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July 6, 2015 12:06 pm

Iran: All Nuclear Activities Will Continue Under Final Deal

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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The Iranian nuclear program's water reactor at Arak. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The Iranian nuclear program’s water reactor at Arak. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The nuclear deal with Iran facing a deadline on Tuesday will ensure the country’s nuclear activities can continue, Iranian media reported.

“According to the technical annex, all the nuclear activities of Iran will continue,” an Iranian diplomatic source party to the nuclear talks in Vienna this week told semi-official state news agency Fars.

The official spoke with knowledge of the technical annex in the final deal, one of five annexes currently being deliberated among negotiators from Tehran and six world powers: the U.S., U.K., Russia, China, France and Germany.

The so-called technical annex covers issues such as “nuclear research and development, [the] Fordo nuclear enrichment center, [the] Arak heavy water reactor, and the type of the centrifuges that will be used by Iran for the production of stable isotopes.”

While the State Department had called for dismantling Iran’s nuclear infrastructure in the past, the Obama administration softened that line in the several months since a framework agreement was announced at Lausanne, Switzerland.

“Iran is not simply going to dismantle its program because we demand it do so,” said President Barack Obama in April upon the announcement of the framework.

According to a draft appendix to the final deal obtained by the Associated Press, Iran will be allowed to keep its Fordo underground facilities running for isotope production, rather than uranium enrichment. But AP noted that the technologies for both processes are very similar and thus it is possible to quickly re-engineer isotope production for enrichment.

U.S. think tank the Foreign Policy Initiative noted that at the Arak facility, the light-water reactors that Iran would be allowed to install under the current framework “can also produce the requisite amount of bomb-grade plutonium to develop a nuclear weapon.”

Negotiators are running up to the July 7 deadline for a final deal, but Secretary of State John Kerry on Sunday said negotiations still “could go either way.”

Israeli diplomatic sources meanwhile said on Sunday that the current deal discussed by negotiators was far worse than the Lausanne framework because it offered new concessions: on the centrifuge allowance, research and development and sanctions relief.

According to Israeli daily Yedioth Ahronoth, Israeli Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz has been making diplomatic rounds between the U.K., Germany and France to highlight apparent shortfalls in the deal.

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  • George

    I firmly believe that any treaty with Iran would be useless.

    I firmly believe that Iran has allot of smart scientists and that they can build what ever they want, even if we had a treaty.

    I firmly believe that We are negotiating with Iran in order to keep a door open that someday the secularists will take back the government

    I firmly believe that as of now, Iran is struggling to keep up their support of almost every anti west, anti Sunni terrorist faction around the globe.

    I firmly believe that we need to keep up the sanctions until there is a change in government.

    I firmly believe that when the price of oil goes back up and if the sanctions are gone, Iran will have the money to increase their terrorist support and there will be hell to pay.

    I firmly believe that the House of Saud is living on borrowed time and when it falls that will be the beginning of the war to end the earth.

    • Mickey Oberman

      I firmly believe in all your statements except the very last.
      Yes, the house of Saud will fall. .< That is a period.<

  • fred

    Iran is a compliant signatory to the Nuclear Non-proliferation treaty. This treaty grants them the right to research and a limited level of enrichment. Iran observes the letter and the spirit of this treaty while Israel has not only not signed the treaty but is credibly accused of theft of US nuclear materials and technology AND of having multiple, secret WMD programs going. They are therefore the proverbial “pot-calling-the-kettle-black.” Additionally, it is not Iran whose spies were arrested in Manhattan on 9/11 cheering the attacks and trying to blame Palestinians…

    • Mahmud

      Dear `Ali,

      You’ve done your bosses well here. Not only have you offered up their lie that Iran is in compliance with its obligations under the NPT but you have also managed to mis-state what it requires. And blaming Israel by innuendo for 9/11 was a nice touch.

      There will be an extra virgin set aside for you.

  • noellsq

    The POTUS and his stooge keep giving extensions and Iran keeps stalling and eventually will not need to do anything as they will be nuclear.

    • Mickey Oberman

      The POTUS is smiling broadly.
      Things are happening just as he wishes.

  • Leonard Excell

    That is no deal at all, Iran has got away with murder. Iran will be a threat to the entire world’s security and safety. I wonder what those who live in the Middle East area will do. There are some serious shortfalls that need to be addressed.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Hopefully, Israel will address those shortfalls in an appropriate and final matter.

      No one else on this globe has the guts.

  • Guetta

    Iran will not let the inspectors in many of their facilities especially Arak .Naive are those that believes in what Iran says or on that matter peomises

  • Pastor CJ

    Bibi knows Obama like all other Muslims wants the annihilation of Israel. Some say his plan is for Israel and Iran/Persia to – neutralize – each other

  • Sinai

    It has been pretty obvious to the entire world community that Iran can not be trusted. However loosing trust in an American Administration and its promises to to the world is nothing short of a tragedy. This shortfall will reverberate in the annals of history in years to come highlighting a decline in American power its will and its spirit. It will signal another step down, another surrender to a sworn western enemy – the Ayatollahs will be overjoyed with their success and the American timidity and their blind trust. How bad that history repeats without past lessons.

  • Michael Fox

    There is no deadline…never has been. Iran has Obama by the short hairs but the Prez could care less. Any deal is better than no deal. He is well aware that no one remembers the final score in the last game of the Super Bowl, they just remember who got the job done. BO will get his legacy in a deal. The abbreviated version of the history books written the day he leaves office will picture a smiling President signing “the deal” but in the big book of evolving history that will be years in the making, this President will be remembered as initiating the beginning of a most disastrous chapter in American and world history.

  • steven L

    BHO can deceive the whole world but not the Mullahs. They have no tolerance for deception. But they are the masters of deception.

  • Are the American negotiators all nuts, or are we working as Iran’s agents? What the hell is going on Mr. President?!! Hopefully our Congress is going to kill this stupid deal. I just wish I could trust our Senators and Congressmen.

  • Are we just kidding? why don’t we give them a few nuclear bombs, it would just shorten the time to destroy Israel and us as they promised.

  • brian ellman

    The Obama administration has once again shown its yellow belly—-it cannot stand up to its adversaries—the red line in syrian—now giving way to Iran—the mess of Iraq–backing away over Crimea–much of it ably assisted by Hilary Clinton as Secretary of State—where Benghazi is a prominent issue
    The gradual downward spiral of the United States of America as a pre-eminent power proceeds apace

  • This is misleading, as the conditions under which the Fordo plant would continue operating would be to be engineered to produce isotopes for medical applications; the Heavy Water Reactor set up to not allow bomb-grade material, the 6,000 low-grade centrifuges set to only produce low grade uranium, and there would be a maximum amount of that grade allowed, meaning it would take a long time to produce bomb-grade material.

    Basically, the report is biased to produce something that mocks Netanyahu’s harping on the deal, not what the deal actually says.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Sure, Quammen.

      Iran only jests when it threatens to annihilate Israel and the US for good measure.