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June 16, 2015 12:39 pm

Fascist Demonstrators to Burn Talmud at London Rally in Jewish Neighborhood

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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A picture from the New Dawn Party Twitter handle, calling for a demonstration against Jewish Shomrim patrols.  Photo: Screenshot.

A screenshot from the New Dawn Party Twitter handle, calling for a demonstration against Jewish Shomrim patrols. Photo: Screenshot.

The extreme right-wing organizers of a Saturday protest in a predominantly Jewish London neighborhood plan to burn Israeli flags and even a copy of the Jewish Oral Law, or Talmud, the UK’s Jewish Chronicle reported on Tuesday.

Right-wing activist Joshua Bonehill-Paine called on demonstrators through his website to bring Israeli flags to the July 4 demonstration in the mostly Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Golders Green to “dismember … by hand,” which apparently sidesteps the legal complications of burning national flags.

“This will be a show of solidarity by English people who recognize that Israel is a corrupt state which is responsible for horrific war crimes,” wrote Bonehill-Paine.

Additionally, the activist said there would be a private meeting held before the demonstration in which copies of the Talmud could be burned “in recognition of its racist Anti-White [sic] teachings.”

Bonehill said the purpose of the July 4 protest, which will take place on the Jewish Sabbath, was to demonstrate against the Jewish Shomrim, or Jewish civilian patrols set up to combat, inter alia, antisemitic crime, burglary, vandalism, assault and domestic violence.

White supremacy group the New Dawn Party posted to its Twitter page an advertisement for the July 4 protest with a banner that read: “This is London, not Tel Aviv.”

Another post, dated to Sunday, said the protest was meant to demonstrate against “Jewish privilege.” It ridiculed Jews for having “their own Police force” that “receives training and funding from our own Police force.”

A longtime right-wing and white-supremacist commentator on the Internet, Bonehill-Paine has been investigated by police before on charges of harassment, antisemitic speech and hoaxing.

He had previously planned a Stamford Hill march against the “Jewification of Great Britain,” but those plans were postponed and ultimately scrapped.

According to the British Independent newspaper, the London Shomrim consists of about 80 volunteers and focuses its efforts on neighborhoods with strong Jewish populations, such as Golders Green, Hendon and Barnet. Volunteers are trained by police and don knife-proof vests, and the network boasts a 24-hour hotline.

The Community Security Trust, with about 10 years of experience working to protect British Jewish communities, has said it is “fully aware of this explicitly antisemitic demonstration” and was in contact with police and government officials over the issue, according to the JC.

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  • Thomas the Catholic

    Oh, one more thing: G-d bless Israel, G-d bless Rome, and G-d bless America.

    Yes, you see correctly. I spell G-d as G-d and leave out the ‘o’. I adopted it after reading about that habit from Rabbis. I agree with it whole heartedly. His Name is simply too Holy to say. I am too full of sin to even dare to think of his Name. And, I thank G-d for Jews and their teachings. I thank G-d for Jesus Christ who can only be Jew to redeem the rest of us.

    Happy 4th of July!!!

  • Thomas the Catholic

    While the muzzies rape a million white British girls, while sharia patrols make large parts of London and other metropolitan areas no-go areas for non-Muslims, and while millions of muzzies poor into England and the threat of terrorism rises correspondingly, this is the focus of their ire? No, these are not right wingers. I am a right wing, American conservative and I recognize these scumbags as left wing BIGOTS with murder in their hearts, who are just biding their time. In the meantime, they talk about ‘war crimes’, ‘death of innocents’ and ‘occupation’. What they really mean is perpetrate more war crimes on Jews, murder more Jews, and drive the Jew from their homes and into the sea wherever they are in the world. I hate them. They can all can bend over and kiss my American @ss.

  • Gewiis

    May ISIS do to them what they have been doing in Iraq

  • Marc Margolis


  • Julian Clovelley

    Stay calm and let the authorities do their job. This is not the same as it was in 1936 when it became necessary to confront the Fascists in Oswald Mosley’s Blackshirts

    When you have a population as large as Britain’s there are bound to be a few eccentrics

    One in 64 million isn’t bad.

    • Debbie Davis

      Seriously???? The New Dawn Party posted to its Twitter page an advertisement for the July 4 protest with a banner that read: “This is London, not Tel Aviv.” Perhaps New Dawn and every other racist disgusting organization should wake up and realize that they have Beirut, Gaza, Tehran, Libya, Algeria, ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah etc. etc. right in their own backyard. Wouldn’t they love to have sharia law dictating what they and their women and children can and can’t do. At least in Tel Aviv you have freedom and democracy to be whatever you want to be in life. Wake up, you are on their next jihadist list for being an infidel.

  • Joseph Feld

    Several points. The previous demonstration against Stamford Hill attracted about 30 older white male racists. It was NOT cancelled, it just fell flat. Shomrim are like ‘special constables’ who help the local police force, who train them. Shomrim is simply a Hebrew name for one group of special constables. I wonder if these anti-Semites understand just how large a set of Talmud is, and do they know all the relevant fire regulations? When we burn chometz erev Pesach we have several small sites for symbolic burning, to avoid local laws about making a fire and air polution. The ‘racist anti-white’ Talmud was sompleted in Palestine and Iraq [Babylon] in ancient non-Christian societies where concepts like ‘race’ and ‘anti-white’ were unknown.

  • Atilla

    ” The extreme right-wing organizers of a Saturday protest in a predominantly ………..”

    The scheiss they espouse, re “war crimes “, is straight out of the leftist / progtard playbook. These English filth are the same muzslime sympathizing vermin that personify a frightening large percentage of Englandistans

    They will be protected by Theresa Himmlers UK Gestapo.

  • Curious to know what copy. The standard printed Talmud is over 6,200 pages long. Even one volume (normally hard cover and leather bound in keeping with its sacred nature) doesn’t come cheap.

    I see that a complete set is available on Amazon for $3,000 ie ~$41 per volume. Free speech, even for Fascists, becomes quite expensive.

  • Maybe he should change his name to Bonehead-Pain?





  • Concerning this recent 1939-style anti-Jewish incident, you can blame the Israel-bashing media for creating an atmosphere where it is acceptable to attack Jews.

    The Israel-bashing media created this poisonous anti-Jewish atmosphere by continually portraying Jews as villains while portraying the enemies of the Jews as saints.

    Please G_d, I beg of You that Jews [and righteous Gentiles] should soon wake up and boycott all the Israel-bashing newspapers: The New York Times, The Guardian [formerly of Manchester, now of London], the BBC, CNN, Time Magazine, Al Jazeera, etc, etc, etc.

  • Yale

    Am I missing something?:

    “`This will be a show of solidarity by English people who recognize that Israel is a corrupt state which is responsible for horrific war crimes,’ wrote Bonehill-Paine.”

    The usual explanation for this is that Israel is a white European engaged in war crimes against brown-skinned people.

    “Additionally, the activist said there would be a private meeting held before the demonstration in which copies of the Talmud could be burned `in recognition of its racist Anti-White [sic] teachings.’”

    So, now the Jews aren’t white?

    Does Bonehill-Paine believe Jews can be both white and non-white at the same time?

  • dina


  • Wm. J. Levy

    If every Jew doesn’t show up to fight these Jew Haters and hurt them badly then they will make the Holocaust a victory for the neo-Nazi fascists.

    Jews have to stop ignoring the hatred around them and arm themselves and just like fighting Mosley in the 1930’s which the Jews did successfully, have to do it again.

    Fight, Be Strong, Be United, Remember your heritage, not the Holocaust but our great heritage of Moses, Joshua, Daniel, Devorah, Sampson and David.

    Stop only remembering the Holocaust which did not have to happen but for the weakness of the Jews. Imagine killing Hitler and the Nazis in the the 1920’s.

    I wish that Jews had the strength of the blacks with the genius of the Jews.

    For God’s sake: BE STRONG and stop seeing the hater’s point of view.

    • Mickey Oberrman

      There are a lot of cattle in the UK, a lot of pigs, a lot of sheep, a lot of horses.
      Surely much of their manure and effluent is gathered into vehicles with large diameter hoses to enable their controlled discharge.
      It would be most unfortunate if one or more of these laden vehicles had a problem with the shut off valve just as it was driving slowly past one of these demonstrations.
      It would be even more unfortunate if signs on the trucks read “BEWARE. PIG MANURE!”

    • Dave Tierney

      We Have!

  • Meir Kahaye

    Joshua Bonehill-Paine: Mossad will find you.

  • Hank

    The Brits are truly lost.

    • Edna

      Please DO NOT put some fascist lunatics in the same basket as the rest of the British population.

      The majority of the British population are kind, considerate, non-violent and NOT RACIST.

      I am a British by birth and descent Jew, and after my extremely well-to-do family arrived penniless and destitute out of 1956 Egypt, we were greeted with kindness, respect for our personal status, our kosher values, and welcomed warmly. People invited us into their homes and we made strong friendships immediately.

      I cannot say the same of the British Jews of Eastern European descent, who were insulting, rude, and unbelievably unkind, and mean spirited!

    • Julian Clovelley

      With a Jewish population of around 300thousand and vastly more with Jewish relatives one statistically would anticipate a few cases

      But Jews and Gentiles (if there exist such a thing as either) have lived safely in Britain as friends and neighbours for many years. I had numerous Jewish schoolfriends and sat next to a lovely Jewish girl in my junior school. I only remember one incident in over 25 years of having Jewish friends in which a person I knew directly was victim. It was verbal abuse mostly and lasted a few minutes in a school playground. It was halted very quickly because the bulk of the children were furious with the perpetrators and a playground fight could have happened in a school where such events never eventuated.

      Stay calm.

  • A Sanders

    What I do not understand is why Theresa May, the Home Secretary doesn’t ban this demo. If it was against Muslims there would be all hell to pay.

    • Ike

      Right on, mate! Another case of selective justice.

    • Sonia Willats

      Indeed. All forms of active display of hatred to another should be banned, just as the demonstration of 17 000 against Jews in Paris some 7 or 8 months ago should have been banned. It bodes ill. Racism to Muslims wouldn’t be tolerated, neither should this.

    • Julian Clovelley

      Britain has always had a policy of allowing demonstrations that do not intentionally provoke or use violence

      It is a policy that has always worked well. It also has the benefit of identifying serious trouble makers

      Some British demos have more cops than demonstrators. The uniformed ones often chat with the demonstrators on and after the march, helping to keep the temperature down

      Britain’s credentials in the battle against fascism are unassailable. The people of previous generations stood alone for almost two years against the Nazi Reich and Mussolini’s Italy

  • Tom Wood

    This article is full of so many inaccuracies im not sure where to start…

    1. The UK does not have any Police Government Officials. It has an independent police force under the crown. the government officials responsible for the police work in the home office these are mp’s and civil servant there are not police officers.

    2. charges of harassment, antisemitism and hoaxing. The is no side charge of being an anti-semetic, like there isn’t for being sexist, racist, anti disabled etc.. It is however against the law under the equality act to discriminate against people due to specific charsteristic. Eg employment being denied due to age, hotel Room being refused to a gay couple etc. It’s can also be an aggrivating factor for an existing crime for example racially aggrivated assault. However there is not an offence for a person to hold prejudicial views. – it can’t be in a free society thought police is a reserve of communism and the far right.

    Jewish people, like other minorities receive prejudic every day in society the world over however I feel sometimes the tone of the articles this webpage only put in walls and not build a better future.

    • michael burack

      Maybe if you had proper grammar you could, although I doubt it, be listened to. Your words reflect your anti-Semitic ignorant bent……

      • Tom Wood

        Michael Burack.

        First of all my I apologise for bad spelling grammar however before I answer you charge of being anti-semitic can I ask for you to cleparify what it means to you. As I always understood it to mean a person or group who’s actions are motivated by their hatred of Jewish people.

        However some comments I’ve seen would imply it actually means a person who sometimes but not always disagrees with the pro-jewish viewpoint.

        Obviously these two categories are very different.

    • dave

      @Tom… your comment is full of so many typos and spelling errors I’m not sure where to start…

      That doesn’t mean your content is OK, however: Nowhere in the article is it claimed, as you imply, that there is some “Police Government Officials”; please reread, this time a bit more carefully. Furthermore, at no point does the article imply that it is criminal to hold certain views; the phrase “antisemitic crime” refers to the nature of a crime, not a crime of being antisemitic!

      Ignoring your random capitalization and punctuation (or lack thereof), there are at least a dozen spelling and grammatical errors in your post. Are you sure you want to be criticizing others’ “inaccuracies”? (There is no ‘i’ in ‘teamwork’… or in ‘aggravate’.)

      Finally, you’re surely living in a Carrollian world when you say that “thought police” are a product of the far right. It is only in your left-wing world, most especially at colleges and universities, where people are punished for expressing their views… like our Nobelist friend Tim Hunt who was forced to resign last week; only the latest in a long, sorry stream of leftists censuring non-conformist views!

      • Tom Wood


        I see you have also spotted the the phrase “Police Government Official” have been removed from this article and Anti-semitism became “anti-semitic speech”

        Or are you connected to the author of this article, getting it chanced and then claiming what I referenced wasn’t there?

        Wether you are or not is imeterial, The fact the it has been edited says it all!

      • Tom Wood


        I would recommend you brush up on you understanding of the political spectrum.

        Not quite sure how you got “thought police” are a product of the far right. In my left wing world.. Etc..

        From a sentence that criticised both ends of the political spectrum. You are obviously not aware that comunisim is part of the far left and not the far right.

        I accept my spelling is poor, and have to say that raising an off topic observation like that may be accurate however it’s shows a lack of capability to debate the actual topic. The topic being British racist thugs and the original articles failings.

        But do you accept your understanding of basic politics is as bad as my spelling???

    • Melon Head Jones

      How absurd, dozens have been arrested and jailed in just the last few years for openly expressing anti-muslim opinions. Also, please take the time when you attempt to write something to proof read it and make sure it is intelligible.

      • Tom Wood

        I think you will find that the were arrested for inspiring racial hatred / religious hatred.

        Try reading the cps guidelines

        Quote “There is no single criminal offence of racist crime or religious crime”

        I wish there was, we could have dealt with the likes of abu hamza and other racist thugs a lot more easily.

  • No concessions and no appeasement – Greater Israel belongs tio the Jewish people.
    After World War I, all of Western Palestine was governed by Britain under a Mandate granted to it by the League of Nations. Its mandate was to develop the area as a Jewish homeland. The eastern part of Palestine was truncated and illegally turned by Britain into the independent Arab kingdom of Transjordan. The rump segment of Palestine was reserved for the Jews. None of this was earmarked for creation of yet another Arab state. The bulk of land within the Palestinian Mandate was state-owned land, governed by the British Mandatory government. It had also been state-owned land previously under the Ottoman imperial government, before Britain liberated “Palestine” from the Turks. [Before World War I, land in Palestine was owned by the Ottoman state and a feudalistic class of absentee landlords. The few “Palestinian” Arabs who lived in the country at the time seldom owned any land. They farmed it as sharecroppers.]
    The Arabs are not willing to address the persecution and expulsion of a million Jewish families and their children from the Arab countries (who lived in the Arab countries for over 2,200 years, they also confiscated all their assets including land 120,440 sq. km.), of which the majority of the expelled Jewish families were resettled in Greater Israel.
    YJ Draiman

    • Lasse Karagiannis

      Can you
      I.prove this sentence of yours “Its mandate was to develop the area as a Jewish homeland”.
      II. define “Jewish homeland” .
      –Is it for people who are believing in Israels God? –Is it for people from all races/colors of the world who have a Jewish mother, who are either practicing Judaism or are secular, but not practicing Christendom?
      III. Explain why Israel haven’t taken this matter to the international courts, if you can prove I?

    • Genghis Cohen

      Mr. Draiman: Thank you for a much needed history lesson. Now, as for Bonehead, who objects to Shomrim, the only lesson he will absorb has to be bounced off his skull.

    • Paula Goldman

      Thank you for your informative note. It is my fear/concern that much of the world is nastily anti-Semitic. Shame on all of them.