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July 21, 2015 12:00 pm

Amnesty Outdoes Hamas in Calling Gazans ‘Civilians’

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Amnesty International’s Gaza Platform allows one to see, quite easily, that its database is worthless.

Here is the sum total of the number of people Amnesty says it has documented as being killed in their “research” and how many of them are civilian.

Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Amnesty is claiming that they have documentation from PCHR and Al Mezan of 1,991 deaths, of whom 1,667 are civilian – and only 324 militants.

Yet Amnesty knows this is a lie. They themselves tweet the (still wrong) UN figures as authoritative:

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Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

Photo: Elder of Ziyon.

That’s 205 people that this “research tool” claims as civilian who are actually militants, even according to the UN! 

That is one large discrepancy, made even larger by the fact that Amnesty was only able to document 1991 deaths (although some of them are duplicates). In the end, the UN says that 65 percent of the casualties were civilian (out of 2251 total) while Amnesty’s tool bizarrely claims 84 percent!

Even more incredible is that Hamas has admitted that 400 of their members were killed. Islamic Jihad admitted 135 more.  That’s 200 more militants admitted killed than Amnesty’s application confidently reports. (Both those numbers are way too low.)  The Gaza Platform is more biased in its casualty figures than terror groups are.

The reality, as documented by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, is that (based on their latest figures)  about 51 percent of those killed were civilian, a spectacularly low number for urban fighting where the terrorists hide in  and fight from civilian houses and mosques and schools.

This is yet more proof, as if more were needed, that the Gaza Platform is based on flawed, biased data.

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