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July 3, 2015 1:28 pm

Egyptian Justice Minister Invokes Antisemitic Tropes to Damn Terrorists Behind Cairo Bombing

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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Egyptian protesters burning an Israeli flag in front of the Israeli Embassy, in Cairo, in September, 2011. Photo: Screenshot /

Egyptian protesters burning an Israeli flag in front of the Israeli Embassy, in Cairo, in September, 2011. Photo: Screenshot /

Egyptian Justice Minister Ahmed el-Zend invoked antisemitic tropes in cursing the terrorists behind a bomb blast in Cairo that killed state prosecutor Hisham Barakat earlier this week.

“God Almighty will treat [the perpetrators] as he treats the Jews; they will wander through the land, a day will come where no country will accept them and they will not find a home, since there are no homelands for vileness and wickedness,” said Zend on Lebanese Sada el-Balad TV, according to Egyptian daily Al-Masry Al-Youm.

In response, Jewish rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center called on Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to demand an apology from the justice minister, who was actually appointed in May this year after his predecessor was forced to resign over class-prejudicial comments.

“Mr. President, in view of Egypt and Israel’s shared interests in the war against terrorism and the long history of the Jewish relationship with Egypt, we feel that the Justice Minister must apologize for his offense to the Jewish people – a statement we believe discordant to Egyptian policy and disrespectful to your own government,” wrote Dr. Shimon Samuels, the center’s director for international affairs.

The Egyptian state prosecutor was killed on Monday when his motorcade was hit by a bomb in the Cairo neighborhood of Heliopolis, in what has been one of the most tumultuous weeks in Egypt since the ouster of former president Mohamed Morsi by the Egyptian military, with multiple terrorist attacks in the Sinai peninsula and the slaying of several Muslim Brotherhood leaders in a Cairo apartment.

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  • eyBaba

    Sisi definitely “Needs such outrageous against jews”…
    so he could manage their own survivor in power !

    every brutal dictatorship in mid-east works this way.
    they keep the Mullas as educators to bash jews, and would “trigger the hatred” once-in-a-while to remind the Citizens “the rulers” are actually inline with the Doctrine they learned in life!

    whom else the Dictators could use as “escape goat” – the christians are just too many in the world to try to mess with, since many buy their goods & arm them!

  • The cause of anti-Semitism is Semitism

    • len

      the cause of anti-anti Semitism is anti-Semitism!

  • Mireille Mechoullam

    It never fails. Here an educated person who can’t help himself and show his hate against the Jews. This is the example he gives his crowd. Shame on him. Israel and Egypt are fighting a common enemy. Hopefully he will admit his error and apologize.

    • eyBaba

      an educated law-nobel, with hate for jews is rooted in his childhood education…
      when citizens are raised under dictator-ship, this is what happens.

      jews are not the blame, but should have no-mercy with Terror & Dictator leaders… !

      most all terror Leaders go after freedom seekers like jews & israel — of course, some leaders who have to deal such Dictators or fear them or have to spend too much to protect themselves against dictators make such statements


    “OUSTER”– Hate that silly word; I know it’s American English but why has a noun suddenly become a verb?

    OUSTING is correct. What’s the motivation for the change?

  • Tuvia Fogel

    The Minister’s statement may be ‘discordant to Egyptian policy’, but not to Islamic doctrine, so there is nothing al-Sisi can say or do.

    • eyBaba

      the issue is in the roots as Tuvia has stated!

      you see, if the Minister does not say such hateful about the jews, then “the balance” would shift against him and Sisi.
      the “fanatics” would rage even more against the minister & sisi …

  • Simone Miller

    What on earth do the Jews have to do with this hateful act? Israel has been living in relative peace with Egypt. Perhaps it is time for all of the arab muslims to wander and like Cain never be taken in anyplace.


    Unfortunately, the hatred of Jews was instilled in the Muslim minds from the day they were born. This savage bastard should be fired and apology is a must from AL SISI.
    Egypt and Israel have been building good relations for some time now. Al Sisi must outlaw this type of hate speech.

  • len

    These revealing incidents are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the out and out anti-Semitism that exist in arab lands on the official level with the most senior of arab individuals in government as opposed to the so called arab street.Yes with all the years with peace with Egypt and all the arrows pointing to the logic of cooperation with Israel and the Jews these people just can’t shake the cancer of their cultural and religious beliefs in regards to the jewish people.Remember the tale of the “Frog and the Scorpion”,hopefully the Jews will never forget this tale and the lessons learned from it. After everything is said and done let this arab have his post,he is honest in his prejudice as opposed to Europeans who claim they have only Israel’s interest at heart when they attempt to condemn Israel’s actions of existential self defense.With friends like these I would rather shake the hand of an honest anti-Semite like the Egyptian Justice Minister at least he doesn’t speak with forked tongue.

    • eyBaba

      well, their cultural-cancer has started to get into them — now just east of Israel in Syria…

      the cancer would love for Israel to attack– to grab/recruit multiple of the fanatic jihadists…

      israel has not much choice , nor patience, no luck to avoid it.

  • Mayven


    He must live his whole life …in soiled underwear .

  • Mayven

    A leopard never changes its spots.

    This shameful rhetoric is indicative of a person who doesn’t have enough brains to be stupid.

  • steven L

    El-Sissi has a lot of work on his table.
    He seems not to realize that the Egyptian “elite” is Islamist in nature and therefore fanatical.

  • Dale K.

    Even if he apologizes or is asked to step down(haha); it won’t change a thing. The hate that fills their minds and hearts will never end.

  • Sam Harris

    Traditional curses are in their bones What are we to expect? Only hatred.