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April 14, 2015 3:03 pm

New Curriculum Will Teach Arab Israeli Children About Suffering of Jews During Holocaust

avatar by David Daoud

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Holocaust studies will be introduced into the Arab and other non-Jewish sectors of the Israeli educational system. PHOTO: Wikipedia.

Arab-Israeli children will be learning about the Holocaust this year, as part of the recent introduction of a new educational program into Arab-Israeli schools, Israel’s Walla news website reported.

The program, entitled “In Memory’s Lanes”, was launched last year by former Education Minister Shai Piron in Jewish schools, and has now been included in the curricula of junior high schools and high schools in the Arab, Druze and Circassian sectors. The program, which highlights Jewish suffering, and the atrocities and genocide that the Jewish People suffered during the Holocaust, will present the humanistic aspects of Zionism to these non-Jewish sectors.

As part of the curriculum, educators will send students from the Arab sector to lectures by Holocaust survivors, including twins who survived the Nazi genocide. They will also be shown photos of the Auschwitz  death camp along with Arabic subtitles and explanations. Educators will direct the students to discuss the ethical issues raised by the Holocaust, with teachers being instructed to discuss concepts like genocide, concentration camps and scientific experiments conducted on inmates, the victims of the Nazi genocide, and racism.

The purpose behind this program is for all students in Israel’s school system to be provided with education aids in order to properly understand the Holocaust, according to the report.

Prior to this, the subject of the Holocaust was not taught at all in the non-Jewish sectors of the Israeli school system. This began to change in 2010, when the State Comptroller’s report examined Holocaust education in the general education system and criticized the fact that it was not being taught to the Arab and other non-Jewish sectors, according to Walla.

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  • Fred

    I’m Really stunned that it was not allready teached in school all over Israël. In national history it is vital to teach the history of both majorities and minorities. It will lead to better understanding of the other groups.
    In the Netherlands where i am from is only little attention to the holocoust and only the Dutch stories are shown(Anne Frank or Corrie ten Boom). But i am glad that they actualy teach it in school. But When i learned what exactly happend in the camps during my studies i was extra shocked to see and read about the unbelievable and unspeakable crimes. It changed me. It’s not about teaching compassion, it’s confronting people with the worst they can do and with the foulest ghost of history, that confrontation will work great if they still have some humanity in them!

  • Jack Cowan

    This is a fabulous idea….maybe there will be “some understanding and mitigation” by the Arabs towards their brethren that leads to a “land of milk and honey” for ALL races in the Middle East and perhaps even the world at large by following the (potential) lead from the Arab countries…..well done Shai Piron.

  • Tomorrow is Yom Hashoa. Holocaust survivors, 2G’s, 3g’s and 4g’s and others who lost loved ones in the Shoah will light candles, say Kaddish, attend Holocaust memorial events and shed tears. In addition to crying for those we lost, we should have positive and loving thoughts of our parents. Enough talk of suffering. We should speak of accomplishments. I am proud of my parents, JACOB AND RACHEL who came to America with nothing, settled in Kansas City, could not speak English and created a safe and secure world for me, their only child. Like many of your parents, my father struggled through many business endeavors; eventually he did well in this, the Goldena Medina.

    Most of our parents could not write English well and spoke with heavy accents. Yet through determination and the “never give up” spirit, they accomplished the impossible. I was always amazed at how my father never complained about how hard it was to make a living and start over. He always came up with solutions to his problems. He could add a myriad of numbers in his head without writing them on paper; while he was not educated past the second grade, he was a business genius. My mother who worked in the garment industry, toiled to support my father in his business ventures; she too never complained.

    I grew up poor but never realized I wore clothes from Goodwill and played with used toys. All I knew was that my mother was a great cook.

    This story I am certain is similar to many of yours. Be proud of your parents’ accomplishments who overcame impossible obstacles. Today we and our children complain about the smallest things. I don’t remember that attitude as part of my parents’ philosophy. So tomorrow please think about the positive things in your parents’ lives: the joy they gave you and how they made it possible for us to attend universities and become professionals. L’Chaim ! They created new life and spirit. Do not remember the sorrow, celebrate their accomplishments. RABBI DR. BERNHARDROSENBERG

    • We were poor too but we were always happy children,thanks to my mother, ditto,

  • Reform School

    I suspect the ‘Yiddisher Kupp’ has been vastly overrated. Did Jerusalem wait 67 years to give all the survivors time to die of advanced age? When will they expand it to UNRWA schools to show Muslims additional ways to slaughter Jews?

  • Emmett

    Sounds like some type of leftist, ghetto mentality move in a flawed attempt to appeal to savages non-existant sense of morality, if not an attempt to gain pity. Better to teach how Israel is the G-d given land of the Jews & how the illegal Arab infiltrators & terrorists are the illegitimate occupiers. They should also teach about the leftist traitors role in Israel & how they are responsible for the thousands of deaths, both Jewish & Arab. Humanity’s true enemy.

  • History is History! If you leave any part of it out, it is propaganda! It still amazes me that The Holocaust can close that many shutters to the Truth! Surely the veracity of that Truth merely enforces a need to ensure Tolerances are met and by all! Religion is inclusive! It should never be exclusive or deny other’s a Faith!

  • We can not sleep, our souls will not rest. There are less than 200,000 holocaust survivors left. We know that every day there are less and less to remind many of us we once had parents and grandparents. How do you tell someone you never had a bubie or zadie, how do cry out when no one understands except another survivor, 2g or 3g. This is a world, we did not make . The Hitlers and NAZIS STOLE OUR PARENTS YOUTH AND LEFT US ALL WITH BAGGAGE TO CARRY all our lives. Thursday we together will cry as one family. May G-d wipe our tears with the knowledge that we have become parents, grandparents and great grandparents. Who would believe that from the hell of the Shoah we would live to shep such loving nachas. Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg.

  • I wanted to tear down Auschwitz and the other camps with my hands. Auschwitz today is a Disneyland WITH TOURS and refreshments. Then I thought, it must remain otherwise who would have believed it was ever built. I felt the ghost of my father but could not figure out which bunk he must have been in. I tried and tried but could not find him. Then I heard a voice in my heart that said here my son, here is the ghost I left behind when I was rescued. When someone would ask my father how old he was he would subtract the years he was in Auschwitz and say these years I was dead.

  • The idea is to teach the Arabs compassion for the Jews – how stupid. We should teach them our strong fist!!!

  • The idea is to teach the Arabs compassion for the Jews! How stupid (to put it nicely) !

    • Compassion and education would be the better way. Don’t you think?