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July 15, 2015 1:23 pm

Gaza War Video Shows Kids Were Encouraged to Play Outdoors During Air Raids (VIDEO)

avatar by Elder of Ziyon

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Children in the Gaza Strip played outdoors during air raids. Photo: Screenshot.

Children in the Gaza Strip played outdoors when Israel was attacking nearby terror sites during Operation Protective Edge. Photo: Screenshot.

In July 2014, while Israel was attacking terror sites in Gaza, news reports encouraged children to play outdoors.

This report from Jafra pretends to be documenting Gaza kids defiantly playing while bombs explode nearby, as if this was their own idea. In fact the message being given was to encourage children to put themselves in danger, and to frame it to parents as somehow heroic.

Gaza parents didn’t care enough to protect their children from the danger of airstrikes – or from the hundreds of Hamas missiles that fell short.

Dead kids was a Hamas goal of the war, The media and brainwashed parents played their role. Every dead kid is a victory for Hamas.

And now, a year later, Gazans treating their kids like cannon fodder then is paying off as “human rights” organizations like Amnesty are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, now, to make it look like Israel was targeting these kids.

And you simply won’t find these NGOs that pretend to care about Gaza kids, like UNRWA or Amnesty or DCI-P, saying a word about how Gazans acted recklessly with their kids’ lives a year ago. It’s a cultural thing, you know.

Seriously – what kind of parents would allow their kids to play outside when you can see and hear explosions around you?

In contrast, this is what Israeli kids were being told to do by their teachers and parents during Red Alerts (this photo taken in Hod Hasharon).

Israeli children during red alert sirens. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Israeli children during red alert sirens. Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

That’s what normal people do to protect their kids in wartime.

And the video that proudly shows “defiant” kids being encouraged to face bombs with laughing and chants is evidence not of bravery, but of child abuse.

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  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    yes of course. Anyhow, today, with Iran Nuke (and the position of the nazi goverment of Germany) it’s clear that the world wants the elimination of Israel (1st) and of the Jews (2nd)

  • Golda Meir’s quote 60 years ago ,regarding “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us” . It’s still valid today, unfortunately !

    • agnes losonczi

      totally agreed

  • art

    How does one make “peace” with someone willing to kill their own children?????

    • agnes losonczi

      Ask that from Obama, the totally biased zombie UN or the countless NGO-s who preen themselves for “wanting peace” when in reality justify Hammas’s strategy of sacrifiing citizens (childrens too) and inciting more violence against them and against Israel of course.

  • These children are so brainwashed it is child abuse

  • Second post: Why does the USA still fund & host the UN & its various tentacles? The money that helps the UN non-function should go towards the national debt & the green tower could be profitable rented out.

    • agnes losonczi

      That’s it! UN has become a dead stinking corpse still alive by bribery and other “mercantile” reasons while totally betraying it’s original peacemaking purposes, so why to pay them, to keep the forum up so they should sell their votes, their “committee works” – and we additionally pay them for that! Disband them!

  • I remember (and it still makes me feel ill) the Iranese children walking the minefields to be blown up by landmines … because Iran didn’t want to risk its armoured vehicles. Each child wore a plastic key from Taiwan around his neck. They’d been told it was the key to jannah. The adults who had arranged this mass slaughter did not take part.

  • Louis

    This is much like what I have experienced in Viet Nam in the sixties. While on routine patrol near rivers and other kinds of waterways , Viet Cong insurgence units held babies on their heads ,knowing that we would hold our fire or risk a baby being killed by our unit. Shows you the value they placed on human life. Louis