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June 7, 2015 12:38 pm

J Street U Slams Adelson/Saban Anti-BDS Summit, Laments ‘Israeli Occupation’

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Dr. Miriam and Mr. Sheldon Adelson at the 2011 AIPAC Conference. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

Dr. Miriam and Mr. Sheldon Adelson at the 2011 AIPAC Conference. Photo: Maxine Dovere.

JNS.org – J Street U, the campus arm of the left-wing lobby advocating for a two-state solution, said it was “dismayed” by a summit against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement hosted by pro-Israel billionaire philanthropists Sheldon Adelson and Haim Saban this weekend in Las Vegas.

In an email addressed to “leaders of the American Jewish community” who planned to attend the summit, J Street U—which along with its parent organization was not invited to the gathering—wrote, “Like you, we are concerned about the growth of the BDS movement on college campuses. Far from an abstract question, this is a live issue for us: as college students, campuses are our home. That’s why we’re dismayed by reports that representatives from several of your organizations will attend a closed-door anti-BDS summit this weekend, hosted in Las Vegas by major donors including Sheldon Adelson.”

Often scrutinized for stating its opposition to BDS but simultaneously partnering on campus events with pro-BDS groups, J Street U wrote that students “aren’t drawn to support BDS because they reject the existence of Israel; they come to support BDS out of a genuine frustration with the ongoing tragedy of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the 48-year Israeli occupation.”

“Only honestly acknowledging the reality of occupation, and offering an alternative path of real advocacy toward a peaceful solution, will convince progressive students to reject BDS,” J Street U added. “But in meeting behind closed doors, without student input, your organizations are doubling down on a failed strategy: pouring huge amounts of donor money into efforts that lack substance and actively downplay the occupation and key questions facing Israel today.”

While J Street U’s email criticized American Jewish leaders for catering “to right-wing donors like Sheldon Adelson” through attending the Las Vegas summit, the group did not mention that the summit was co-hosted by Saban, a major donor to the Democratic Party.

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  • Stuart

    It is US policy not to permit boycotts of Israeli products by US entities. What is needed is more aggressive prosecution of boycotters. Expand the scopes of the 1977 amendments to the Export Administration Act (EAA) and the Ribicoff Amendment to the 1976 Tax Reform Act (TRA) to include material support for boycotters. Enable US citizens to sue boycotters in Federal Court or seek Federal prosecution of violators.

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  • ***************************************
    Hypocrisy of the Anti-Israel BDS Movement
    by Mr. Cohen, 2015 June 7

    In year 2012 CE, the U.S. State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report revealed 17 countries that still practice or tolerate slavery:

    Algeria, Libya, Syria, Sudan, Kuwait, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Yemen, Madagascar, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, DR Congo, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, and Cuba.

    Notice that NONE of these 17 countries is suffers the wrath of the BDS movement, no matter how guilty they are of practicing slavery.

    Also notice that most of these countries are MUSLIM, which means that the Far-Left-dominated news media will NEVER give them the criticism they deserve, because the Far-Leftists are the loyal allies of the Muslims.

    Last but not least, the Far-Left-dominated BDS movement will NEVER target these counties with boycotts, because the Far-Leftists are the loyal allies of the Muslims.

    Learn how to defend Israel from unfair media bias
    and refute inaccurate Israel-bashing reporting:










    Joining pro-Israel organizations might help Israel.
    Pro-Israel organizations include:






    PS: I humbly suggest that The Algemeiner link to these web sites,
    and write articles about the organizations behind them.

  • Randy

    Ah, the lonely sound that is the sad bleating of the truly irrelevant. J Street Who?

  • Scott

    Therefore…..J Street U supports the horrible circumstances that would allow a new “base of operations” for the continuing Jihad of Islamic Supremicists against Israel.

    Thanks, but no thanks……With “friends” like that….who needs enemies?

  • zadimel

    While J Street is merely ‘dismayed’ by a summit meeting against the Boycott,Divestment and Sanctions movement, it seems not to understand and appreciate the dangers the Jewish State,Israelis and Jews have faced since the establishment of Israel (and even before its independence). The pronouncements from Hamas, Hezbollah, and other anti-Semitic hate-groups and many Muslim nations nations seem to never end in their expressions of annihilating Israel and the Jews.Israel has experienced wars of extermination in 1948, 1967,1973 and continuous hostilities of one kind or another,since its independence. Yet, J Street criticizes efforts by Israel to defend itself against another holocaust. J Street is no better regarding Israel than Roosevelt was toward the European Jews in the 1930s.

  • Smart Rufus

    Many around the world pray to G..d asking for his grace of understanding, tolerance and reconciliation. Also let us all remember King David’s Psalms 37:11, which says, “The meek will inherit the land and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace and prosperity”.

  • Levi Garbose

    In other words, George “Tzuras” Soros is upset that Adelson and Saban want to take him down.