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June 26, 2015 10:02 am

Amsterdam Drops Plan to be Tel Aviv’s Twin City After Pro-Palestinian Pressure

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A plan to link Amsterdam and Tel Aviv as twin cities was dropped on Thursday. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

A plan to link Amsterdam and Tel Aviv as twin cities was dropped on Thursday. Photo: Wikimedia Commons. – A plan to link Amsterdam and Tel Aviv as twin cities was dropped on Thursday after the Dutch capital’s mayor, Eberhard Van der Laan, came under fire from pro-Palestinian activists.

Van der Laan has been an outspoken admirer of Tel Aviv, often noting its impressive start-up scene and its gay-friendly atmosphere. He attended the annual Tel Aviv Gay Pride Parade earlier this month. But after announcing the twin cities plan, Van der Laan faced an extreme backlash from the pro-Palestinian community as well as the Dutch political left.

Dutch News reported that the left-wing GroenLinks party’s leader, Rutger Groot Wassink, said there would be no twin cities deal “as long as Israel occupies Palestine, structurally infringes human rights and continues its settlement policy.” He was echoed by members of the Labor and Socialist parties, who said they were also not prepared to support the twin cities arrangement.

In an effort to reach a compromise, Van der Lan suggested that Amsterdam could also become sister cities with the de facto Palestinian Authority capital of Ramallah, but his critics refused to accept the idea and the twin cities initiative was scrapped.

Van der Laan said he still plans to advance cooperation between Amsterdam and Tel Aviv, though the specifics of that cooperation have not yet been announced.

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  • Amsterdam,The Netherlands, is one of the major European cities harboring Anti-Semitic Views without overt violence and is thus more subtle.
    In Amsterdam the so called Boycott Israeli goods, the divest movement,protests regularly in one of the city’s squares.Pension funds are under pressure to do the “right thing”.

    Before 1940 (WWII) the city had a Jewish population of 8 to 10% depending on which figures you read.(total city the time of 800.000).

    Of the 120.000 total Dutch Jews “exported” to the “East”, only 5000 came back.You would think the sicko progressive left in Holland would have learned real history lessons in school, alas no.The Dutch left wings excuse is always; That was then,but now it is another story.

    Unfortunately brave Dutch Jews (not all!) have acquiesced quietly now, just as most of them “went” quietly then.

    A new form of anti-semitism has returned to this city where Jews have lived over 400 years, quietly, except at soccer matches where it is practized overtly. It has also invaded the City Government,not withstanding the recently announced building of a new Holocaust Museum,silently.

    As a practise soccer clubs are sometimes fined but never excluded for long periods of time from the competition games.
    There is nothing we can do,is the Dutch equivalent of the European and American “Wir haben es nicht gewust” syndrome.

    Effectively combatting the slow exclusion and marginalization of European Jewry will take a different strategy.

  • paul

    He should go admire start-ups and the Gay Parade in Ramallah and Gaza.
    Obama’s men entitled bibi “chickenshit”. So what should we call this man ?
    Europe will soon have no problems about trying to appreciate Israel. They will have Sharia law.
    when they bow to current Palesinian demands, they empower the moslems, who will then make further demands. When things become extreme, the Europeans will either have to fight back from a much worse position – or they will capitulate.
    The eoropeans try to view this as a problem between moslems and jews. What a mistake ! It is between moslems and “caphirs” – caphirs non-moslems. As with Hitler, the jews were the most prominent, and they were the first. But then the battle continued to other people. The moslems will are not being put to shame by the European Jews – they are being put to shame by all Europeans.

  • Carl

    How do so many people around the world have this concept of Israel occupying “Palestine?” The only occupation took place from 1949-1967 when Jordan brutally occupied Jerusalem. The occupation ended in 1967 with the six-day war’s LIBERATION and restoration of religious freedom. The Palestinians, too, will only be free when their leadership chooses to accept peace instead of continual war and terror. Bless the mayor of Amsterdam for his goodwill. Let’s hope his world-view prevails over the leftist and Arab haters.