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April 21, 2015 6:11 pm

Tennessee General Assembly Becomes First State Legislature to Condemn BDS

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Israel boycotters. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. The Tennessee General Assembly on Tuesday became the first state legislature in the U.S. to formally condemn the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

Senate Joint Resolution 170, initially passed April 9 by the Tennessee Senate in a unanimous 30-0 vote, was approved by the Tennessee House of Representatives in an overwhelming 93-1 vote on Tuesday, with Democratic State Representative G.A. Hardaway the lone dissenter.

The resolution, which is expected to be signed next week by Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam, declares that the BDS movement is “one of the main vehicles for spreading anti-Semitism and advocating the elimination of the Jewish state,” adding that BDS activities in Tennessee “undermine the Jewish people’s right to self-determination, which they are fulfilling in the State of Israel.”

Furthermore, the resolution states that the BDS movement and its agenda are “inherently antithetical and deeply damaging to the causes of peace, justice, equality, democracy and human rights for all the peoples in the Middle East.”

The bill was initiated by Laurie Cardoza-Moore, founder of the Christian Zionist group Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN). Cardoza-Moore worked local Jewish and Christian organizations to bring the resolution to the state legislature.

“With the current climate of increasing anti-Semitism, anti-Israel, and anti-Zionist campaigns, Tennesseans and all people of conscience should endorse public statements of support for our Jewish brethren living in Tennessee and pro-Israel students attending colleges and universities in our state,” Cardoza-Moore said.

According to a PJTN press release, “BDS has an active presence in Tennessee, particularly through The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, a group that is a leader of BDS. UT (University of Tennessee) Knoxville alumnus Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, a leader in the U.S. Campaign, was this year’s keynote speaker at the national meeting of Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), a college campus group that has spearheaded anti-Israel demonstrations.”

Tennessee State Senator Dolores Gresham, who co-sponsored the resolution along with State Representative Sheila Butt, said the state’s legislature “chooses to preserve its values by publicly condemning this blatantly anti-Semitic, anti-Israel bigotry, and send a clear message that Tennessee condemns such views.”

Joanne Bregman, a local Jewish activist and attorney who advocated for the resolution’s passage, told that the Tennessee General Assembly’s action could serve as a template for other U.S. states to recognize the growing threats of the BDS movement and anti-Semitism. She added that the Christian-initiated bill should be a “wake-up call” for the Jewish community to be the ones “who need to fill the public information void” on BDS and anti-Semitism.

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  • Stan

    As a South African I am amazed to see that human decency and common sense seems to be far more prevelant in US states likes Tenasee that in places like California where the comments from people, like Saltzman, seem to be based on ignorance (Israel is responsible for ISIS), un-equally-applied idealism (Israel persecutes Arabs – with no mention of the famous PA 3x No’s) and part of a zombie herd mentality (the obvious catch phrases), and from Jews nog al
    It used to be the other way round – but it seems that the effects of readily available knowlege (just Google it) and cheap drugs, has made the rural states of USA a place for individual. free thinkers

  • ric b

    Tenn.has no personal state income tax.Vanderbilt University has kosher dining. Manufactures Nissan cars.Has a major bible publishing industry. Major music industry.Temperate climate,Water resources (Tennessee and Mississippi rivers),Home to FedEx. Nice people.Was in Union and Confederacy during Civil war.Welcomes new investment and industry from all over

  • Larry Andrews

    BDS is anti-Semitism. It’s that simple! And, every person who supported and voted for this legislation deserves a HUGE “Thank You” from the Jewish people.

    • Tim

      Why is it anti-semitism and not a stand against what some perceive to be Israel’s suppression of a large group of people crammed into a small area? Yes I know both sides are to blame, but why does someone’s opinion have to be shouted down as racism. This I will never understand.

  • Beverley Price


  • Larinthian

    After reading this article, I began thinking, maybe there is a small sliver of hope that the world can turn away from moral depravity that has gripped both individual and community entities today. Life is short and we have the opportunity to do things that will be a positive force in people’s lives. But, the BDS movement and the many other anti Israel groups perpetuate the exact same mindset the preceded one of the darkest era’s in human history, Nazism. Israel should serve as an example of all the things we could be aspiring to inculcate, tenacity, resilience, commitment to ethics and justice, are all accurate descriptions of Israel. I freely and openly profess being Jewish and have a great respect for Judaism as a religion. However, the same can’t be said about a certain segment of Jews who are part of the anti Israel cause that takes place amongst a segment of the Jewish community. I am repulsed by people like Thomas Friedman, Noam Chomsky, Norm Finkelstein, and many others. Every Jew, should be supportive of Israel, I am not talking about blind faith. If you disagree with certain things that Israel does, by all means you should have the right to express your views. But, to actively turn your back on Israel and support Israel’s enemies is disgraceful. If we want to live in a better world, it will require society to take responsibility for their own failures and begin the task of addressing problems in a more productive manner only then, will we have the opportunity for humankind to evolve and grow.

  • Anita

    Most educated people, Orthodox and non, jewish or not, see through the B.D.S. Movement, apatheid and all the other brain washing misinformed information out there. It is typical for these groups to accuse Israel of the atrocities committed in their countries and condem the only true democracy in the Middle East. Systematic brainwashing on campuses has succeeded and we wonder how and why ISIS can recruit young people today. Way to go Tennessee! Lets hope more states will follow!

    • Tim

      Anita says “Most educated people, Orthodox and non, jewish or not, see through the B.D.S. Movement, apatheid and all the other brain washing misinformed information out there”

      I see, I did not realize apartheid was misinformation. Should have realized that when I signed the petition in Trafalgar Square in 1988 calling for the release of Nelson Mandela and stopping the continued ghettoization of blacks in South Africa.

  • Noel Herasfield

    BDS is a oernicious conspiracy to brainwash students all over the world.zit is a vehicle that the Islamists are using to soften up the goal of Islamism to justify the next Holocaust,and ti establish the universal Caliphate.It is destroying the mandate of our institutions of higher learning of honest argument and free exchange of ideas.Jews like Saltzman,and there are tragically too many of them are the authors of their own destruction.They are Quislings aiding and abetting the goal of our enemies to annihilate all the Jews,Christians and even their own people.They are the modern day Nazis.

  • Atilla

    What a pity the US isn’t governed from Tennessee.

    The world would be a vastly better and more just place.

  • Mark Barkan

    Proud to be a Tennessean!

  • Lauren Goldman

    My brother attended the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in the early 1960s. He got his lip split open for associating with a fellow student who was black. This article indicates that Tennessee has come a long way, and it changes my prior views of that state. It would be nice if universities here in California would follow Tennessee’s lead.

  • For someone whth such strong opinion, it is obviuos that you
    have no idea about Israel and the conflict!!! I am anIsraeli [first generation in 2000 years]and I bet you have never beet in Israel,IT IS so very cear that all your opinion and knowledge comes from the media!!!
    You want to make a difference?
    Come live in Israel and see fo yourself, THEN, AND ONLY THEN YOU ARE ENTITLED FOR OPINION!!!

    • I certainly have been to Israel and lived there for a year when my husband had a sabbatical. I love Israel, warts and all. Who is perfect? Certainly not the U.S. But I love this country too. Perhaps part if your problem is that you have no religious identity or feelings, while my family is observant-traditional.

      • I lived in Israel for a year in the late 70’s and have been back visiting in 1984,1988, 1994 and 2008. I love Israel, warts and all, but who is perfect? Are you? Perhaps it helps that me and my family are observant- traditional religiously and have intense Jewish idenitification

    • Tim

      Does that mean we were not allowed to have an opinion on South Africa because I did not live there? Does that mean that I cannot have an opinion that the Holocaust was a vile act because I did not live then? Does that mean I cannot have my opinion that Israel deserves to exist because I do not live there?

      I see.



  • Mi Grandin

    “Crimes against the Palestinian people”!? Pft. If there was no Israel there would BE no “palestinian people” and those who call themselves “palestinian” suddenly found themselves a “people” in 1967 – when Israel liberated Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria which Jordan had illegally occupied since 1948 and there systematically destroyed as many traces of its Jewish origins and history as possible. Get real, Larry Saltzman!!

  • It would be very instructive to see which other causes Saltzman supports. I doubt if he will be able to show any activism on behalf of Christian Ethiopians, Kurds, Yazadis,journalistsall murdered and raped by Islamic fanatics; Gazans used as human shields and Palestinians thrown off roofs by Hamas in expelling the PLO.
    It goes without saying that he protested Hamas launching thousands of rockets at civilians in a conflict they initiated(I hope that that’s not too long a word for Saltzman)
    Actually I think that we’re all nuts to waste time in replying to an obviously mentally disturbed person.

  • kaytee

    yey Tennessee! BDS promoted by liars and haters.

  • Harvey

    What does this mean in practical terms ? Condemns is not banning .

  • Thank you, good people from the State of Tennessee.

  • Moshe

    Well Larry,

    You must be proud of yourself to be a traitor. Kisen Mer Tuckus Shmuck!!!

  • Elad Lending

    This is for you Larry Saltzman:

  • Taammuz

    Poor, mad fanatical Jingo especially waiting for Jesus to return. Israel is not the problem. Israel was once a left wing paradise and it was founded by Jewish Leftits. Now it’s like Texas. Like Republicans are closet racists and Fascists, so too is the Liked Party a bunch of right wing nutcases filled with bigotry and hatefulness. Israel was built on the backs of Holocaust survivors and now the Right wing in Israel run the largest concentration camp in history. The founders of Israel are turning over in their graves. Sickening And you Southern Redneck Christians are the biggest hypocrites I have ever seen. Depart from me I never knew you. You that do evil.

    • Tim

      I support Israel’s right to exist. However, some of the founders of Israel behaved in extremely unsavoury and murderous ways, like it or not. Israel is treating the people who identify as Palestinians badly. Of course it is not one sided – the majority Palestinians are suffering because of the actions of extremists who like to bomb buses or hurl missile into Israel. The necessary reaction of Israel, which I understand and for which I have qualified support (they were right to go into Gaza last year, but I believe they went mush to far), poisons the average person in Gaza and the West Bank who naturally hate them for it.

      It’s time for both sides to stop, accept the situation as it is and try to put aside the injustices suffered by both sides. They have work something out. That will happen, but it will probably not be in anyone’s lifetime.

  • len o

    Who would a thunk it would be Tennessee, a state I have forever have trouble spelling correctly,that would be the first to find the guts to challenge and confront this scourge and slam the door on this anti-Israel and anti-Semitic rabble .Shame on New York, California and Florida, states with significant Jewish populations who couldnt find it in their hearts and souls to do the right thing. Times have changed America,were not in Kansas any more.!!!!!God bless TENNESSEE!

  • steven L

    The US congress must pass a law that equate BDS with racism and impose sanctions on any country condoning, supporting or promoting BDS/Racism.


    Congratulations to the Tennessee General Assembly. May other states follow your example.

  • Reform School

    No more circumcisions for BDSers: Too much BRAIN Damage!

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    Thank you Tennessee!!!

  • This is excellent news, but without the protection under ” Hate Crimes Act” it albeit a step in the right direction, pleasant but impotant words.

  • Bernie Kessler

    It my hope that the Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP), part of the Muslim Brotherhood group hiding behind
    benign sounding names, will start to feel the backlash.
    They’re active on all major campuses and at the forefront of the BDS movement. Other states with troubled college campuses cannot ignore what has happened in Tennessee.

    • Laura Ellen

      Bernie, please give me a link or source which provides proof that SJP is part of the MB. i can’t find any. thanks!

  • Lee Mendolsohn

    This belongs to the category of good intentions but not good idea – people must learn to separate Judaism and the right to worship freely – from Zionism – which is a much different concept – a political and military concept that many jews are turning against. It is Zionism that has prevented the fair and equal treatment of the original inhabitants of the land now called Israel. The fact that the jewish people suffered grave attrocities does not give them the right to turn around and punish the original inhabitants of the land originally known as Palestine Zionist is very very bad and must be stopped – yoy may outlaw the “right to boycott” at the state level- but no one can control my pocket book and I will NOT support Zionist companies – and others should not either. This law is a joke – as if the government can control my spending or my right to speak out freely. Please: This isn’t Israel!

    • Laura Ellen

      this law is anti racism. the palestinians are not the “original inhabitants” of the land of israel. the Jews are indigenous to the land of israel and the arabs have been brutally colonizing them and treating them as dhimmis for centuries. Jews have had a continuous presence on the land for thousands of years. and they never punished the arabs. they appealed to the arabs to live in peace with them from day one. ever read Israel’s declaration of statehood? the palestinians don’t want to share the land and live in peace, they want Israel gone and Israel has the right to protect itself. no one can control your spending or right to speak out because you live in a democracy- like Israel! hey, if you don’t like it, go live in Gaza. i’m sure they’d love to have you.

      • Lenny Graceffo

        I find it amazing that Jews continually mention their ancestral roots and claim to the land illegally sold to the Rothchilds by the Ottoman’s. I guess the Mexican people are practicing their right of return in California and Arizona. My Jewish friends tell me that although not perfect, Jews and Arabs managed to tolerate each other fairly well before 1945. Apparently Jewish people in Iran and Morocco do today as well. I was most impressed with “The General’s Son” when I saw his lecture. Theodore Herzel considered by some to be ‘The Father of Zionism” envisioned a Jewish state from the river in Egypt to the Euphrates. I’m dumbfounded how the masses fail to see how wealthy powerful Anglo Zionists and their Arab counterparts have manipulated their own and each other peoples for decades. From the Rothchilds (Bank of England) and Paul Warburgs support of the IG Farben German cartel that put Hitler into power to Portoshenko’s Nazi Regime in the Ukraine who are known to be antisemetic brownshirts. My oh my, haven’t heard much in the mainstream media from Bibi on that ! How can right wing Jews in the US support such a policy considering every Gentile and Jew owe their very lives to the valiant Russian soldiers who died in the ‘Battle of Stalingrad”. Come to think of it why isn’t every Jew in the U.S. and Canada marching down the main streets of their respective cities in a parade of gratitude ? Pretty quiet if you ask me. ISIS is being funded by Israel and the U.S. Anyone capable of critical thinking can figure that one out. The U.S. has been caught dropping weapons and medicine to ISIS trrops and then claiming bad intelligence. I don’t know the solutions to our many problems but it starts with all of us realizing we’re being played.

  • Joyce Craig

    Congratulations to the good citizens of Tennessee

  • Larry Saltzman

    I belong to the large and growing segment of the Jewish-American community who support BDS and believe Israel must be stopped from further crimes against the Palestinian people. I think this bill and similar ones is an outrage.

    • brian kiel

      Mr. Saltzman, you sir, are an outrage. There is no large or growing segment of American jews who support BDS exept in the minds of a few misguided individuals who think similarly. Israel cannot be stopped from further crimes against the Palestinian people since they have not committed any crimes in the first place.How can you claim to be a Jew and yet favor the elimination of the state of Israel?

    • Andrew Salzman

      The BDS and followers like Larry Saltzman (German) are simply wolves in sheep clothing. You are not Jewish, nor is the Jewish-American community behind you. They simply try to spread anti-Sematism and troll on those less informed. Way to go Tennessee!

    • Larry Saltzman, you are part of the problem! I think you are an outrage. You probably want your foreskin back too.

    • Larry Saltzman you are part of the problem. Far left wing nutcases. You probably want your foreskin back as well.

    • michele locker

      Larry Saltzman reminds me of the jews who collaborated with the nazi’s… this is no different.

    • Palestine’s Origin:
      After the second Jewish revolt under Bar Cochba (A.D. 132-135) it is said the Roman Emperor Hadrian renamed the land of Israel and Judea as Palastina (‘Palestine’) after the ancient enemies of the Jews – the Philistines. Because of his hatred of the Jews, it was meant to be an insult to dishonor them and remove their Jewish rights and history.

      Palestine’s Recognition:
      Until so called Palestinians can define their Nation’s capitol city, their borders, their party politics, their financial institutions, their laws, their origins, their government’s protocol on every level, their healthcare system, their emergency response system, their social services, their infrastructure, their foreign and domestic policies and any and all other institutions and ethics that would afford them the right to nationhood among the world’s nations why should they even be recognized by the world?

      Palestine Defined:
      Northern Palestine = Hezbollah
      Southern Palestine = Hamas
      There is no other definition.

      In knowing the above what’s this prove? That you’re no more Jewish than I am King of Siam.

    • Elliot

      Salzman. You, Judas, speak for no one but yourself Pally

      the only crime here is idiots like you get to spout tripe.

      Heard of HAMAS Hizballah islamic jihad Al QUASSAM brigades The PLO, They’re the same as ISIS and Boko Haram

      Commenting on any of THEIR crimes anytime soon?

      Nah thought not


    • bruce

      fortunately, this group is NOT growing. Shame on you for your ignorance and backstabbing.
      start looking at who are the real criminals.

    • Sarah

      Larry, because of traitors like yourself, Holocaust took place. As you may know, half-breeds like yourself, try to buy approval of enemies in order to survive but you forgetting one simple rule: when the time is here, your some Jewishness will be taken into consideration and you will be exterminated as many back in time by German Nazi. Wake up and learn about your family roots. You might find answers why you Israel and Jewish people. And please, stop speaking on behalf of “Jewish-American Community”. Wake up and keep your hands off Israel and Jewish People.

    • marc reubins

      Larry Saltzman, there is no growing segment of Jewish-Americans who support BDS as you will see over time. Those Jews who have lost their moral compass and are confused about Isreal’s place in the middle east are simply lost and will eventually find direction. The right will win out over time. Am Yisroel Chai !

    • Paul Cerar

      Do the right thing and emigrate to Palestine, and fight on the battlefield like a man. If you survive, live in Palestine for the rest of your life. Do not return.

      Paul Cerar
      Toronto, Canada

    • steven L

      You are an IGNORANT FOOL and an antisemite like many in the Liberal communities.
      Get some EDUCATION and facts.

    • Barbara

      There you are- a self hating Jew. In the death camps you would have been called a kappo. You are a disgrace to the civilized world. I support a growing segment of the population that supports your deportation to Syria.

    • Ron Fox

      Larry, You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts. You are the outrage by claiming something that no one knows … how many American-Jews support the destruction of Israel. That’s the real goal of BDS, isn’t it. For all anyone knows, Larry Salzman is not really your name and you’re not really Jewish. Where can one read about the crimes you speak of? What is criminal is that people like you who claim to be concerned by the conditions for Palestinians are silent when they are slaughtered by Muslim terrorists.

    • Davies Samuel

      Unfortunately you are a f…idiot as well as the rest of
      the Jewish American supporter of BDS. I was born in Egypt and I know what am talking about. Am certain you and the other idiots never set your feet in the Middle East. What crimes are you talking about? be specific you
      stupid man. The outage is you and your cohort.

    • kenneth Brownsher

      There is but one Jewish state how many Muslim states exist?
      Why were the Palestinians not absorbed by their Muslim brothers? The reason is that they would be used as political pawns by their Muslim brothers! I quit worrying about the Palestinians many years ago.Even when offered a state they turned it down.Land for Peace what a joke,look at Gaza!

      Should they be granted a state, war with Israel will occur. A Jewish state will never be able to live in peace.Look around the Shia and the Sunni are to busy killing themselves.

      Jewish Liberals like you will lead Israel to defeat.The secular Jewish mind has yet to figure out that the Middle East defaults to religion— Islam.

    • Golum

      Herr Saltzman:
      Any Jew that works actively AGAINST Israel should be “excommunicated” if that were possible!!!

      You are no better than the detestable Jews for Jesus!!!

      If you don’t wanna be a Jew than just “tistom-tah-peh”…go away get lost…we don’t want you!!!

    • For someone whth such strong opinion, it is obviuos that you have no idea about Israeland the conflict!!! I am anIsraeli [first generation in 2000 years]and I bet you have never beet in Israel, so very cear that all your opinion and knowledge comes from the media!!!
      You want to make a difference?
      Come live in Israel and see fo yourself, THEN, AND ONLY THEN YOU ARE ENTITLED FOR OPINION!!!

    • NAOMI

      You ought to educate yurself better on the facts, both with regards to ancient and modern history. Read information from both sides rather than just one. Then have the courage not to be consistent and change your stance.

    • robert davis

      salzman : your support to crooks such as bds proves you are accomplicit of their swindle and consequently a crook yourself. Arabs have NO LEGAL TITLE TO WESTERN PALESTINE,international law is on the side of Israel as consequence of international treaties such as San REMO and SEVRES. What title do arabs have? NONE and therefore their claim is SWINDLE and their boycott an outrage. Your comment is another outrage.



    • Lynne T

      For you and your pro-BDS friends who are accomplishing nothing more than ensuring that Hamas and Fatah can continue to hold Palestinians hostage to their thuggery, I offer the following from two Palestinians — Bassem Eid’s tribute to Israel written and published yesterday, and Hussein Ibbish’s comments to Jeffrey Goldberg back in 2009 on the hypcrisy and damage that BDS does to his people.

      Palestinian Holocaust Recognition –
      A Personal Story.
      By: Bassem Eid*

      Last Thursday I joined the holocaust memorial in Haifa at ‘Yad Ezer l’Chaver’ a non-profit organization, that takes care of 100 needy, holocaust survivors. This is the first time in my life that I participated in such a hurtful event with three other Palestinians from the capital of the West Bank, Ramallah.

      We decided to go there and show our support to the holocaust survivors. Our main message was that without recognizing the suffering of the other person, others will not be able to recognize your suffering. Obviously I am not comparing the two issues, but to show recognition of the suffering is very important.

      There were approximately 200 people attending the ceremony. When the organizers of the event declared that there are Palestinians from the West Bank to support them, everyone was shocked. The 200 people began staring at us. I was honored to have the opportunity to take the microphone and to say some words to the audience.

      I told them about my own aims and goals in participating in this event – on the other hand I told them that there are people around the world who probably deny the holocaust but the same people who are denying the holocaust could not deny your heroism. I told them that you shouldn’t have to cry about what has happened to you because you are the heroes and the one that must cry is the international community who kept silent during this massacre against humanity. I understand your anger and disputes with your government, for not doing enough to meet your needs and demands, but you must be proud with your government and state. You must remember that your country is still feeding 1,800,000 Palestinians in the Gaza strip. The State of Israel is supplying food, medicines and fuel, while 22 Arab leaders who do nothing are standing on the roofs of their houses watching the Israeli trucks bring supplies to Gaza. You are still feeding us the Palestinians and thanks to you, we are surviving. For these reasons you should be proud for your government and your country. You must look at yourself as state builders not as state destroyers like the Palestinians. On the other hand, I told them something from the Koran that shocked most people there. In the Koran we have a sentence: G-D says “we preferred the face of Israel than all other nations.” If G-D sees you as the preferred nation, you must know how lucky you are. I concluded with this statement and I saw tears in many peoples’ eyes. People clapped, even when in such an event it is not customary. People came to me, hugged me and cried. They said that the most emotional part of this ceremony was my words to them. It was a very emotional day for me as well.”

      And from Hussein Ibbish:

      “These people are trapped in the language of the Fifties and Sixties. You’re talking about a worldview is anachronistic in the most fundamental sense. It doesn’t recognize any of the changes that have taken place since then. For example, the strategic situation that’s emerged in the Middle East, where the Arab states and the Arabs generally have a lot of other things to worry about other than Israel. This is a world in which a lot of Gulf states are extremely concerned about Iraq, and where there are Arab states — Jordan and Egypt — that have treaties with Israel, where Syria has a motive to be civil with Israel that is unpleasant but completely stable, and where it’s a very different environment than simply the Arabs and Israelis are enemies. The other thing that they’ve missed completely, and this is sort of the amazing thing, is the total transformation in American official policy toward the Palestinians over the past 20 years. Twenty-one years ago, there was no contact ever between the U.S. and the PLO. No contact, zero, and no Palestinian statehood is the consensus American foreign policy and it is a national security priority under Obama. People in the House, key positions like the chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Howard Berman, chair of the Subcommittee on the Middle East, Gary Ackerman, Nita Lowey on Appropriations – all of them Jewish American members of Congress, stalwart supporters of Israel, and all of them committed to peace based on two states. And all of them, by the way, who were on the host committee of the American Task Force on Palestine gala last week.”

      The whole interview is here:

    • Mr. Saltzman,
      You are such a “Schmendrick”, if by chance you are a “Goy” in Jewish garb, stop and ask a nice elderly Jewish man like myself who speaks Yiddish, what it means.
      It is a shanda that you embrace BDS as fervently as you would embrace a STD !
      What truly is sad, we can cure one with a pill or a shot,yet we have no cure for, “Stupid” !
      You should have registered under, Mr. Iman Putz !

  • Jim Wallace

    God bless the State of Tennessee for doing the Right Thing!

  • The BDS must be prevented from hate speech against Israel

    • Kyle M

      You are the haters and the people have Palestine have suffered. Plus just try to stop well meaning Americans from participating in a movement of their choice. It will back fire big time. Wait and see. I am from Tennessee and BDS forever.

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    Well done Tennessee!I am absolutely sure the vast majority of Jews are proud of you – except,of course,for J Street and small groups of neo-Chomsky and far-left self-hating renegade Jews.

  • G-d bless the G-d fearing members of the Tennessee legislature who speak out against the newest form of anti-Israel activism. The foundations of the State of Israel include President Woodrow Wilson’s self-determination principle applied to the former Ottoman Empire post WW1. 77% of the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine was used to create the Arab judenrein Kingdom of Jordan, leaving 23% for the area of the Jewish national home. The present day PA demand that 4,000,000 Arabs should return to their homes inside Israel is just the latest attempt to destroy the Jewish state and BDS supporters are just the most recent wave of fanatics committed to Israel’s destruction.

    • robert davis

      Fanatics,liars and crooks.

  • Teach good. ..
    No grounds of threats or control.

  • Yasher Koach

    Yasher Koach

  • Ellen

    A step in the right direction

  • Scott

    Three Cheers for the Volunteer State!

  • Eric R.

    But most non-Orthodox Jews are so drowning in their leftism, they think that Tennessee is full of KKK racists and wild-eyed evangelist preachers.

    • robert davis

      Those kews renegades and their leftist dogmas should be dumped in rubbish bins. In fact their leftist nazi friends would dump them in still less saluber places.