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June 11, 2015 9:47 am

Iranian Commander: Attack on Iran Would Result in Destruction of US

avatar by David Daoud

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The IRGC Naval Commander, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, threatened that if the United States attacked Iran, it would be destroyed. PHOTO: Al-Manar.

The IRGC Naval Commander, Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi, threatened that if the United States attacked Iran, it would be destroyed. PHOTO: Al-Manar.

The commander of Iran’s navy proclaimed on Wednesday that Washington would never dare to attack Iran, since White House officials have come to realize that such a move would endanger the existence of the United States, Iran’s semi-official state news agency Fars reported.

“The Americans [can] rest assured that if they can take any action the Islamic Revolution, they would not only fail to inflict any harm on this revolution, but [it] would also endanger … their existence,” and cause a significant loss of life, Rear Admiral Ali Favadi told a gathering of Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Basij militia members in the southern Fars province.

Fadavi also boasted of Iran’s naval capabilities and power, claiming that they serve as a deterrent  to the United States, and “that’s why [the U.S. does] not take any action action that could be harmful to them.”

Fadavi said that Iranian naval vessels “confront U.S. vessels every day, and they stand strong against their excessive demands.”

“The Americans have realized that if they embark on war they will sustain defeat, given the Islamic Revolution’s capabilities,” he said.

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  • zadimel

    US military strength has the capability to raze the nation of Iran to a glowing cinder. No proof is needed. Even the Jewish State has this capability. The Iranian leadership can boast of their strength,but when faced with the technological and military power of the US and Israel, they can only cower in the corner of shame.

    • HRM

      I could see technological strength of Israel in fighting Hezbollah over the past decade and you know the result (despite Israel determination of getting rid of them). Could you point to a war that US won since Vietnam? The world has changed and you need to understand that. Unless you are talking about nuking innocent people! Enough of hearing from war mongers in US and Isreal all at the expense of tax payers money.

      • zadimel

        The IDF, called the most honorable military in the history of modern warfare by Col.Kemp,formerly commander of UK troops in Iraq, has stated that the IDF has taken casualties,inclding those killed, by warning the Hamas killers and the civilian population of Gaza before they attack. The US military has also, to an extant, avoided attacking enemy areas in Iraq and Afghanistan despite their presence, when innocent civilians would have been disproportionately affected. Had we had the A-bomb in time to use it against Nazi Germany, we would have done so with no regret. The A-bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan killed hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, but saved the lives of over a million KIAs of our troops and those of our allies.

  • nat cheiman

    Yeah right. I recall saddam Hussein saying similar things about America. That they would be wiped out.
    Of course the rust buckets that Iran calls a navy probably would be ripped apart if they fired their guns.
    According to radical countries, they always seem to have the most powerful armies etc.
    They spew out their rubbish and think that the rest of the western world are idiots

  • shloime

    on an objective level, their “capabilities” were incapable of making any headway against the iraqis in 10 years, and despite a million casualties. the us army took baghdad in two weeks.

    he seems to be referring to “supernatural forces”, which are capable of making iran’s decrepit air force fly, or of making unbelievers accept the photoshopped pictures of iran’s invincible rocket force. because anything is possible when you’re on a mission from god – even 72 virgins, or winning a war against uncle sam.