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June 24, 2015 4:39 pm

Hillary Clinton Cites Israel as Inspiration for Home-Based Education Programs

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Hillary Clinton spoke about teaching youngsters based on the model of a program in Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

Hillary Clinton spoke about teaching youngsters based on the model of a program in Israel. Photo: Screenshot.

During a speech on Tuesday at a community meeting in Florissant, Missouri, 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton cited an Israeli program as a model for educating youngsters, the Jewish Insider reported.

The former Secretary of State said that as First Lady of Arkansas years ago, she searched for an affordable, universal pre-K program for children from poor families. She looked for programs “that people could run themselves” and came across the Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters (HIPPY), a home-based program developed in Israel in 1969.

HIPPY supplies activity packets to guide parents in helping their children learn. The organization also hosts support groups for parents and provides assistance from parent paraprofessionals.

Clinton said the Israeli program helped immigrants in Israel, particularly Ethiopians, who moved to the Jewish state seeking religious freedom with their children, some of whom had never been to school. She said Americans could learn from HIPPY about how to teach their own youngsters.

“The secret to the program… was to teach the mother to teach her child. We need to do more of that and I call on all of us to find ways to reach into those families,” she said.

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    thank you for the above MARK…….i do not agree with the fact that Hillary

    will be a touch better than Obama……Clinton’s anger is far beyond what we would consider healthy……

    she will go for the power the money and with good old Bill you will have a team of bullying once more and yet on another level……

    being a cdn……..finally has its glory…

  • rachel robinson

    Is’t this great!! The little “shitty” country as the Jew Hater Farakhan calls it, is used as an example for a big country like America to follow. You cannot give a bigger compliment to the brave, great, smart and singular country of Israel. Am Israel Chai!!

    Of course, this politician will use this as a bait for Jewish voters , to show tham that she is a supporter of Israel.
    The cynicism does not end!!!

    • Ron

      I’m not naive when it comes to the cynical ways that politicians use programs like this for their own political ends, but Ms Clinton knows a whole lot more about HIPPY than you realise Rachel. She has always been a great supporter of HIPPY, regardless of its origin.
      HIPPY also runs here in Australia with great success- the Israeli angle is purely historical, as it was created by one woman with a vision, not the State of Israel.

    • Peter Kramer

      Yes, Farrakhan, the racist rants of Reverend Wright the other Jew-hating and anti-American racist who is Obama’s religious mentor and father figure. And Obama pretends to be supportive of Jews?? Clinton is smarter than Obama, however. You wouldn’t find Clinton sitting in the pew of a Rev Wright type.

  • steven L

    How does HC reconcile herself with Israel and the Muslim Brotherhod/Sisterhood when the Brother and Sisterhood want the elimination of Israel!!!! She has practically vilified the Israeli Gvt!

  • Paul Lockwood

    Of all the achievements Israel has made in medicine, agriculture, engineering, environmental science, archeology, the arts, and innovative technology affecting all STEM disciplines, this is what Clinton cites? What an insult.

    If she doesn’t come out with a clear and unambiguous statement in support of Israel, and the extraordinary country it is, I am not voting for her.

    If Republicans think I am voting for them instead of Clinton, after they do zero to stop Obama’s Iran deal, that’s never going to happen.

    Want my vote? Kiss Bibi’s derriere.

  • Mark_NYC

    If she’s going to talk about Israel, why not discuss something really important like threats to their existence rather than this pabulum. Let’s not forget that she was Secretary of State to Obama for four years during which time U.S. policy on Israel went through a drastic realignment for the worse, as discussed by former ambassador Michael Oren in his new book ALLY. Hillary Clinton was part of this process, and on several occasions, treated Prime Minister Netanyahu with great disrespect. And let us please not forget her embrace of Arafat’s wife. Some mealy mouthed praise thrown in the direction of Israel is not going to change anything, and I hope the majority of Jews in this country have not become so disassociated from their heritage that they’re ready to vote for a liberal intellectual whose heart is not with the Jewish people. Years ago, I went to a holocaust remembrance day at Temple Emanuel where former Mayor Koch spoke eloquently and fervently about the terrible things that have befallen Jews in the 20th century. Hillary Clinton spoke as well, and she was all platitudes. I would trust her only slightly more than I trust Obama. What’s amazing is that former Israeli Ambassador Oren seems to support her. If he knows something about her that the rest of us don’t, I hope he lets us in on it and soon.

    • Steven Kalka

      Hillary thinks she can get by running as the first female candidate. Given the Electoral vote breakdown, once she wins the primary she’s practically a shooin.

    • rachel robinson