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July 17, 2015 12:05 pm

Saudi Prince Says Iran Deal Worse Than North Korea Nuclear Agreement

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Prince Bandar. Photo: Wikipedia.

Prince Bandar. Photo: Wikipedia.

The nuclear deal with Iran will have worse consequences than the failed agreement with North Korea, warned Saudi Prince and former ambassador to the U.S. Bandar bin Sultan on Thursday.

President Barack Obama accepted what he knew was a bad deal because, ideologically, he felt like it was the right thing to do, according to Bandar. The U.S. president ignored the intelligence and counsel of traditional American allies in the Mideast, like Israel, which said the Iran deal would invite terrorism throughout the region, or worse, spark an all-out war.

Former President Bill Clinton never would have signed the North Korea nuclear agreement if he had had the kind of evidence Obama has now against Iran, Bandar said.

If the Iran deal collapses and the country goes for the bomb, he said, the consequences could be much worse than North Korea.

Meanwhile, the Christian Science Monitor reported that Saudi Arabia would intensify efforts to confront Iran through its proxies and allies in Yemen and Syria before the country gets windfall cash from lifted sanctions.

According to military officials cited in the report, the Saudis are weighing a ground campaign in Yemen followed by a shift in attention to Sunni-led airstrikes in Syria to provide air cover for the Free Syrian Army as it battles Iranian-backed Syrian President Bashar Assad, whose forces have been bolstered by Lebanese Hezbollah.


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  • joseph

    You say that the PM of Israel is not right when he says that the agreement with Iran is an ‘historical mistake’.

    But, when the leader of Saudi Arabia affirms the same thing you guys understand that this is TRUE…!
    Correctly, is not it?

  • Valery

    Suffice it to read the text of the Agreement.
    Iran reduces uranium to 4 percent, three times reduces the number of centrifuges.
    Iran is vulnerable and weak militarily.
    At the same time, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are buying American weapons valued at tens of billions of dollars.
    Saudi Arabia has ambitious plans for Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Lebanon, where Riyadh wants to spread its influence and power – his “Islamic state.”
    I want to remind you that the agreement has been signed with Iran, the five nuclear powers and the European Union. They are not idiots

  • Raymond Rakower

    Obama saw the opportunity to leave the state of Israel prey to the Iranian nukes without being personally blamed for it, since the European leaders were unanimous to support the total collapse of Western resistance to the Iranian rogue state, accepting all the Iranian conditions. This opportunity came since the European governments desperately wanted to be reelected, and had to remove all the sanctions against Iran: they hope that this crime will allow their countries to boost their export, hence sharply reduce the unemployment. At the cost of letting the whole Israeli population murdered, Jews and Moslems alike. Yet another holocaust. After having abandoned any resistance to the Greek blackmail to avoid a Greek bailout from the euro, the European heads of states didn’t care any longer to commit yet another holocaust possibly within five years, and ten years at the most. None of them cared to use the Jewish people as a sacrificial lamb.

  • Kevin Engle

    “If war comes, we’re with you, because that’s what the American people want.” — Barack Obama
    While some seem to take comfort from this quote, Obama does not have a history of doing what the American people want. Although he claims that this is the case, it appears to be true only so long as any action he takes happens to agree with his already arrived at, ideologically based, unilateral decision.
    I’ve read that the root of the president’s problem is that he believes he is “the smartest man in the room,” and therefore doesn’t need to take seriously, any advice that originates anywhere outside of his own head. As Obama is an attorney, he would do well to take to heart the adage that: “Any attorney, who represents himself, has a fool for a client.”

  • Eric R.

    If Israel is forced to take out Iranian nuke sites, she is going to have to do it by flying over Saudi air space.

    So, whatever one thinks of the Saudis, Israel will have to work with them here quietly.

    I also find it interesting that the Saudis probably believe that Israel has had nukes for more than 40 years, but never felt compelled to get nukes of her own to counter it – unlike what they will do now with Iran. Obviously, whatever the Saudi rhetoric, they have never considered Israel an existential threat to them.

  • Peter Joffe

    If you do a deal with terrorists then you have to know that the terrorists will do or say anything to get their way. And then simply ignore the deal. The USA and the West have a policy of no negotiations with terrorists and yet this is exactly what they have done. And the mirth with which the leader of the Iranian delegation celebrated the stupidity of the West was open and obvious for all to see. He must have been thinking “we conned them and they believe they have a good deal when in fact they have no deal at all and we, the Iranians will be handsomely rewarded for out lies”

  • Fred

    Obama should have read German newspapers 1935. Hitler as Iran issued challenges to the then powers England & France to get what he wanted. He got what he wanted ,in turn the world got World war II. Iran got what it wanted from Obama a menacing atomic whip to menace everybody.

  • enufizenuf

    For goodness sake, the Saudis should buy off the traitorous deal-making scum from the US, Russia, France, etc., It seems the Saudi leadership is not only more shrewd than them, but that they may, actually, possess a greater moral compass, too.

  • Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here we have another voice that expresses real concerns and is supposed to be Obama’s Allie but Obama knows best.
    Obama Take your family for a few month to live in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Syria so you can better understand the daily challenges faced in the region!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David

    If the Saudis and its friends had any sachel, they would join with Israel and bomb Iran and Hezbollah back into the stone age. However, it would take a shift in their mindset, which is virtually impossible, e.g. waking up to Armaggedon.

  • The Iran Nuclear Treaty is a hudna. This is a treaty to cease hostilities so that one side or both can recoup previous losses in order to fight again. The sanctions were hurting Iran and restricting their ability to fund their terrorist proxies. Sixty pages of the treaty list the sanctions that will be stopped. Only 40 pages involve the actual treaty with provisions for inspection or non-inspection. No one, to my knowledge, talks about hudna. The Obama administration needs to be confronted with it.