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May 26, 2015 4:09 pm

Boycotting Marks and Spencer, Falsely Thought to be Jewish-Owned, Is Early Sign of Islamist Radicalization: Top Muslim British Cop

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An ISIS flag. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Young Muslims in the U.K. who refuse to shop at British retailer Marks and Spencer because it is mistakenly identified as Jewish-owned could be on the path toward radicalization, Britain’s most senior ranking Muslim police officer has warned.

Speaking with The Guardian, Scotland Yard commander Mak Chishty warned that Muslim children as young as five-years-old were already on the path toward the kind of Islamic extremism espoused by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

His concerns are fueled by an ongoing trend among certain radicalized British Muslims who travel to the Middle East to fight with Islamic State militants in their battle to reestablish an Islamic caliphate.

The inclination toward Islamic radicalization must be countered with diligent monitoring of young Muslims, especially over sudden negative attitudes toward behaviors forbidden by Islam such as drinking alcohol or wearing Western clothes, said Chishty.

He said that if Muslim children vocalize radicalized views, such as the belief that celebrating Christmas or other non-Mulsim holidays is “haram,” or sinful, parents ought to be more vigilant about finding out where such views were derived.

“We need now to be less precious about the private space,” Chishty told the Guardian, especially as the Islamic State uses social media and other Internet fora to reach out to possible recruits, such as a 16-year-old British girl currently being investigated by Scotland Yard for trying to join her sister with the Islamic State as a so-called “Jihadi Bride.”

The private space Chishty was referring to included “walking down the road, looking at a mobile … someone in a bedroom surfing the net … someone in a [water pipe] cafe talking about things.”

British estimates say some 700 individuals have departed the U.K. to join the Islamic State, and about half of those have returned to Britain.

According to The Associated Press, one Western estimate says that between 16,000 and 17,000 foreigners from 90 countries have flocked to Iraq and Syria to fight with the Islamic State. While the Middle East and Africa are the leading regions for foreign Islamic State fighters, more than 4,500 of those came from countries in Europe as well.

The leader of the Islamic State Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi has appealed to foreigners to join the group not just as fighters, but also as professionals such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, administrators and scholars, according to AP.

On Tuesday, Fox News reported that federal investigators have been struggling to keep up with the “social media barrage” by domestic U.S. supporters of the Islamic State.

They warned that military installations and events could be targeted in the “near term.”

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  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    the situation is clearer and clearer: more and more muslims want to realize the Coran project, wich is establishng a califate all over the world

  • elsagav

    al baghdadi, head of isis is/was a usa cia person, with i.d. and level 5 security clearance

  • Now the British worry, were they not the fools who allowed Shia Law to be a secondary legal system, there are more “No Go” zones in London than Paris !
    If you allow the rats to breed unchecked, do not complain about catching the plague !




  • SALUTATIONS TO THE COURAGEOUS MUSLIM POLICE OFFICER, WHO HAS the courage to warn our young generation, as he did.
    All committed Christians in South Africa will welcome his courageous stance against this bunch of Middle East fanatics, who sow hatred and intolerance which is the opposite of committed, born-again Christians the world over.
    p.s. I have recently subscribed to the ALGEMEINER and enjoy it thoroughly for its international-events covering !!
    Shalom – Paul van der Hoorn

  • Leo Toystory

    If Hillary wins the election the success of ISIS will depend on how much money they donated to The Clinton Foundation.

  • art frank

    These are an evil people. Perhaps caused by years of inbreeding.

  • len

    if the UK and Europe think they have problems now wait another 20 years or even sooner.its only going to get uglier.first way to deal with the problem is to refuse entry back into the country for anyone going to Iraq or Syria without an initial permission prior to leaving by the security services of each individual country they are returning to ,immediate loss of citizenship, arrest if they refuse to leave the way they came and serious time with immediate deportation once they have finished their exceptions no matter how young or what gender.this is a very serious existential threat to each individual country and needs to be addressed as such.

  • Deny ciitizenship or re entry of returning volunteers of these jihadi activists who are attempting to undermine the nation, western democracies. If one doesn’t have an allegiance to the country they have citizenship in, ciitizenship/re entry should be revoked. Freedom shouldn’t include nihilistic acts that undermine a civilized society.; allowing this to happen brings instability to all and is not representative of government leadership protecting its citizens..

  • Paul Cerar

    “Boycotting Marks & Spencer” – a few years ago, the Jew-hatred movement tried to take over, from the inside, through shareholders, a Canadian sporting goods company. They wanted the company to stop selling products made in Israel. The takeover attempt failed, and the Red Fascists have been boycotting the company ever since.

    I always suspected the boycott has been an act of disruptive sabotage by a rival company. Maybe Marks & Spencer should investigate if the same is happening to their company.

    Paul Cerar
    Toronto, Canada

  • Mike

    Sir Michael Marks was the son of Jewish emigres from Bellarusse.