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April 22, 2015 4:43 pm

Lena Dunham Responds to Charges of Antisemitism: It was Just a Jew Joke

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Lena Dunham compared dogs to a Jewish boyfriend in a piece for the New Yorker. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

“Girls” creator Lena Dunham responded on Tuesday to charges of antisemitism over an article she had penned for the New Yorker, saying it was all in good humor.

Speaking to Variety, Dunham reflected on her “tight-knit Jewish family, where Jew jokes were part of the essential fiber of our communication.”

The article Dunham referred to was called “Dog or Jewish Boyfriend? A Quiz,” with options such as “He doesn’t Tip” and “He’s Crazy for Cream Cheese.”

Among Dunham’s critics, Anti-Defamation League Chairman Abraham Foxman called the article tasteless and troubling. Fans on Twitter responded angrily and expressed disappointment.

Dunham is now working on the fifth season of “Girls.”

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  • Donald Krausz

    Just returned from Auschwitz – Birkenau where 1,100,000 men, women and children were brutally murdered, the overwhelming majority of them Jews.

    They were murdered due to racial hatred, which starts with so-called Jew jokes, racial remarks and the stupidest and unthinking opinions you ever heard of.

    I felt that I was walking in blood. My father and 40 members of his family were murdered in such places.

    Sorry, folks, there must be something wrong with me.
    I could not find a single thing there or in the rest of Poland to laugh at.

  • Jerry Vee

    I’m a Jew and the question should not be about race or religion but rather whether you have a sense of humour!
    If you cannot laugh at your own expense with self deprecating humour you cannot be a true Jew because that’s how we have managed through the centuries to keep laughing despite the holocausts and pogroms and inquisitions! Get real people and stop being so politically correct that it ruins the lives of everyone around you! If you want to be that way go live in a muslim country, there you can be as politically correct as you want to be right up until they kill you for being a Jew! In free countries however let us all practice a sane sense of humour whether some like it or not!

  • Mike

    I’m a 55 year old male jew and I found her article to be humorous. To my fellow Jews, we as a people have a great sense of humor. Let’s not lose our sense of humor or the scumbags win.

    I am a middle of the road American jew, but i am a Jew first.

  • wn4sc

    I don’t find her humorous at all,just vapid! At least she has been keeping her clothes on lately. Imagine naked AND vapid Lena Dunham…kind of curdles your guts!

  • yona

    If she had written about her Muslim boyfriend there would have been some dead bodies at The New Yorker… boyfriend?…Al Sharpton would have taken to the streets….etc…

    • Gloria

      Very good point. With all that’s going on in the world she should have known better. Funny how people have negative things to say, are the very people who also never have a kind word.

  • For G-d sakes leave Lena alone. She has enough anxiety to deal with and if you keep criticizing her we will loose her. She has her own wonderful style and sense of humour and if you don’t get it don’t watch her.

  • Anything Lena Dunham says is OK with me. She is a free soul and I find it abhorant that people want to stunt her style. I say Leave her alone and let her do and say what she wants. Obviously she is not prejudiced against anyone.

    • Forest Popp

      It would certainly be nice if Conservatives would get the same treatment. We were told that if we don’t like what’s on T.V. then just change the channel. Well, now we don’t watch T.V. because everything is smut. Now, when Christians don’t want to take wedding pictures or bake a cake for a homosexual wedding, well they have to be ruined.

    • Forest Popp

      It would be nice if Conservatives could get the same treatment. For years we were told that if we didn’t like what was on T.V. to just change the channel. Now we can’t even watch T.V. because everything is smut. But when people won’t take pictures or bake a cake for a homosexual wedding they must be destroyed.

    • austin

      She is a aggressive ugly woman, who cannot find a better partner, so she stays with this neurotic Jew, who she compares to a dog.


    • Andrew Clayterman

      Go polish your swastika..


  • Abu Nudnik

    I think it was a male-hating set of jokes more than anything. She has the right to be offensive. Everyone does. Too bad she isn’t funny. I don’t find bitter funny.

  • DocReality

    She’s the kind of Jew who belongs to J-Street. In other words Liberal first and Jewish very very last.

  • racy

    It’s not offensive and it wouldn’t be if Black, Muslim,
    Catholic, etc. were substituted. The world is going crazy. How many remember the time, A Joke Is A Joke.
    All this sensitivity, the new overused words of Racist, Racism, makes it a boring world. Calm down people!

    • רפי

      If you read the idiotic list produced by Lena Dunham which like all of her crap is just for shock value if any value at all, please write us the Moslem and Black versions from her point of view so we can judge for ourselves.

      She’s angry at her imaginary Jew boyfriend and so does this hit job on him with the help of the New Yorker. She’s not angry yet at blacks or moslems so she hasn’t invented a black or moslem boyfriend yet to rag on.

    • Corina Asher

      That is th exact opposite of the truth, and you are evil. more negativity has been put against Jews than all others combined by far.

    • Corina Asher

      If it were against a black you would lose your business, and it would be international news (sterling and others). If it were against a gay you would lose your livelihood (eich, Indiana florist), if it were against a Catholic they would just kill another 10 million jews, but this time like usual not get caught.

    • thussaiththewalrus

      I don’t know which world you are living in “racy,” but there is NOTHING “boring” about the USA in May of 2015. Rather, we NEED some “boring” just to get our bearings. We are subjected to far too much chaos, confusion, and ANGER from American blacks, Muslim Arabs, black Muslims, and all others who HATE decency. This includes new, popular, “hate Jew” groups that are showing their filthy heads.

  • Today, talent is very scarce. So everyone resorts to outrage as an art form..

    • Loky Ducks

      That’s a very insightful comment.

  • This should be proof Hollywood is either run by self hating Jews or their stupid. I never watched her and knowing this I never would waste my time with a dumb ham

  • Mike

    Her humor is tasteless but unfortunately many people (including Jews) share her sense of humor. If the word black, gay or Muslim was substituted for Jew, it would be considered racist,but Jews are fair game among the “progressives.”

  • anon

    I didn’t find it offensive at all. I’m happy that 2 Jews are dating!

    • I love the above anon’s reply and I ditto it.