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June 30, 2015 1:34 am

UK Paper Publishes Article Claiming Entebbe Raid is Reason Israel Hasn’t Made Peace

avatar by Adam Levick

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Terminal at Entebbe International Airport where "Operation Entebbe" took place. Photo: SRA Andy Dunaway

Terminal at Entebbe International Airport where “Operation Entebbe” took place. Photo: SRA Andy Dunaway

There are few IDF missions as well-known as Operation Entebbe.

On June 27, 1976, terrorists affiliated with the PFLP and a West German group known as the Red Army Faction, forced an Air France Airbus to land in Uganda and demanded that Israel release 53 terrorists. The hijackers freed the French crew and non­-Jewish passengers, but kept the more than 100 Jewish and Israeli hostages – whom they threatened to execute.

Israel then launched a dramatic raid, rescuing 98 hostages and killing all eight terrorists. Three hostages were killed in the crossfire. Additionally, Dora Bloch, a 74-year-old British national who had taken ill during the hijacking and was sent to a hospital, was later murdered by the Ugandans as revenge for Israel’s successful rescue operation.

The iconic mission was widely praised as representing a successful blow against international terrorism.

Yet, Telegraph contributor Saul David, noting the 40th anniversary of the mission, in a June 27th article promoting a book he wrote about the famous episode, reaches the following conclusion.

Moreover, it could be argued that the success of the raid has actually made it harder for Israeli politicians – particularly Bibi Netanyahu – to embrace the compromises required for a lasting peace with the Palestinians. Why? Because it convinced Israelis that their intelligence services and soldiers could deal with any security threat. “It was double-edged,” one hostage told me. “We were saved but it was bad for Israel. It made peace less likely.”

The reasoning is truly astonishing. Are we to take away from this paragraph that either an unsuccessful raid (where most of the hostages were killed) or giving in to the terrorists’ demands both would have been more preferable outcomes? However, even leaving that aside, let’s briefly examine David’s claim that the success of the raid made Israeli leaders less likely to make compromises for peace.

First, Yitzhak Rabin, who, as prime minister, ordered the Entebbe raid, later (during his next stint as prime minister) signed the Oslo Peace Accords.

Benjamin Netanyahu, whose brother was killed in the raid, signed (in 1998 during his first term as prime minister) the Wye River Memorandum, which reinstated implementation of the Oslo II Agreement.

Further, the success of the raid didn’t prevent Israel from withdrawing from Gaza in 2005, or from entering into final status negotiations and offering Palestinians an independent state twice, in 2000 and 2008.

In short, even if we suspend judgement on his bizarre take on the operation, David’s working hypothesis – that thwarting terrorists’ plans to murder Jews was somehow detrimental to peace – simply doesn’t hold up to critical scrutiny.

Adam Levick is the managing editor of UK Media Watch, an affiliate of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA).

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  • Jack

    I don’t like it.
    It implies that in order for Jewry to be safe or accepted it must give in to, or concede that Jews must die.
    When God asks for submission to His Will it does not mean be submissive to those who are not.

  • Denis MacEoin

    Are we then to conclude that the British victory over the IRA did not lead to peace? That it would be a bad thing to destroy Hamas, al-Qa’ida, ISIS etc etc.? That peace can only come when terrorists get their way and we give in to them? Did the German snipers who saved a busful of schoolchildren in Mogadishu do wrong when they killed the terroists threatening to kill them? I’m shocked to learn of such drivel in the Telegraph of all papers.



  • Since Israel has a long history of offering and even mak=
    ing concessions to the Arab Palestinians is well estab-
    lished, as was illustrated in this article, I would not
    have even dignified Saul’s assertions with a response.
    More importantly, it is seldom noted that Israel is the
    only party in this conflict forever pressured to make
    painful or other compromises. When will we ever hear of
    the Arab Palestinians conceding that they are not entitled
    to all their demands and outside powers calling for them
    to make concessions?

  • brenrod

    why would anyone even consider this ludicrous assertion, which as usual emanates from the most biased and corrupt perennial existential enemy of the Jews, the europeans.

  • Stew Mulligan

    Please note that Saul David’s math is as erroneous as
    his political logic. Actually, any 2nd grade student
    should know that if the Entebbe Raid took place in 1976,
    we won’t be celebrating its 40th anniversary until 2016, next year. But I guess in the Alice in Wonderland world of leftist journalism, 40 is much sexier than 39, so just say 40 even if it is factually wrong. After all, this bit of poetic license is above the heads of the locksteppers who read David’s column. It is just indicative of the freedom from facts and truth that left-wing journalists use to prove their points. If we live in a world where 1+1=2 or 3 or whatever you say it equals, and there is nobody there to mark your answer wrong, then anything you say is presumably true, and therefore you can spout any hairbrained theory and pat yourself on the back for being such a clever young lad. And hence we have the Saul Davids of the world who undermine truth and reality and lead us into an absurd world devoid of logic and reason.

    • Denis MacEoin

      You say ‘leftist journalism’, but he’s writing for a right-wing newspaper.

  • Dante

    The report and its conclusions are utterly ridiculous and antisemitic as well. The kind of “peace” Israel could “have made” under the impression of an unsuccessful raid is just suicide.

  • Pearl

    Another anti-Semite tooting his propaganda to make a buck!

  • The Watchman

    Apologies for the predictive text errors. It is of course YOM Kippur and twisted LUNACY. WANKER is however correct and intentional.

  • The Watchman

    So what this MORON is suggesting by inference is that if the Nazis had killed even more Jews or that Israel had sportingly lost the Six Day and Him Kippur wars, the Arabs, the UN and others would’ve made peace with Israel although in all three cases there wouldn’t have been a Jewish State remaining. Where do the find these WANKERS and what twisted linacuy drives what passes for their rationale?

  • Isaac Brajtman

    Saul David seems to be one of those types that will write anything just to get his name in print. What a lot of junk he has written here

  • Thank you, Mr Levick. It’s wonderful that you speak the truth so forcefully.

  • Carl

    Yup, clearly the murder of 100 Jews/Israelis by Arab terrorists would have softened Israel’s will and further emboldened the terrorists. Surely more dead Jews and even more brutal and bloodthirsty terrorists is a formula for peace. At least the Arab version of “peace” that entails Israel disappearing into oblivion.

    • shloime

      crazy, yes, but a view apparently shared by barack hussein obama, the american president who “has israel’s back”. .

      as if a stronger terrorist threat is the best way towards peace. or maybe he meant a “piece deal”, where israel is destroyed, one “piece” at a time.

      • Yale

        Obama is correct that Abbas is too weak to make peace, it’s about the only item in the conflict he has right. Unfortunately, until the Palestinians have a leader who is committed to peace AND who has the strength to sign a real peace agreement, Israel has no partner with whom to negotiate. This is a critical detail that our self-styled hyper-intelligent president doesn’t seem to understand so he insists on instigating peace talks that have no prospect of success.