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April 21, 2015 5:06 pm

Canadian Parliament Member Defends Israeli Action in Gaza in Epic Twitter Battle

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Canadian MP Peter Kent stood behind Israel's military action in Gaza. Photo: Twitter.

In a heated exchange with a Twitter user on Tuesday, Canadian Member of Parliament Peter Kent defended Israel’s military action in the Gaza Strip during last summer’s war.

Kent on Monday had posted on Twitter a photo of Operation Nemesis, a novel by Eric Bogosian. Kent recommended reading the book to commemorate the Armenian Genocide ahead of Armenian Genocide Remembrance Day, on April 24.

A Twitter user by the name Gerald Perkins commented on the picture on Tuesday and accused Kent of “politically using a 100 yr old atrocity.” Perkins included a link to a 2014 article published by The Guardian about casualties of the Israel-Gaza conflict. He then compared the Armenian Genocide to what he called “GazaGenocide.”

“Political / corporate elite ignored #ArmenianGenocide until expedient. Today same elite ignoring #GazaGenocide. That’s you,” Perkins wrote addressing Kent. “Look at the facts of what’s going on & not thru an ideological filter.”

The Conservative politician, who appeared to be offended by the comparison, responded to Perkins’ comment saying, “If you know your history..then + know the difference!”

“Hamas responsible for Gaza tragedy: refusal to co-exist, sacrificing innocents,” he added. Directly addressing Perkins, he wrote, “I suggest you read the Hamas Charter dedicated to destruction of Israel. #StopIslamicTerror.”

Perkins refused to back down and elevated the social media clash by telling Kent, “I suggest u look into your heart & contemplate the horror perpetrated daily on the children of Gaza.” Kent shot back saying Hamas, not Israel, should be blamed for innocents suffering in Gaza.

“No question Gaza innocents suffer: U shud direct ur fury @ those responsible #hamasterror,” Kent wrote.

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  • Jonathan Dembo

    If you added up all the dead in all of Israel’s wars in 1948, on all sides, they would not amount to one-tenth the dead in the Turkish genocide against the Armenians. It is just a sick joke to weigh the few thousand dead Palestinians in the war started by Hamas on the same scales that weigh the Armenian dead from 1915. You have no shame, Gerald Perkins. J’Accuse!

  • Everett Coldwell

    Interesting that @KentThornhillMP has deleted his tweets from yesterday.

    I suggest that Peter Kent consider that if not for countries like Canada giving Israel international impunity there may have been peace decades ago.

    • What are you saying? That if it were not for Israel there would be peace in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Chad, Niger, Cameroon, Iraq, Rwanda? If it were not for Israel, Northern Korea and Iran would not aspire to have nuclear weapons? How blind (or blinded) may one be?

    • Marc Stevens

      Everett Coldwell, do you deny that Israel has been the victim of countless attacks, both military and terrorist since its inception? How can there be peace in the Middle East when Israel’s neighbours talk about nothing but killing all the Jews?

      In order for peace to be a reality, all other nations must first admit Israel’s right to exist.

    • Nancy T

      If not for ignorant people like yourself giving succor to terrorist, medieval, corrupt, and barbaric Islamist regimes, leaders, and people like those in the PA, Hamas, and all the rest surrounding and perpetrating war against the democratic and free state of Israel, there would have been peace decades ago.

    • ryanC

      Everett, you are clearly uneducated on the situation in Israel. Read a few reports and books based on factual evidence and then comment. Until then, you make a fool of yourself with such idiotic remarks.
      If it was not for terrorists like Hamas, the PLO and the blood thirsty anti-Semites surrounding Israel who began attacking the Israeli Jews, there would have been peace in 1948!

    • Gábor Fränkl

      Really? You are extremely ignorant (and dumb). For “decades” Canada with its sickening moral relativist has been in quasi-alliance with the so-called Palestinian terrorists and used to backstab Israel at the UN and many other int’l fora with glee; the misnamed pro-Arab terror “Liberals”. You are a moron I’m sad to say.

    • Elzbieta Kowalska

      Everett, without foreign help the Arabs would have continued what Hitler started and with the help of the grand mufti of Jerusalem,al-Husseini, who formed a muslim SS brigade to annihilate all Jews in Palestine.Actually they started murdering Jews only because they were Jews in 1929 when they commited pogroms in Hebron and Jerusalem.Next time you intend to write such biaised anti-Israel propaganda, take a minute to ask yourself what you would have done in similar circumstances, except to defend yourself and your loved ones!

    • bernie greenspoon

      Everett i suggest you thank your lucky stars that Canada is on the side of a true democracy, and that lowers the chances of you wandering into a pocket of town governed by sharia law like some unfortunates in Europe, and, dare i say (Dearborn) Michigan.. or perhaps you would prefer that..

    • Wayne Craik

      There will never be peace until the Islamists give up their belief that the only religion is Islam and they won’t because the hate has been bred into them.

    • Ziv

      If by peace you infer what’s happening in countries like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya or lets sum it up with a swath of land stretching from north-western Africa through central Asia; then yes. You really nailed it! It’s not the fabric of the societies and their interpretations in the region (minus Israel) that’s causing this, it’s Israel.

      If you truly think that the Palestinians are much different in the makeup of their society’s fabric – the root cause of the Israeli/Arab conflict – then you are truly deluding yourself and others that feel like you are the ones that unintentionally perpetual this conflict, as you and others with like minds don’t hold Palestinians accountable for coming out of the Dark Ages into modern times.

    • Barry

      No doubt said tongue firmly implanted in cheek.

    • Mike

      You are either naive or blind. This is not about peace but the total distraction of Israel

    • larry

      Yes, if the palestinians layed down their arms, there would be no war, If Israel layed down their arms, there would be no Israel.

    • Santos2

      No, actually if the Arabs had accepted even on of the multitude of peace offerings of the Israelis in the past 7 decades there could have been peace in the area then. But Arabs don’t want peace – they only want dead Jews. They are evil, pure and simple.

    • 3 nos at khartoum

      Go read about the three no’s the Arabs voted on at Khartoum after losing the six day war.
      No peace with Israel
      No recognition of Israel
      No negotiations with Israel.

      The PLO was founded in 1964′ three years BEFORE Israel win the occupied territories. Ask yourself why?

  • Jennifer

    what should be mentioned in any discussion with, the greatest human evil to ever exist, is that the arab nation, for whom ‘palestine’ is just a trick word to steal land, killed every single last jew in its a teritory, what was a million people, would today be 20 million people.

    who unlike the fake people, jews had always been considered a real and seperate people to those arabs who had comkitted that perfect genocide on them.

  • Max Cohen

    Gerald Perkins is just another example of leftism. He is so mired in lies that he cannot perceive where his warped views began, and likely, he will never be extricated.

  • Yasher Koach to Israel y”l the amalekites

    Yasher Koach to Israel

    y”l the amalekites