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May 6, 2015 5:07 pm

Celebrated Singer Dionne Warwick Says Roger Waters’ Political Views on Israel ‘of No Concern’

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Singer Dionne Warwick. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Legendary American singer Dionne Warwick said on Wednesday that her decision to perform in Israel this month would not be swayed by the “hard pressures” of prominent anti-Israel boycott, divestment and sanctions activists in the music industry.

A statement released by the singer and U.N. global ambassador said Warwick “would never fall victim to the hard pressures of Roger Waters, from Pink Floyd, or other political people who have their views on politics in Israel.”

“Waters’ political views are of no concern,” the statement read.

Unlike singer-songwriter Lauryn Hill, who decided to cancel her Tel Aviv show just a few days before her performance this week, Warwick said that if she had “had an objection to performing in Israel, no offer would have been entertained and no contract would have been signed.”

“Art has no boundaries. Ms. Warwick will always honor her contracts,” the statement read.

Warwick is scheduled to perform in Tel Aviv on May 19.

Fans of Hill, meanwhile, expressed disappointment in the musician’s decision to cancel last minute.

“Either boycott [Israel] and don’t come from the beginning, don’t book anything, or come,” said one fan in Tel Aviv.

The show would have been Hill’s second in Israel, with the first taking place in 2007.

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  • Tommy Bruner

    Excuse me, folks. Roger Waters has not been a member of Pink Floyd since 1979. This has nothing to do with Pink Floyd as a band.

  • Joe Stein

    Thank you Dionne Warwick. It’s high time to BDS Roger Waters. BDS those who BDS Israel

  • Perquine

    Good on her for not succumbing to extortion

  • Joan F

    I have been a fan of Pink Floyd since the early seventies. NO MORE, F-you Roger Waters. You are an anti Semitic prick. You are an idiot. Israel is a democratic nation of many types of people and many religions. The Israeli government practices what it preaches and I for one support them now and always! Am Yisraol Chail! Israel now and FOREVER!!?

  • marco parko

    Good for Dionne Warwick! I’ve seen her perform. Always was a CLASS ACT.

  • marco parko

    Good for Dionne Warwick! I’ve seen her perform. Always was a CLASS ACT and a really respectful and entertaining night…..AND apparently she has integrity beyond being a great entertainer.

  • I have boycotted listening Pink Floyd and Cat Stevens. Pass it on. If anybody comes against Israel they are crossed out of my support book.

  • Those who bless Israel will be blessed, those who curse Israel . . . .

  • uncle sam

    Who the hell is Lauryn Hill?

  • Elaine Epstein

    i wish Pink Floyd and company would get as cooked up about Arab on Arab violence and Sunni/ Shia violence and destruction that Isis visits on just about everyone and everything in their path. The Israelis live in the worst neighborhood in the world surrounded by many who seem to place very little value on human life.

    If it weren’t for the unending attacks against the Israelis, just possibly the Israelis would elect leaders willing and able to help create a better life for everyone in Israel and the “territories” in 2 states. Maybe in doing this the solution is possible for all people to live in peace and harmony.

    I believe the Israelis and their forebears have clearly demonstrated over and over through their contributions to science, medicine and technology, they have earned and deserve their place in the world. Time to stop the anti semitism. Build, yydo not destroy (which has been tried, doesn’t work and proves nothing).

  • Mike B

    Dionne Warwick is a class act. She is also one of the great entertainers. The Israeli public is in for a fabulous show.

  • deano

    Waters doesn’t hate Jews he hates arseholes and Israel is full of aresholes

    • Ariane

      what do you use to eliminate?

    • if Roger Waters hates arseholes then he is a major self hater as I met him way before he showed his anti Israel attitude, and he was the biggest most arrogant arsehole I have ever had the displeasure to meet.

      • bollos

        wow if he’s the biggest and most arrogant arsehole you ever met you’ve had a great life so far.

    • Yonatan

      Not all anti-Zionists and anti-Israelis are anti-Semites. Just most of them.

  • Lee

    That’s what friends are for!

  • She is a strong believer in the Judeo-Christain GOD!Good for you Dionne,very brave against so much ignorant,pagan and antisemitic hatred!

    • Richard Franco

      I remember Dionne Warwick pitching mysticism and bunch of other non-Christian crap on late night TV… If she is performing in Israel, it is because there is a dollar to be made… She didn’t say she was going to the Holy Land where Jesus had walked or to visit the Temple Mount… She going to perform her art which has no boundaries… With that said, God bless and protect Israel…


    It’s frightening and said! To consider performing in Israel “courage”??? In fear of whom? Must be the new Nazis… Waters does not realize that yet. Next stop what – burn the Israeli, or may be Jewish, books…?

    • Juliet Schwartz

      There are people who call Muslims the “New Jews” and the Jews the “New Nazis.”
      Nope. The Jews are still the Jews, but if anyone is the “New Nazis” I would cast my vote for the people who want to finish what Hitler started.

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Shalom Aleichem
    Bless the Name
    I salute Dionne for standing with us at a crucial time, where the systematic hate of our state, is under assault, by the adversaries and his pupils, the unGodly.
    Israel represents a woman, she, being pursued on all corners both day and night, she keeps her dress down and her head up with honor.

    • aaron

      Its so arrogant of Hebrews to say theyre gods chosen people. Why would god have a select few of his children to favor. What parent would chose a child to favor over its other children.. Its this attitude that earns you constant persecution. Religion is a waste of time. Learn to love your Muslim brothers,both religions are wrong. Humanism is the only way to move passed this pointless hate.

      • Perquine

        Of course, the Muslim brothers do not consider themselves superior to anyone else, nor in God’s favour. Kafir is a term of endearment.

  • MrF

    Clearly no one who commented on this article knows what Roger is about; only what bad press and bad journalism make him out to be. Listen to his music and watch his interviews, nothing about him is anti Semitic, that’s only an outlet for people who dislike him already because he is speaking out against Israel and the powers that be say “no you can’t say that!” So some singer calls him out when she herself probably doesn’t know a thing about him nor his music to be arrogant enough to say so. It’s time to tear down the walls people. The Israeli Government is evil and those poor folks in that state should be able to have the same human rights as everyone else in the world, black/white/asian/hispanic…etc etc

    Together We Stand

    • flayer

      Clearly, you have a very “flexible” standard for what is evil and what is good. I am being quite generous I calling you flexible, by the way. There are other words that would be more apt.

    • geri dancer

      to Mr. F,
      You don’t know what you are talking about. Israel evil? give me a break they are the most humanitarian middle eastern country, they treat their Arab Israeli citizens better than all the surrounding Arab countries do, they are first to arrive to help in disasters, look at Nepal how 30% of the medical assistance is from Israel which is 1% of the population. Mr. F, you need to go to Israel and see how wonderful this country is, if not, with your disgusting words, Mr. F, go F–k yourself.

    • Dave Whippman

      Mr F: Waters, like most of the anti-Israel brigade, applies double standards, singling out Israel for protest. As for his not being anti-Jewish, he goes out of his way to offend Jewish people, such as using an inflatable pig in some of his protests. He would be careful not to offend Muslims like that!

    • Dave Whippman

      Strange how Roger Waters etc never protest about the appalling human rights abuses rife in the Muslim world. Just double standards, mixed in with a little prejudice against Jews. Well done Dionne for not giving in.

    • Billie Kavanagh

      Roger Waters, a totally over rated musician.
      Ignore him. He

    • Ephraim

      No, YOU are evil. Israel is not evil. The barbarian savages who murder en masse are evil, Waters’ shrill Jew hatred is evil, the bigoted BDSM movement is evil, and all neonazis, yourself included, are evil. I wonder why G-d continues to curse the earth with human sewage such as you.



    • MrF, clearly, it is you, who doesn’t understand what Roger Waters is about…he is, in fact, a notorious Jew-hater… everything about him is anti-Semitic…neither Israel,its government, nor its people are evil…it’s more than pathetic that you haven’t a clue as to what Israel is about…Israel is the *only* genuinely democratic country in the Middle East, it’s committed to freedom and equality, and the rule of law… Israel is an mixture of people from various religions and ethnic backrounds… it’s a shame that all other countries aren’t as advanced, and in every way, as Israel is…maybe you’re confusing Israel with all of the surrounding Arab countries who absolutely, and without a doubt,repress their citizens…Israel is the one and only shining star in the Middle East… Israel welcomes the great, Dionne Warwick with open arms,she is not only an incredible entertainer, with a more than incredible voice, but a great woman, as she always has been…G-d bless Dionne Warwick, and G-d bless Israel always.

      • Kit Bonde

        And you are totally bringing that hate upon yourselves, Cynthia.

    • Linda Golden

      You have no idea what evil is…go study history before you make your arrogant, unintelligent remarks about anyone else.

    • Juliet Schwartz

      Everyone who replied to your comment are right. You should pay attention, because ignorance is a terrible affliction to go through life with. Israel and the Jews have been persecuted throughout history – this present wave of Jew-hatred is just more of the same. and for a people that comprise less than 2% of the world’s population. they have contributed enormously to the Arts and Sciences. You really need to get a clue!

    • Roy

      Astounding jackass!

    • Roy

      Astoundingly ignorant!

    • Perquine

      ‘Bad press makes him out to be’ ‘watch his interviews’. Euhhh there’s antizionist logic for you. Do you mean like his recent interview with his dear friend and fellow activist in Counterpunch where he waffles on about the power of the Jewish lobby, his own bravery and how he feels entitled to extort others with his superior views? Does he ask anyone whether they have played in the Emirates, Malaysia, China or Moscow this year?




    • James F. Wallace

      Well stated. Keep up the good work Dionne! You help me survive the Sixties. Now you continue to bring me joy during the current state of world(ly) affairs.

      Much love to you Dionne!!!

  • Andre Santiago

    As an American,I applaud Dionne Warwick for her integrity as an artist and as a decent human being for her determination to perform in Israel.

    I think fans of Lauran Hill and Roger Waters should burn their music in effigy or simply boycott their music. Refrain from purchasing any one’s music, art, products who would boycott the state of Israel and make it very public.

    Israel does not need Lauren Hill, Roger Waters and the likes of them. A grass roots movement against these “artists” may send a clear message. “Keep your politics out of your media. No one has asked for your opinion and there is a price to pay for your anti-Semitism”

    • Barry

      I was a big Pink Floyd fan until Waters opened his mouth. Won’t listen to them now.

      • Tom


      • Lio

        Good! Pink Floyd has close to a billion fans. You wont be missed.

        • Elmo Glick

          Who is Pink Floyd?

      • Billie Kavanagh

        Agree totally

      • Aviva

        Ditto! And Roger Waters is an ignorant pig. And the Jews and Israel have the adoring eye of Hashem. Put that in your hating pipes and smoke it!

    • Ephraim

      Right on!

  • rm

    I wish I was in Israel to hear Dionne’s beautiful voice.

    • James F. Wallace

      Like wise…

    • Tom

      Absolutely me 2!

  • rm

    Thank you for publishing this story, and many thanks to dear Dionne for standing up for Israel and Israeli people. It takes courage to stand up again the enormous pressure she has no doubt encountered from the anti Israel-anti Jewish lobby forces. As we know BDS activists use various nasty methods and intimidations to achieve their goals to demonise and delegitimise Israel.

  • Judy Angel

    Good for Dionne Warwick – love her music and her principals

  • Jarred

    There is absolutely no comparison between Dionne Warwick who is a world renown entertainer…..And Lauryn Hill….Who is a wishy washy weak character…Roger Waters can stew in his caustic juices…..

    • Juliet Schwartz

      Everyone who replied to your comment is right. You should pay attention, because ignorance is a terrible affliction to go through life with. Israel and the Jews have been persecuted throughout history – this present wave of Jew-hatred is just more of the same. and for a people that comprise less than 2% of the world’s population, they have contributed enormously to the Arts and Sciences. Israel is evil? No, it’s just in an evil neighborhood.
      You really need to get a clue!

  • Donald Krausz

    Dionne Warwick, you are a woman of principle and character.

    “They are slaves who fear to speak
    For the fallen and the weak;
    They are slaves who will not choose
    Hatred, scoffing and abuse,
    Rather than in silence shrink
    From the thoughts they needs must think;
    They are slaves who dare not be
    In the right with two or three.”

    J.R.Lowell – Stanzas on Freedom 1819 – 1891.

  • Jac Fabs

    Thanks Dionne for being brave. I love you. Isreal forever in my heart.

  • rachel robinson

    I see that there are 13 comments to this article. I cannot see any of them, so I have two questions: one – why should I believe you that there are that many, or that few, or any at all, and second, why are you not letting your readers read those comments.
    I think that this is a very strange thing. I will no longer read any of your articles, and will encourage all my friends, and maybe even all your readers to do the same.

    • VALERY

      Worry not. All seen well, here.

  • Rho Wai

    Israael is in for a treat Dionne Warwick,

  • Rebecca Burack

    Ms. Warwick-you’ve got character-thank you for being a stand up gal.

  • Ms. Warwick shows class as Water’s shows ignorance!

  • Samuel J. Savitz

    I wonder whether those entertainers that have chosen to boycott Israel by cancelling scheduled appearances in Tel Aviv, critical of Ms. Warwick for deciding to honor her commitment to appear, would be prepared to boycott using medical devises or treatments developed by Israeli scientists were their lives dependent on using such devices or treatments. I doubt it, which would lead to a conclusion that they are nothing more than hypocrites impersonating humanists.

    • geri dancer

      thank you Samuel Savitz, you said it succinctly, Kudos to you.

    • Billie Kavanagh

      Well said Samuel,
      I have asked the same question to anti Israeli people. Of course they wont refuse the great medical advances made by Israeli (Jewish) scientists because they are hypocrites.

      I also tell them about the huge number of Jewish Nobel Laureates.

  • art frank

    She’s a wonderful singer. I love her songs. Glad she ignored the scumbag Jew hating waters who’s consumed with keeping entertainers from performing in Israel.

  • That’s right!

    That’s right!

  • Michele Nagoda

    With this I gain immense respect foe Ms. Warwick!!!!

  • joan gerus

    Good for you Dianne Warwick….hope your concert is a huge success and I would love more than anything to be there for it. Shalom….

  • Zahava

    Good for Warwick, the right thing to do, you will have a good time singing, and being appreciated by the Israelites, who know great hospitality.

  • Kudos to Dionne Warwick. I’ve always liked her.

  • lovezion

    Dionne Warwick – you are a woman, a mentch after my heart! I salute you!!! :o)

  • jb willikers

    Dionne Warwick is a bright light and great star. Water “what’s his name” is a throw away.

  • ML

    Thank you Ms Warwick.

    • Dan Smith

      Dionne Warwick wrote the songbook for jazz and soul and cabaret along with Burt Bachrach and Jerry Wexler, both Jews/// Indeed blood is thicker than water, it is great to see her stick to her guns and principles=== As Dionne used to sing === “walk on by”