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July 20, 2015 3:25 pm

Analyst Group Calls Out Kerry, Moniz for ‘False Claims’ on ‘Anywhere, Anytime’ Promise

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Secretary of State John Kerry (R) and Secretary of Energy Ernest Mofiz defend the nuclear deal with Iran on CBS Face the Nation. Photo: Screenshot.

Secretary of State John Kerry (R) and Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz defended the nuclear deal with Iran on CBS’s Face the Nation. Photo: Screenshot.

The issue of so-called “anytime, anywhere” inspections of Iran’s nuclear program came into focus this weekend as U.S. secretaries of state and energy John Kerry and Ernest Moniz, respectively, pitched the recent deal with Iran on major U.S. broadcasters on Sunday.

In response to the appearances, media analyst group The Israel Project was quick to point out on Monday that a claim by Kerry that the idea of “anytime, anywhere” inspections was never under consideration, was explicitly “false.”

According to The Israel Project,  the idea of snap inspections, now herded underneath the “anytime, anywhere” label, goes back to a May 2014 New York Times article by former CIA intelligence analyst and Brookings Institution fellow Kenneth Pollack, which included the line: “[inspectors] need to be able to go anywhere and see anything – immediately.”

The idea addresses concerns that unless around-the-clock access to any of Iran’s potentially suspicious sites is granted to nuclear inspectors, the country is liable to hide its nuclear work or subvert the international agreement.

Kerry said that in his four years negotiating with Iran, he had never heard of “anytime, anywhere” inspections.

“It was not on the table,” he said, although Moniz had told Bloomberg in April that the U.S. would “expect” such inspections in the comprehensive deal.

“There’s no such thing in arms control as anytime, anywhere. There isn’t any nation in the world – none – that has an anytime, anywhere,” Kerry told CBS’s Face the Nation.

Rather than “anywhere, anytime” inspections, as critics of the deal had hoped for, Iran will apparently be able to delay access to suspicious sites for up to 24 days before sanctions could be re-initiated.

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  • MAS

    The entire Iran nuclear deal provides the United States with nothing and gives Iran everything they could have hoped for. They get to keep their nuclear facilities; they get well over $100 billion in frozen funds; they get to avoid any real inspections, since they can delay actual inspections by at least 24 days, giving them the ability to make meaningful inspections impossible; they get a lifting of sanctions; and there is no guarantee that they will not continue with their nuclear bomb development. Obama and Kerry have delivered to Iran great benefits. Instead, they should have prepared to destroy the nuclear facilities so that they could not be utilized. With “leaders” as these two, we all are in big trouble. Now, the only response we can make is to vote out any senators or congressmen who vote in favor of the deal at the soonest opportunity.

  • estie ash

    Obama seems to be in a very great hurry to destroy the USA and strengthen islam worldwide. this seems to have been the plan all along.He has 15 months left to finish the job. HOW SACRY IS THAT!!!!

  • Ita

    From the first. He was born in Hawaii. AND he is not Muslem. It has been lies, smoke and mirrors. He added 1 trillion dollars of debt each year in office (which is more than all other presidents combined) He allowed 100 thousand muslem into the country each and every month since in office. The muslem population in the US has doubbled. This was planned from the beginning. Nothing but a BIG scam. Insurance and employment fgures cooked. Intimidation of the press. Venezula and other countries already have misssels pointed at US cities. AND you alL fell for it hook, line and sinker.

  • ted weiss

    Kerry is under pressure from Obama to do this deal no matter what
    If Iran would of Given Obama a blank piece of paper ,Obama would of asked Kerry to sign it .
    Obama wanted this so called betrayl of a deal in order to mark his legacy , while he trew israel an the west and us under a bus

  • Michel Olivier

    If only Iran didn’t threaten Israel , the deal would have been much stronger!

  • Kerry has no understanding whatsoever of Middle East politics. He is, however,very full of himself. The world is a far more dangerous place with him in the U.S. government.

  • Richard Dixon

    These guys are not to be trusted. Their areas of expertise centre on terminal inexactitude (to borrow a phrase from Winston Churchill).

  • Richard Dixon

    Are we surprised? These guys are just not to be trusted. Their areas of expertise centre on terminological inexactitude (to borrow a phrase from Winston Churchill).

  • Lia

    Lies upon lies upon lies: Iranian lies upon American lies upon Iranian lies upon American lies … & Haman khamenei laughs in his beard & his faithful followers chant ‘Death to America’& ‘Death to Israel’. Nothing gained & much lost.

  • art

    A total, intentional betrayal of Israel. As bad as the lack of inspections Obama?kerry have assumed the protection of irans computers against a new stuxnet virus attack. In short the US will use the info it gained working with Israel to protect Israels enemy. Perfidy is a term that applies to Obama/kerry policy

  • Howard Kahan

    Double talk and Lies is all you can expect from this regime in washington. Its all you ever got.

  • dante

    the idea of “anytime/anyplace” inspections was deployed by those supporting an agreement. if, as I suspect, members of the administration used the phrase or something equivalent, The Israel Project should provide the evidence.

    at the very least, the administration allowed “anytime/anyplace” to be used in public discourse. the media, typically weak and ineffective, never clarified the issue. if the admin. did not believe such inspections could be implemented, it should have said so. IT SHOULD HAVE SAID THAT IT ADVOCATED AN AGREEMENT EVEN WITHOUT AN ADEQUATE INSPECTIONS REGIME. that would have been the honest thing to do.

    the admin. was not, however, interested in an honest debate. it was, for reasons that are incomprehensible, assiduously committed to capitulation. and, capitulation is what it has achieved. (it really wasn’t that hard.)

  • Jonah

    Any time, any where Kerry opens his mouth he spews a river of false promises. If you hang your hat on anything he says, your dead. What is it the dragon does? Revelation 13… He persecuted the woman (Israel) who gave birth to the male child. Danial and Revelation refer to the dragon being the first beast…that would be a political and world military leader. The second beast being a false religious leader. They are both snakes on planet earth at this time, both have stepped into their roles and they fully intend to filet Israel…John Kerry is their false spokesman…his objective is to deceive and deceive and deceive until the beasts objectives have reached fruition.