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July 6, 2015 4:07 pm

Michael Douglas on Iran Nuclear Deal: People Think US is Being ‘Played for the Patsy’

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Actor Michael Douglas talked about the Iranian nuclear deal in an interview with the LA Times. Photo: Today.

Actor Michael Douglas talked about the Iranian nuclear deal in an interview with the LA Times. Photo: Today.

Famed actor Michael Douglas weighed in on the Iran nuclear deal currently being negotiated in Vienna, saying that in Europe and Israel people believe the U.S. is being duped by Iran, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday.

“There are people in Europe and Israel who feel we’re [the U.S.] really being played for [the] patsy, that we do not understand,” said Douglas, who recently received the prestigious Genesis Prize for his contributions to Jewish life.

“There are parties that seem to know a lot and are concerned” that if economic sanctions are lifted, Iran will have more funds to aid militants while working to procure a nuclear weapon, he continued.

Douglas visited Israel in June with his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones to accept the Genesis Prize, a $1 million award to recognize the promotion of Jewish pride. The prize money was doubled this year to $2 million after a donation from billionaire philanthropist Roman Abramovich.

The actor, whose father is Jewish, told the LA Times he “totally supports” the two-state solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict, but said that it would be hard to accomplish if the other state “doesn’t acknowledge Israel’s right to exist or voices calling for its destruction.”

He said the Jewish state is almost perceived as “the bully on the block, which is ironic when you think of a country surrounded by people who don’t even acknowledge they exist.”

“When you’re in Israel, you realize how vulnerable the situation is … Israel’s responsibility is to articulate and clarify that narrative what their next steps are going to be,” he continued.

Douglas also commented on the hotly debated issue of Israeli settlement in the West Bank, suggesting that Israel might “find a kind of a balance to make up for those settlements that might stay.”



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  • Simone Miller

    Mr Douglas, I am certain that you mean well but a 2 state solution will not work. no matter what the arab/muslims say to the world, the truth is told to their people in the mosques, on television. We do not understand how they think but part of it is their vicious hatred of Israel and the west. They are not to be trusted.

  • bea green JP BA

    There are more than 20 Arab/Muslim states in the Middle East and only ONE Jewish state:
    There are Muslims living in Israel and they are represented in Parliament.
    After the creation of the state of Israel it was made very difficult for Jews to remain in Arab states – so they had to make their way to Israel.

    There are plenty of wonderful Muslims who want to live in peace, as between Suni and Shia and Muslims and Jews…. The Israelis would like that.

    I have a lovely picture in my head:
    Moses, Jesus and Mohammed in heaven: the best of friends.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    I don’t dislike Michael Douglas but who needs his comments about Israel and Iran’s nuclear program.

    His father played Spartacus and we need tough Sparticus’ not weakl pathetic Jews.

    • Diane B.

      Agreed! His father was Jewish and both his marriages were to non-Jewish women. All of Michael Douglas’ wives have also been gentiles. Who cares what he thinks about Israel and Judaism!

  • barney rubble

    I thought Palestine did recognise Israel as a state.
    Does Israel recognise Palestine as a state ? I don’t think the US accepts Palestine’s existence as a state either.

    • Frank

      That’s because “Palestine” isn’t a state.

  • Peter Joffe

    The USA has a supposed policy of not negotiating with terrorists and yet they are happily bending over backwards to negotiate with the worlds number one sponsor of terrorism, antisemitism and anti infidels. There cannot be anything more dangerous than a terrorist state, that loves death using nuclear weapons to further the commands of their ‘holy’ book, the Qu-ran.

  • montlasky

    Michael is acting out a fantasy-a fantasy involving a two state solution. The only thing he is correct is in acknowledgement of Israel’s vulnerability.
    I have recently returned from an extensive visit to Israel and have returned home with the firm belief that Isreal is indestructilbe-provided Israelies believe this to be true.
    A Two State Solution? Dream on! How can you have a neighbourhood like Israel has where they are sworn to destroy you as directed in the Koran which they all fervently believe in?
    Israel has the capability to resolve this situation very quickly if she would ignore world opinion where most of this planet is an enemy? Would the world be any happier if Israel
    were destroyed? The simple answer is -yes!
    Visit Yad Vashem and see what Israel must never allow again. The world at that time was as anti Jews and Israel as it is now. In for a lamb as a sheep,the old saying goes. Let Israel take the intiative NOW.

  • Rebecca Burack

    Thank you, Mr. Douglas for using your celebrity this way. We need more high profile Jews and Gentiles who support Israel to speak up honestly. I know that celebrities such as Jon Voight do so at their own peril. You are both modern heroes to me and to many like me. Although many people, like myself, agree with you, our voices are not as audible as those of celebrity. So please encourage your friends who feel as you do to vocalize their concerns and speak for so many of us. Again, thank you.

  • Bullfrog

    So many Arab countries are ‘failed states’, and I don’t mean, just lacking in democracy. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Libya & Egypt, the world is mad if it thinks a new Palestinian State would survive !

  • NuritG

    It is Obama, Kerry and Sherman who are Iran’s useful insane idiots.

  • Carlos Decourcy Lascoutx

    isn´t that payola?