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June 1, 2015 4:39 pm

Ukraine Moving Beyond History of Antisemitism to Develop Warm Ties With Israel

avatar by David Daoud

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Recent years have witnessed the dramatic improvement in ties between Israel and the Ukraine. PHOTO:iHLS

Despite a long history of antisemitism, pogroms, and collaboration with the Nazis during World War II, Ukraine’s relations with the Jewish state are starting to blossom of late, Israeli news site NRG reported on Sunday.

According to the report, recent years have seen meaningful improvements and increased closeness in ties between the Eastern European nation and Israel.

News bulletins in recent months revealed that Israel has been sending military aid to Ukraine, much to the chagrin of neighboring Russia. Israel reportedly began exploring the expansion of arms trade with Ukraine after Moscow lifted a ban on the sale of the advanced S-300 missile-defense system to Iran, a move it has long opposed.

Israel has also offered to assist Kiev diplomatically in its conflict with Moscow over Crimea, which Russia invaded and then annexed in 2014.

Trade between Israel and Ukraine now totals $1.3 billion dollars, and includes cooperation in the hi-tech sector, where Israel is a world-leader.

In light of these improvements in ties, relations between Jerusalem and Kiev have never been better, NRG said.  Last Thursday, an honorary Israeli consulate was opened in the western Ukrainian city of Lvov. During the inaugural ceremony, Israeli parliamentarians, Ukrainian officials and local Jewish community leaders spoke of the similarities between the two countries. Among the challenges shared by both countries is conflict with an enemy that threatens its basic security.

“The people of Israel understand what it means to fight for their own state,” said Oleg Vishnikov, a Ukrainian businessman who was given the title of Israel’s honorary consul. “The people of Israel are experts at security, and I want this expertise to be shared with Ukraine.”

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  • AnastasiiaMobilunity

    Recent years have really shown the meaningful improvements and increased closeness in ties between Ukraine and Israel. Partnership of Israeli startups with Ukraine now grows every day. We have a successful collaboration with Israeli entrepreneurs as well. One of our latest project was partnership with Israeli Adtech company AnyClip, which is Israeli video advertising platform, whom we greatly appreciate. Considering growing IT market, there is a great future in partnership of these two countries.

  • len

    this is a wonderfull example of what it means to have a jewish empowers the jewish people as never before in history on an international allows the jews through the Zionist path to be a force to be reckoned with.Russia and all the countries will have to understand that there will be a price tag on arming those that threaten the existence of the jewish state.Those that hate the Jewish People have long recognized this empowerment potential and so we have to understand why they are so obsessed with the destruction of Israel and are willing to temporarily tone down their Anti-Semitic agendas to try to clip the wings of this ever growing powerfull jewish force on the world stage.The strength of the jews depends upon the strength of the state of Israel today and in the future.As long as there is an Israel ,Jews rule anti-semites reel.Russia needs to understand this,its not personal just practical to curb such dangerous decisions threatening the existence of the Jewish State.The days solving the jewish problem with Pogroms are over,the Jews have learnt their lessons for the most part and will act out of strength accordingly.Old enemies can become new friends and even if there will never be a love between jews and Ukrainians,i will forgo a lot of “love” from the world for a little new found “respect”.

  • Sarah Olsen

    I am glad that Ukrainian government wised up. Nothing good came out of helping to kill Jews in the past.
    The friendship is always better than hate and brings good fruit.

  • Ray havelock

    Vlad Putin, like former Czars has no love for the Jewish people! That he and the Israel-hating UN are part of the so-called “Quartet” “solving”theMid East conflict is a sick joke!

  • Eric R.

    Frankly, this comes about 1,000,000 dead Jews too late, just as with Poland, any improvement comes about 3,000,000 dead Jews too late.

    I am not exactly a fan of Vladimir Putin, but I consider the Russian invasion of Ukraine to be divine punishment for the Ukraine for its Jew-hatred.

    • Amx

      Eric R. , comments like that are the definition of ignorance and bigotry. While it is true that some sentiments of anti-Semitism existed in Ukraine, it is ridiculous to suggest that these attitudes were reflective of the majority of Ukrainians. According to your logic, the divine punishment to Israel for its atrocities against Palestinians should be quite severe, but unlike you I don’t wish harm on innocent people for crimes of the past.