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July 15, 2015 4:23 pm

Netanyahu Told Obama Nuclear Deal Poses ‘Great Danger’ to US, World (VIDEO)

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said the nuclear deal poses a great danger to the U.S. Photo: GPO.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said the nuclear deal poses a great danger to the U.S. Photo: GPO.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he told President Barack Obama on Tuesday that the newly announced Iranian nuclear deal poses a great risk to the U.S. as well as to Israel.

“I said that this deal poses a great danger to Israel. I believe it poses a great danger to America and the world,” the Prime Minister said during an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt on Wednesday. “When you let the number one terrorist regime in the world have a short path to the bomb and hundreds of billions of dollars with which to finance its terrorism around the world, that’s not good for any of us.”

When Holt asked if the Israeli leader felt “betrayed” by Obama over the deal, Netanyahu said that Israel and the U.S. have a “real disagreement” on the issue of Iran.

Netanyahu said he believes the deal “empowers” Iran to confront the U.S., and that it is building intercontinental ballistic missiles that could strike beyond Israel, into “every part of the United States.”

“The supreme leader of Iran said just the other day, he says that the battle against the United States will continue even after the deal. For them we’re [Israel] the little Satan, for them, you’re the great Satan,” he added. “And now I think they’re being empowered to conduct that battle. And I think this is bad for us, for you and the world.”

After Holt asked Netanyahu if he plans to lobby Congress to reject the nuclear deal, the premier said he would reiterate his position to “anyone who listens.” He said opposition to the deal spans across Israeli political lines and that both Arabs and Israelis in the Middle East reject it.

“Most of the Arab leaders, whether privately or publicly, think that this is very dangerous to them too,” he continued. “I would advise this: it doesn’t happen very often in history, but when Arabs and Israelis agree, it’s worth paying attention.”

The Israeli leader also called Iran a “zealot country” that is “killing everyone in sight in the Middle East.” When asked if Israel reserves the right to take military action against the Iranian nuclear threat, he said the Jewish state will take “any measures that are necessary” to defend itself.

Netanyahu called the nuclear deal a “big mistake” and told Holt that it was a win-win proposition for Iran.

“The hardliners of Iran scored a tremendous victory because they can have their yellowcake and eat it too,”  he said. “They had to choose basically between lifting the sanctions and rolling back, truly rolling back, their nuclear capability and not for a temporary time but forever. They were given both: a relief of the sanctions, keeping their infrastructure, and allowing it to expand within a few years.”

Watch Netanyahu’s interview on NBC below:

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  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Lester Holt was a reporter on the daily evening news in Chicago when my two daughters were growing up. I remember his honest, unbiased, caring, thoughtful reporting very well. This interview shows the full scope of this Iran deal as stated by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in his honest, forthright assessment of Iran and its dealings with the world. I truly appreciate Mr. Netanyahu’s candid opinion and his humble, respectful approach to President Obama. Honestly, I have not been so respectful toward Mr. Obama, Mr. Kerry and the members of the Obama administration in my portrayal of the American leadership in what I would deem the Iran debacle.

  • Arabs-Muslims declare ‘Death to the Jews’ in their Facebook profiles

    This is not anti-Zionism. This is extreme racist anti-Semitism. If you replace “Death to the Jews” with “Death to the Buddhists”, or “Death to the Catholics”, or “Death to the Pagan worshipers” or “Death to the Kenyans or the Japanese”, what would these words mean other than menacing hate based in evil? This is a macabre, pure Nazi statement that these people gladly promote with the moronic mob mentality that they embrace. This brings only promises of chaos and fear and not respect, or a possible evolution toward a solution of coexistence.

    If the world destroys the Jews, which will never happen with the help of the almighty, the impact of losing the Jewish contributions to the world will be significant and catastrophic.
    The advances made in medicine, science, technology, law, philosophy and every corner of higher learning and progressive humanity as a direct result of Jewish contributions are etched in history and cannot be denied.
    Worldwide advances and progress will always be a reminder of what the Jews did and accomplished, unlike any other group in history. Non-Jews always have and continue to wonder how we did all that advancement.

    We the Jews being such a minute percentage of world population have been successful, and will continue so because we do not allow words, feelings or attitudes of hate in our children. Our children, and the generations to follow always come first. We raise our children with love of our traditions and cultures, and respect toward others who may differ. Our women mold the souls of our children and educate them in love and compassion, not hatred.

    Another factor of our success is we promote education as essential in the upbringing of our children. In addition, we lift ourselves up by hard work, dedication and innovation, not by taking others down.

    The Jewish people have survived and prospered even after thousands of years of unwarranted hate and persecutions throughout history. The world at large over the centuries has forced the Jewish people time and time again to liberate themselves from constant discrimination, hate and persecution in the Diaspora. We rose and responded by bringing about the rebirth of modern Israel in its ancestral land in order to survive, strive, thrive and control our own future and destiny.

    Remember, when the Jews and minorities were persecuted, killed and violated in the Arab and Islamic lands, (over a million Jewish families and their children expelled and all their assets confiscated), those countries never recovered from the loss.

    Differences in human composition and dedication are what make the Jewish people stronger. George Washington stated during his comments to the American people about appreciating how Haym Solomon, a Jew, helped in financing the American revolution, that the cultural differences are what make a nation stronger. Israel is the thriving America of Jews worldwide.

    After over 2500 years of persecution in the Diaspora, Israel through hard work, determination to succeed, and dedication to survive with control of its own destiny was reborn by the Jewish people against all odds. It took extreme faith, dedication, hardship and consistent toil to rebuild Israel one grain of sand at a time, inch by inch, foot by foot, and mile by mile. The Jews of Israel never quit until all the swamps were gone and the land flourished; until the infrastructure and housing was built. Most importantly, all of these accomplishments by the Jewish people were achieved with limited resources, a hostile environment and Arab and British impediment to our freedom and independence. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in making the desert bloom and flowing with green valleys; we have turned the desert into a land of milk and honey.

    Furthermore, Jewish innovations and advances in all fields keep coming on a consistent basis. We built educational institutions and research facilities that are the envy of the world. Furthermore, overcoming the harsh treatment by the nations of the world, and to ensure we, or any other people are never again led as sheep to the slaughter of the Nazi gas chamber, Israel has morphed into a world military might to rightfully defend its people. Contrary to the efforts of many nations of the world, the State of Israel is alive and thriving! (“the nation of Israel lives”)

    History has proven hate begets hate, and nations built upon a premise of hate have all failed. If all the Jews were gone (not likely), the anti-Semitic promoters and facilitators would need to feed their hate, and would turn on each other. History has proven as such to always be the end result of hate.

    I challenge you. Try love and understanding, compassion and kindness, embrace and respect the differences, it will make living a celebration of life, it’s all very beautiful and content, furthermore, you will find the real true success and accomplishment. It will be hard to change the narrative, but go ahead, accept the challenge to heal instead of hate, to tolerate instead of intolerance, to endure instead of abhor.
    If you follow these ideals, narratives and behavior, you may finally see some success like many of the JEWS and forego your jealousy and intolerance!
    This will bring about a harmonious and thriving coexistence that will benefit society and humanity for generations to come.

    YJ Draiman