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July 14, 2015 8:36 pm

It’s Time for War Against the Iran Nuclear Deal

avatar by Dovid Efune

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Photo: GPO.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. Photo: GPO.

Israel is once again united. And as in the past, it comes as a byproduct of significant threats to the country; this time from Iran.

Even the leaders of Israel’s opposition denounced in the harshest terms the nuclear deal announced on Tuesday, and chided Prime Minister Netanyahu for failing to prevent it. Zionist Union head Isaac Herzog went so far as to describe himself as “more extreme” than Netanyahu on matters of security.

The threats from Iran and the wrongheaded approach of the international community are broad, pervasive and multilateral.

The White House’s apparatchiks keep parroting the claims that Israel is safer under the deal, and that no better alternative has been offered. But they have yet to explain how the agreement will actually prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon in the likely event that it fails to abide by the terms of the deal.

The absence of anytime, anywhere inspections means advance notice of a race to the bomb cannot be guaranteed, and the mechanisms to combat such an Iranian attempt are vastly insufficient to be effective. Simply, the stated purpose of the negotiations has not been achieved.

For Israel to live under the specter of imminent nuclear breakout, which could be initiated at any time, is simply untenable. No prime minister, minister, Knesset member, or person of conscience could accept the yoke that the international community has just placed around the neck of the Jewish State.

The fact that the U.S. president is willing to countenance this scenario is, in and of itself, a matter of alarm. The fact that his Administration is so callously dismissive of Israel’s existential concerns, described by John Kerry as “way over the top,” is downright unconscionable.

Under these conditions, Israel’s choices are limited. The oft hinted military option remains, but will come at significant cost. For now, all eyes are on Congress, which will soon voice its approval or disapproval of the deal.

It is true that the threat the agreement poses to the Jewish State should mean it is incumbent upon the U.S. Jewish community to stand at the forefront of the charge of opposition. But it is not only because of the threat to Israel that Jews must oppose this deal; it is also because Jews are duty bound to serve as a voice of moral conscience to humankind, and this deal is profoundly immoral.

It is immoral because it leaves many lives at risk, and there is no greater moral duty than the preservation of human life.

It is immoral because it is unjust. It comes with the betrayal of longtime allies who have stood loyally at the side of the U.S. and have in turn depended on its protective umbrella.

It is immoral because it tolerates the torrent of hate, of unadulterated, unrestrained bigotry flowing in great rivers from Tehran, against Bahá’ís, women, gays, Jews, Christians, Americans, Israelis, Sunni Muslims, survivors of the Holocaust and others.

It is immoral because it provides Iran with a windfall of billions of dollars that will be used to fund its campaign of terror and expansionism in the Middle East and beyond.

It is immoral because it stands on a foundation of untruths. It belies who Iran’s rulers are and what they stand for. It pretends to protect world peace, but in fact it endangers it.

The White House will strive to frame the debate in partisan terms and paint all who oppose the deal as aligned with the Republican opposition. But our principles should supersede our politics, and allegiance to a moral code should override party loyalty.

In Israel, the partisan barriers have already fallen. The same can be accomplished in the U.S.

No doubt the fight to oppose the deal will be bruising, but the time for niceties is over. There is too much at stake. The Administration has been relentless in working to undermine critics, stifle opposition, repackage the uglier points of the deal, and paint dissenters as war mongers. To be effective, the organized Jewish community will need to match this forthright and aggressive attitude.

Leading the charge should be AIPAC, a group that typically has shied away from direct confrontation with a sitting president. But it is for times like these that AIPAC was built. It is easy to lobby when there is little resistance, but now is when it is needed most.

History is on your side AIPAC, and so are the American people. It is time to man the ramparts, take aim, and charge. There is nothing to fear from the President. He has already done his worst. He has shown that he doesn’t respond to pleasantries. He will only respond to the stiffest opposition we can muster.

But it is not just the duty of the major Jewish groups. Every member of our community, from institutional leaders to grassroots activists, and even those who are usually unaffiliated must strive to ensure that their voice is heard.

The great King Solomon famously said, “There is a time for peace and a time for war.” Now we must go to war against this deal so that in the future, hopefully, we may have peace.

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  • In 1934 Stanley Baldwin [who was the PM until 1929 and again between 1935-1937] said in the House of Commons:

    “The only way of defense is to attack, which means that you have to kill more women and children faster than the enemy, that’s if you want to save yours.
    I say these things so that people can understand what awaits you when a new war begins”

    [Quote from Alan Farmer’s book, “Britain: Foreign and Imperial Affairs, 1919-1939”].

  • Ngare

    Need no worry lsrael. God is your strong fort. Read Isaiahs 54:17-17. That’s your part.

  • Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    What Planet does David Bookspan and others like him live on! Jews are a small portion of the US population and an insignificant percentage of the world’s population. No one in Latin America, Africa, Asia and most of Europe cares a hoot if Israel exists or not. The countries in the sanctions group include Russia and China, which have their own reasons for wanting to court Iran and oppose Israel, Europe, where I am now and which even the Jewish Community doesn’t really support the present Israeli Government, and the US where MOST JEWS DO NOT WANT TO GO TO WAR WITH IRAN unless THEY HAVE THE NUCLEAR BOMB! So what was President Obama to do but negotiate?
    If we went to war with Iran, the Jews of the US would pay a huge price because the 98% of the population that is NOT JEWISH would blame the Jews, not just Israelis for the deaths of US Servicemen.

    Moreover, as uneducated, mostly Orthodox wack jobs can’t get thru their ignorant heads, a US or Israeli strike against Iran would NOT destroy the UNDERGROUND BUNKERS where some of the research is, and at best the US intelligence says it would defer an Iranian bomb for about three years.

    I mean, here in Europe the Jewish Community is weak in the sense of intermarriage, abandoning Judaism is epidemic in EDUCATED CLASSES! Oh, like South Florida, you can get a crowd of nobodies in Roca Raton or Aventura to say we should bomb Iran, but NO ONE WITH EDCUATION OR CLASS.

    And, please remember, Netanyahu was amongst the clowns who said if you overthrew Hussein there would be a DEMOCRATIC, PrO WESTERN Government that would recognize ISRAEL (I heard Ahmad Chalabi say that repeatedly), So what happened? SHIITIES (whose political party the aforementioned Ahmad Chalabi belongs) came under IRANIAN political, religious, and military control and KICKED THE CHRISTIANS, SUNNIS, and everyone but themselves OUT OF THE IRAQI POST HUSSEIN GOVERNMENT!


    Yes, Hezbollah is STILL GETING IRANIAN ARMS! Yes the Iranians are still FUNDING MURDERS OF JEWS ALL OVER THE WORLD, but, hey, maybe the Argentinians, French, Bulgarians should PROTECT THEIR JEWISH CITIZENS? Maybe Kenya and Egypt should PrOTECT THEIR JEWISH TOURISTS, or TUNISIA, now, TOO!

    Blaming the Iranians when Western Europe, Latin America, Africa, and Asia (remember the Jewish deaths in Bombay ?) couldn’t give a cat’s behind for Jewish lives is being a bit blind to the realities. NO ONE LIVES THE ISRAELIS or RIGHT WING POLITICS! And CAMERA and other Israeli supporters with their ALWAYS WRONG Neo-Con supporters will be the DEATH OF ISRAEL, NOT ITS SAVIORS!

    A Treaty is better than War when there is No War to be Had.

    • Ngare

      Would anybody support Iran nuclear bomb making? Why the heck does Iran need nuclear bombs if not to annihilate lsrael and US? Inspite of all politicking pro and anti lsrael, the fact is that no weapon, unless sent from G-d, will prosper against Israel. Whether you believe in God or not is not significant- the fact is that Iran will not succeed in their hypocritical underground inventions and intentions.

    • ted weiss

      You seem to Cheerlead for Obama Deal which is not a deal but a betrayal you guys one the left are the real Jewish enemy through your willingness to capitulate and willingness to please your local European population .If I am not wrong I guess you leave in Germany .I was born in Romania and am European myself. However I leave now In USA, voted for OBAMA
      Which now regret immensely .Mia Copa (I am sorry I did).This
      president is ANTIISRAEL ALL THE WAY .You selectively left out, the humiliation and resentment that he displays to the Israeli leader .Wither you agree with the prime minister or NOT, we should display a united support as far as Israel is concerned no matter how resentful you are towards Netanyahu, politics aside .Remember your survival in Europe depends on Israel’s survival. This deal was about stick it to Israel and Netanyahu .Obama in the instances that the prime minister came yahoo yelled at Netanyahu, left him by himself to eat with his kids , blamed Netanyahu for the collapsed peace talks and never missed an opportunity to criticize Israel for the Settlement Construction, He leaked information of the planning of an attack of Israel against Nuclear program He interfered in Israeli Election by backing labor and liked opposition , refuse to give Israel depleted Uranium ammunition , and refused to take and input from Netanyahu on Iran deal was kept secret and the developments secret from Israel The Israeli left and Jewish left is the real enemy They should first choose Israel Then being Jews Then power like opportunistic politicians Leftists will be our Jewish demise no matter how intellectual and educated they are such as yourself

      • I tell you this: If there’s anything that could bring me to hate some Jews like I would hate and have hated myself for similar general reason, it would be their blindness and suicidal stupidity concerning Obama. What will it take for Jews to discern a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Many Jews are their own worst enemies. So what’s new or unusual about that? Aren’t we all?

        All Jews everywhere, If Israel falls, you fall. For those Jews who oppose Israel, even if it doesn’t fall (and it won’t), you will fall, no matter if you consider yourselves Israelis, Americans or Germans or whatever – even Muslim.

        Even if you don’t consider yourselves Jews or supporters of Israel or if you consider yourselves favorable to Muslims, you will fall – Muslims won’t care. Here’s why: Islam is out to destroy you and destroy you it will, just as long as they ever find out you are a Jew. Deal with it. Under no circumstances will you escape, no matter your connections, social status, wealth or anything else. “Allah” and those possessed by that evil spirit will not stand for it.

        But above all, this is God’s doing. He will prune; He will sift; He will divide the called and the chosen; as a shepherd divides the goats from the sheep, so will He separate those who face and acknowledge the truth from those who wish to remain deceived. That’s the reality.

  • Yale

    >> There is nothing to fear from the President. He has already done his worst. He has shown that he doesn’t respond to pleasantries.

    Not so. If Obama’s real objective is to foment a clash between the IDF and American forces, for purposes of fomenting pogroms in America, then there is more to come.

    American Jews must explain to their neighbors, especially African-Americans, that Obama’s whole approach to governance has been “divide and conquer”. He has succeded by setting one group against another so as to prevent their seeing him for what he truly is: a would-be dictator.

    Defeating the deal will require Democrats, as well as Republicans, to repudiate not just the deal but Obama himself. Ariving at awareness that Obama has had an evil impact on this country is absolutely necessary if America is to survive.

  • Larry Andrews

    The sad truth is that with the sole exception of the Zionist Organization of America, the American Jewish community and its so-called leadership failed to support Israel and Prime Minister Netanyahu during the very long
    negotiations regarding this agreement. There is a rally on July 22 in Times Square against this agreement, and every Jewish person who can should attend (

  • Pastor CJ

    Do we now live in the days spoken of by Daniel, Zechariah? YES!

    Zechariah 11.9
    What is to die, let it die. What is to be destroyed, let it be destroyed.
    And let those who are left devour the flesh of one another.

    Revelation 22:11
    Let the one who does wrong, still do wrong and the one who is filthy, still be filthy.

    Judah will be besieged as well as Jerusalem.
    On that day, when all the nations of the earth are gathered against her,
    I will make Jerusalem an immovable rock for all the nations.
    GOD will destroy all the nations that attack Jerusalem.
    zechariah 12

    I will gather all nations and bring them down to the Valley of Jehoshaphat.
    There I will put them on trial for what they did to my inheritance, my people Israel,
    because they scattered my people among the nations and
    divided up MY land. Joel 3:2

    Daniel 12
    At that time (the archangel) Michael shall arise who has charge of Your people (Jews/Israel).
    And there shall be a time of trouble, such as never has been since there was a nation till that time.
    But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the book.

    Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the sky above and
    those who turn many to righteousness, like the stars forever and ever.

    I AM the Way the TRUTH and the LIFE. NO one comes to the Father but through Me.
    1 John 14:6 Words of Yeshua – HaShem

  • Everyone listen. ISRAEL MUST ATTACK IRAN NOW. END OF STORY. ONLY FOOLS CAN TRUST IRAN THEY WANT ISRAEL AND JEWS DEAD. I see another holocaust around the corner. Extremist muslims want us dead. I may be the only Rabbi with the guts to says this. Rabbi DR. Bernhard Rosenberg

  • Israel must be prepared for a possible attack from Iran and other nutheads. Preparedness means having the right weapons available, including the latest types of atomic ones. Israel is a small country. One single atomic bomb thrown against it will practically destroy it com-pletely. It must be prepared to attack first, and ask questions later. If you allow a bandit shoot you, you will be dead and with no way to retaliate. Shoot him first.

  • Geoff

    July 14, 2015 like December 7, 1941 will go down in history by objective honest and insightful historians, and for the average America, Israeli and any other thinking individual as a day of infamy.

    The President of the United States in his narcissistic Utopian mind believes that he has (1) cemented his legacy as a world leader seeking to secure peace in his tiime as Neville Chamberlain thought in his (2) President of the United States believes he has through his caving to the Islamo-Fascists of the 21st Century has started the process of have America and Western Civilization begin their attonment for all their past sins of imperialism, colonialism, exploitation of the Third World (3) President Obama along with John Kerry, the Secretary of State, have set in motion what they deeply believe is Social Justice for te billions of people who have been used and abused by America and the West.

    The Western World stands at the abyss of World War III. There is nothing noble or virtuous in caving, yes caving, to the totalitarian fanatics chanting “Death to America” and “Death to Israel”.

    How can any rationale and sane man, woman or child trust the word of a country that demonstrates daily that their ultimate goal, their very existence, is predicated on the complete and total destruction of Israel and the United States? How is it possible to believe that a country that is responsible for the death of a 1000+ Americans can negotiate in good faith? How is it possible to believe that a country that is the number one sponsor of terrorism throughout the Middle East and parts of Africa can be trusted to live in peace and harmony with others by simply signing a piece of paper? How is it possible to believe that Iran who believes that the extinction of the world will bring forth their salvation? How is possible to believe the Iranians when their Supreme Leader daily preaches the destruction and eventual anililation of Israel and the USA?

    Does the world have any hope of rectifying agreement/treaty reached by the 5+1 and Iran? Will the U.S. Senate finally in the world’s hour of leadership and reason stand tall and the right thing? That right thing is to stop dead in its tracks this homicidal treaty? Will Senators in the Democratic Party not follow in lock-step with President Obama and vote their conscious by demonstrating virtue and a moral duty of what is right? Will the men and women of the United a states Senate with a 2/3 majority defeat President Obama’s unfair, unjust and immoral agreement/treaty with the Iranians saving this generation and the next from having to defend their country and the world from its destruction from an Iran with nuclear weapon?

    History is watching. Will good men and women in a Stand of moral courage put the breaks to this insanity?

    • Geoff, well said. I expect this outrageously foolish agreement will not be stopped, not by Congress or anyone else. Israel will stand alone, as spoken by its prophets of old as recorded in the Tanakh.

  • “It’s Time for War Against the Iran Nuclear Deal”

    Y E S !!!

  • pat cerra

    Well said
    Enough is enough.
    Obama has shown his true colors which become more defined as the length of his tenure decreases and he has no reason to pretend to be nothing more than a Muslim clone…

  • Liz Crawford

    DR Tipu – “Live and let live,” as the “Palestinians” and Arabs and Iran propose to do, for Israel? No? Any concept of waking up each morning and wondering how and where the 300m confessed murderous enemies of yours will attack — which is Israel’s reality? No? Fat, happy, liberal and protected by millions of other people who actually fight to preserve your right to whinge about something you know absolutely nothing about, eh? So easily said. May life be so easy for you, always, may you never face what Israel faces on a daily basis.

  • MPK

    Excellent article!!

    It does not matter if one voted for this president twice, once, or never; this is the time to let this president, each and every presidential hopeful, and this congress know the Jewish community will act as one against this agreement.

    I intend to contact AIPAC tomorrow and make my voice heard. I hope and pray I am one among multitudes.

  • The Iran nuclear deal is so deeply flawed, the U.S. Senate should have enough votes to override a Presidential veto. However, if the U.S. Senate does not override a Presidential veto, then a credible use of force against Iran’s nuclear sites will be inevitable.

  • Marcus

    See below today’s post from j-street website
    This is clearly not a pro-israel organization.
    On the peace process at least they could claim that they held the same position as the Israeli opposition.
    Now they stand in clear opposition to the entire Israeli people.
    Let them admit that they are a Jewish pro-Obama lobby that is pro-Israel only when they agree with the president

    J Street Welcomes News of Iran Nuclear Agreement
    JULY 14TH, 2015
    J Street welcomes news of the agreement struck today by the United States and its international partners with Iran to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

    The deal is complex and multi-faceted, and it will take some time to analyze all its features. However, from what we have seen so far and what we have learned from President Barack Obama and the negotiators, this agreement appears to accurately reflect the parameters set forth in the April 2 framework.

    It also appears to meet the critical criteria around which a consensus of US and international non-proliferation experts has formed for a deal that verifiably blocks each of Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon.

    We congratulate President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the other members of the P5+1 for having the resolve, determination, patience and persistence to bring such a difficult negotiation to a successful conclusion.

    It will be important for Congress to carefully review this agreement on its merits and at the same time be mindful of the likely consequences of its rejection: a collapse of diplomacy and international sanctions as Iran pushes forward with a nuclear program unimpeded.

    Following our own review of the agreement, we expect to call on Congress to support the deal as the best—if not only—means of ensuring that Iran does not develop nuclear weapons.

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    TAGS: Barack Obama Iran John Kerry State Department

  • Martin Bookspan

    Bravo, David Efune! It is about time a leader of the Jewish community pointed a finger at the current (p)resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who is without doubt a traitor to the United States and the civilized world and who should be put on trial for treason, convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Shamefacedly I have to admit that his campaign oratory fooled me: I voted for him TWICE…..


      Its about time, that the Jewish people see it the way it is, and begin to speak out, and show remorse for being fooled twice by the Muslim rhetorical methods of a Muslim President.
      I am a second generation of Survivors of the Holocaust, and in the name of the Six Million victims I repeat: “Never again!”
      The Great Almighty has a plan, and created The State of Israel for the purpose of saving the world. It looks like, the time has come, and the Jews will fulfill G-d’s mission on Earth, and will defend the Holly Land and the World. America turned away from G-d, and her salvation must come through Israel.
      G-d bless the State of Israel and the people of the United States of Israel.

    • Sonia Willats

      Rabbi Smuli Boteache’s article yesterday said it all, pointing out that PM Netanyahu is decried for constantly trying to defend his nation against Iran; whilst the cool-headed OBAMA HAS NEVER ONCE FLINCHED AT IRAN’S CREDIBLE THREATS AT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE UNITED STATES. Obama is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is no peace-maker, but a traitor. Someone pointed out a while ago that Obama is the best president IRAN ever had.

  • DR J Tipu

    Oh please, live and let live. Boils my blood to see Israel talking of morality! As if Israel itself is the most peace loving nation on earth, and off coursr without any nukes!

    • SHmuel HaLevi

      Well, one got into the back door…
      Listen well. We in Israel tolerated for long a mass of murderous beasts from Islam. In turn you are in for ISIS gruesome monsters, in fact. And so is the item pretending to be an American.
      I am a former Senior Fellow Engineer working with Uncle Sam’s military avionics systems, proud of it and also an Invited consultant to the IMoD. Decorated in war.
      We do not murder, stupid creep. Our military is far too soft with your beloved monsters. I believe that there should be equality anyway,
      TEMPLE MOUNT is Jewish not muslim and will be so just as Mecca is Muslim and not Jewish.
      There will be exactly the same number of Mosques here as there are Synagogues in Iran.
      And in Eretz Israel there will be as many Islamics alive here as there are living Jews in Jordan, Saudi, Iraq, Iran combined.
      Now about the folk aligned against us.
      I do not need to say much about it, you can guess it, don’tcha?

    • J Tipu, “live and let live,” you say? Has Israel threatened anyone with its nuclear capability? When have you heard Jews chanting, “Death to Iran,” “Death to America,” “Death to Russia,” “Death to Muslims,” “Death to Christians”?Israel uses weaponry only for self-defense.

      Wake up, grow up, study up, wise up, J Tipu. Iran is for war, says so, and in this nuclear deal, it is acquiring funds and arms to wage it. If you had any knowledge and understanding, you wouldn’t be making such naive and ignorant statements!

      Obama is a criminal or a fool or both. I say both.


      Dr. Tipu(sh), you are a moron, and antisemitic. Just when you are keeping your head in the sand, the lightning is getting ready to strike your ass.

    • theo

      Dr J Tipu Your views betray a shallow mind
      Iran daily threatens to destroy Israel – a sovereign state of the United Nations
      Israel has never threatened to destroy any other nation
      Do you expect Israel, which daily faces the terror emanating and financed by Iran , to accept this same Iran but now armed also with nuclear weapons ?
      Live and let live but not when others choose who they will let live – or rather be destroyed

    • judithg

      Your blood will boil. I look forward to it.