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April 30, 2015 6:41 pm

Indiana General Assembly Becomes 2nd State Legislature to Pass Anti-BDS Bill

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The Indiana General Assembly passed a bill that opposes the BDS movement against Israel. Photo: Mohamed Ouda via Wikimedia Commons. – The Indiana General Assembly has become the second-ever state legislature to pass a bill that formally opposes the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel. Tennessee lawmakers approved a similar measure on April 21.

Adopted in a voice vote, the Indiana Senate approved Resolution 74, which “expresses opposition to the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel” BDS movement.

The Senate’s move came after the Indiana House of Representatives unanimously (93-0) passed the anti-BDS House Resolution 59 on April 22. The measure now goes to Indiana Governor Mike Pence for his signature.

The Indiana bill contends that the global spread of anti-Jewish speech and violence “represents an attack, not only on Jews, but on the fundamental principles of the United States.” The resolution goes on to thank the presidents of Indiana University and Purdue University for “strongly” condemning the boycott of Israeli academic institutions after some faculty members and other staffers at those schools voiced support for the BDS movement.

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  • Lee

    Note: This is merely a “resolution” which “expresses opposition to the anti-Jewish and anti-Israel” BDS movement. No actual “law” against it. Does not impose any penalties for those who do boycott Israel.

  • steven L

    This is a rebuttal of what is being taught in corrupted academia (Hubs of disinformation).

  • grace

    Now America seems to be waking up and being the america wev always known. America do away with ungodliness for God loves you.

  • Linda B

    Amen Indiana. How is it possible that we should even need a bill like this to stop the crazies? The US government is not speaking for ‘We The People.’ We SUPPORT Israel 100%!
    Haters are proliferating faster than rabbits breed. They need to be stopped in their tracks, and if it takes such legislation, so be it. GOD BLESS ISRAEL and her honorable leader PM Netanyahu!!!

  • Rabbi M. Friedman

    Anti Semitism is the most heinous form of racism. Why does the Salute to Israel parade in New York allow pro BDS groups to march?

    • Linda B

      Maybe because New York is full of morons like Bloomberg

    • steven L

      Freedom of speech and freedom of hating! That is why. Any fanatic democratic countries must be allowed to vent, I guess. Specially against democracy.

  • eric

    BDS is infested with muslim pedophile worshippers aligned with Satan. BDS is a death cult.

  • Jane

    An attack on … the fundamental principles of the United States?? Israel does not define The United States of America.

    • zadimel

      Democracies express the will of the people, which includes the poor,wealthy, big business,small business and no business. Israel,unfortunately, is in a very dangerous neighborhood.Its enemies are many and they wish to see it annihilated. The USA is a close friend, and the vast majority of its population does want to protect it for it is a source of much good in this world. Indeed, if you look at the tragedy that has befallen Nepal, the Jewish State has sent more personnel to that nation than any other,including the USA, to assist in its life saving. In many areas of technology Israel is the world’s leader – for example in computer technology, medical technology, assistance to other countries in need, and so on.

    • Reform School

      No, the Constitution of the United States does that. You know, the body of principles Lefties like you hate, because it does not fit prejudices so easily programmed to minds never trained for critical, independent thought.

    • ucw

      Israel is the only democracy in the ME, so if you are an American, you have a reason to be supportive. Regardless, before you condemn and hate Israel, try visiting her and then form your opinions based upon real experience, not something you read in some biased piece of trash masquerading as “news.”

  • Paul Cerar

    Good! Now vote to deport the BDSholes to whichever country they are engaging in fascism on behalf of.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Every American state should pass similar legislation, stopping Islamists and fellow travellers from infiltrating our universities. Historically the USA is based on the Judaeo-Christian tradition and English common law. We should not involve our universities in the Middle East conflict.

  • ASK


  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Thank you Indiana! I respect you and honor and appreciate your decision!