international pressure.
    To present Obama’s statement regarding possibly not vetoing UN resolutions recognizing a Palestinian State as they did in the past is explained by you as his with to punish Israeli voters. This too is an irresponsible and childish attitude, that has dangerous effect on the minds of the uninformed. THe US has tried to ignore our so-well-timed settlement policy, which they have stated openly – along with all other countries in the world – that they regard as illegal. The reason they have objected to one-sided attempts to give the Palestinians a state has always been stated as preferring that this should be the result of negotiation between the parties. And since Bibi has now made clear he will not allow a Palestinian state under his leadership, there is no longer any reason for the US to oppose an imposed solution. Bibi doesn’t want negotiations.
    Israel needs a 2-state solution – going for the one-state solution will bring far more arabs under Israeli rule than the Palestinian wish for the right to return, which EVERY Israeli rejects because it will destroy the Jewish state. A one state solution here will be an arab state. How can you not understand this.
    I suggest you think more clearly, more wisely yourself, and stop using this platform to sway the minds of your readers to emotional thinking and dangerous conclusions. When there is danger, clear logical thinking is vital.

  • Ivana Talya Tufakov

    @Viren Naik – were you just writing on April Fools’, or are you?

  • Martyman39

    The U.N. is and always has been the biggest joke of all time. It has descended to the status of a shooting gallery with Israel as its perpetual target with genocidal counties like Sudan, Mauritania, China, Iran and the like with horrendous human right records acting as judge and jury. Thank goodness Bibi won the last election rather than the leftists like Herzog and Tzipi Livni who would have given the Palestinians everything they wanted on a golden platter and placed Israel in a precarious position. Netanyahu is the only one who has the balls to stand up to Obama, the U.N. and all the others who would like to see Israel destroyed. What Israel did to Saddam Hussein’s nuclear reactor in 1981 can be done to Iran’s nuclear ambitions when the time comes.

  • Historian

    It is important to know that Pres Obama is no friend of Israel and really does not know who his friends are. He has shown many times to me a racist and biased against the Jewish People. What really irks me is prominent Jews gave this anti-semite millions of dollars so he can stab the Jewish people in the back.

  • steven L

    Time to take back everything since the Pal want nothing or everything. For the Palestinians at the ICC, justice means a second holocaust by the combo of the West and the Muslims. They failed the first time and they want a second chance.

  • Viren Naik

    The chosen people can do nothing wrong in Hollywood films.
    However what Israel have got is the diaspora that controls the World.
    The tragedy is that their world is ruled by blind faith in themselves that they can do anything interms of exclusivity and get away from it because of a few words written in the Evangelicle Bibles.
    Well this is about to come to an end.
    They are saying all these things to save only one man Bibi Netanyahu.
    I would like to ask one question did anyone manage to save the holiest of men ‘Jesus’ who was a Jew too.
    However in his sacrifive the whole world was salvaged and has been going strong even after 2000 years.
    One died in the cause of ‘Non Violence and Humility and Inclusivity’ and still lived in the hearts of the Jews although his followers changed the identity of his religion. His God was the same as the Hebrew God and Palestinies are no different because their ancesters were Jews as well.
    So why this man BIBI is allowed to destroy the good image of Jews in the name of exclusivity and power.
    He is the real threat.
    The History of the Jews is full of Herodites and this Guy can not be made an exception.THe warning is in the Torah itself. Heed it and turn the world into an oasis of Tolerance and Inclusivity.
    Regards and God Bless
    Viren Naik

    • Fritz Kohlhaas

      The real threats are Obama and Islam!

    • albert snow

      A lot of b-s Viren Naik.
      But let me correct one blatant lie you try to spread. Palestinians ancestors were not jews. Palestinians are arabs and as such they are natives from the arabian penisnula. The palestinians are members of the Arab Leauge and in PLO:s charter they describe themselves as a people belonging to the arab nation. Arabs came to the palestine territory when the islamic wars after Muhammeds death for conquest and turning infidel people to muslim. Arabs in the palestinian territories are in fact nothing but ancestors from arab intruders, settlers and colonizers.
      Jews on the other hand are the natives of Israel.

    • Paul

      Right On !!

    • June Grant

      Since you wrote your muddled comment on All Fools Day, you may be forgiven, or not.How was the whole world salvaged? Looks like somewhat of a mess to me.

    • Wolff Bachner

      Spare us your nonsense and go promote your “Jews rule the world” filthy blood libel where it belongs; On a neo-nazi website.