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July 22, 2015 5:22 pm

The Nuclear ‘Deal’ and Obama’s Post-POTUS Future

avatar by Edward Alexander

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President Barack Obama. Photo: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.

President Barack Obama. Photo: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza.

President Obama’s decision to send the potentially catastrophic “executive agreement” (formerly known to speakers of English as a “treaty”) with Iran for immediate unanimous approval by the UN Security Council before it could even be considered (much less voted on) by the legislature of his own country is only the latest (albeit the most brazen) of his relentless assaults on the American system of checks and balances. It is the culmination of an Iranian policy evident from June 2009 when Iranians who took to the streets en masse to protest the results of a fraudulent election were savagely beaten,by government order. On June 15 Obama said he was watching the news from Iran. But, he quickly added,  it is “up to Iranians to make decisions about who Iran’s leaders will be,” not Americans,  adding that “we respect Iranian sovereignty and want to avoid the United States being the issue inside of Iran.” He would not be swerved from his policy of “engagement” and “outreach” to the Islamist regime of technically competent barbarians, a regime to which he has now assigned the role of dominant power in the Middle East.

Obama’s resort to the UN before the legislative bodies of his own country could consider the treaty is also the existential realization or culmination of a worldview hitherto alien to America. In the Wall Street Journal  of 20-21 July 2013 Sohrab Ahmari published a shrewd and unsettling interview with ex-senator Jon Kyl about the potential threat to American sovereignty posed by the transnational legal movement modeled on the European Union and its  “progressive” and humanitarian values. These are articulated in Brussels without regard to representative national legislatures–in Ireland or Italy or France. We learned from the Kyl interview that the greatest success of “transnational legal thinking” has come via the Obama administration. It was President Obama who appointed the most zealous devotees of this “thinking” — Anne-Marie Slaughter of Princeton and Howard Koh of Yale — to high positions in the State Department. What Mr. Ahmari neglected to mention was that Obama was the first American candidate for president to  campaign “transnationally” for the White House — in Europe (also Egypt)  as well as America, as if his popularity there would redound to his credit here. What was one to make of the acclaim he won on a continent where, unless we made an exception for one undersecretary in France at the time (2008), not a single high government position was held by a black person?

Was it that he kept offering “apologies” for many instances of American misbehavior? Or that he promised, for example at the G-20 summit (March 30, 2009), that he would be more respectful of Europe than George W. Bush had been, and that Americans would no longer be “dictating solutions” to other countries? Did it have something to do with the fact that, unlike President Bush speaking in London in November 2003, he did not express  unmannerly disapproval of Europe’s resurgent antisemitism to European political leaders? Or that he kept sneering at the notion of “American exceptionalism” (an idea about which he knows next to nothing)?

In July of 2008, before a crowd of 200,000 at Berlin’s “Victory Column,” Obama showed not the slightest discomfort about rousing the passions of a huge throng in the land whose mass frenzies had unleashed Hitler on the world. More importantly, he endorsed the idea of “global citizenship” and described himself as “a citizen of the world.” Was he already thinking eight years ahead to 2016, when the 22nd amendment to the U. S. constitution (unless it should be repealed by Democrats) might require a career move from President of the United States to another, perhaps less exalted position?

The Kerry-Obama nuclear treaty  displays an utter indifference not only to the repeatedly declared genocidal intentions of Iran towards Israel, not only to its daily dithyrambs of “Death to America,” not only to the Iranians’ boastful announcement, just after signing, that they will now make use of the 150 billion dollar “signing bonus” (to borrow baseball lingo) to support their terrorist proxies all over the Middle East. It also pledges the American and European signatories (Annex III.D.10)  to protect Iran’s nuclear projects from attacks that might slow them down. (One is reminded of Alec Guinness finding himself working for the Japanese enemy in “The Bridge over the River Kwai.”) Did it ever occur to Obama and Kerry that the attacker might be not Israel—both men have displayed icy disregard of attacks on Jewish persons, whether in Israel or France)—but the country that they now (still) call their own?

Two Republican candidates for their party’s presidential nomination have recently declared their intention to oppose or undo the U.S.-Iran treaty. Scott Walker says he will act on day one of his presidency, Jeb Bush after a slight delay because of expected opposition from the Europeans. Neither of them seems to take into account the opposition from Obama himself. Will this president, a man of formidable ego, be content to return to the life of a private citizen? Or will he hold forth as not only “a citizen of the world” but a citizen in the employ of the United Nations, the organization that has just given its approval of the Iran “deal”? The Secretary General of that august institution serves a five-year term, which may be renewed indefinitely. Until now UN conventions have made citizens of the five members of the Security Council ineligible for the position; and Obama is not yet a man without a country. But flouting custom and precedent (to say nothing of constitutional law) is one of the president’s highly developed skills.

Edward Alexander’s most recent book is Jews Against Themselves (Transaction Publishers, 2015).

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  • David Camp

    Whatever Mr. Obama will be he surely will be the continued promoter of Bill Clinton in a global initiative.

  • Dan Sonnenschein

    Thanks to the author for an outstanding takedown of America’s
    preening president and his fellow pompous blowhard, Kerry.
    The United Nations deserves a Secretary General like Obama
    to reflect its moral decrepitude and enmity towards Israel.
    It would be great if on his watch, the U.S. chose to stop
    funding that organization and we could see it wither away.

  • I might be wrong about this, but I suspect that G*D is deliberately placing the Jewish People in an impossible situation [with President Obama’s Iran deal], for the purpose of forcing us Jews to repent.

    Since I am not a prophet, so I cannot know with certainty what G*D wants Jews to repent for.

    But I do know this:

    The Jewish Bible [Tanach in Hebrew, or OT = Only Testament in English] mentions the importance of observing SHABBAT 18 times, and condemns intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews 12 times.

    Last but not least, the Jewish Bible teaches that homosexuality is a DEATH PENALTY offense.


    • Tabitha Korol

      Can you please provide me with one thing that the Jews have done that is worse than what Christians and Muslims have done that requires Jews to repent? Awake, Mr. Cohen. Have the Jews done anything to any group of people that even comes close to what Obama has caused to befall other people in a mere 6-1/2 years?

  • Fred

    Obama / Kerry, how to emulate and the Hitler’s Munich agreement. Did Chehoslovakia participate ? No Did Israel participate ? No Obama decided that Israel is as good a sacrificial lamb as he could find.
    His last infamous act of his Presidency : After me the floods. – Louis IV . After me the Nukes. – Obama

  • Ivan

    You’re all assuming that Obama will leave the White House on Jan 20, 2017. What if he has a secret side agreement with Iran that they will use their nuclear weapons to ensure that election 2016 doesn’t happen, so Obama can remain president, like his buddy Abu Mazen has in the PA?

  • Winston Churchill said:
    “You were given the choice between war and dishonor.
    You chose dishonor, and you will have war”…

  • Hershel Barg

    Impeach Obama!

    • kris Kristian

      why has the US not arrested this imposter? He and kerrys should both be behind bars for what they have convinced other nations to do re Iran
      If Obama gets to high office at the UN, it will be the end of the UN, that is, if the Republicans take the White House again.
      They will stop any more money being sent to the UN> After that, the UN could fould. But Obama gave Iran billions which Iran will then give to the UN
      If that happens, then the US must arrange an arrest warrent for Obma and Kerry.
      They have put, not only Israel in danger, but the whole world.

  • Larry Andrews

    The reason this deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran is an “executive agreement” and NOT a “treaty” is because a “treaty” requires Senate approval by a two-thirds majority vote. That would not happen which is why President Obama unfortunately (and that is a gross understatement)did what he did.

  • OBAMA, it is not too late for you to do the right thing, especially since you know it is a very bad deal and that you sent the wrong people to do the negotiations as they were all fooled by the superior Iranian negotiator. Don’t believe Netanyahu’s analyses but you cannot ignore the warnings and serious concerns of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the rest of the Gulf Nations. Especially since they are all Muslim Arabs who know the underhanded negotiation tactics Iran used and they know that Iran will never comply. SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE BY DOING THE RIGHT THING AND THAT THEN WILL BECOME YOUR REAL LEGACY.

  • Theodore Crawford

    “But flouting custom and precedent (to say nothing of constitutional law) is one of the president’s highly developed skills.”

    – and who has allowed him to develop this skill? It seems to be the red carpet treatment for everything he wants, from same-sex marriage to continued government funding of Planned Parenthood butchery to making Iran Israel’s replacement as the primary US ally in the Middle East! It seems that all we can do is rage and stomp… and watch him totally screw everything up. The US Congress absolutely refuses to lift a finger. Could he have a special pact with the devil? If so, no human effort can stop him!

    But there is One Who can.

  • Well, post-POTUS Mr Obama will not be able to move to Iran, for they’ve threatened to kill him. Nobody else in the ME will offer him accommodation. On the other hand, he may not have a post-POTUS period.

  • Raymond Rakower

    Could President Obama be impeached by the US Congress before the Security Council of the United Nations Organization approves this initiative to trigger World War III?

  • Obama will retire to Iran to live out his life studying Koran and sitting at the feet of the Ayatollahs.

  • Geoff

    Can a case be made that Mr. Obama is not really a citizen of the United States but, rather, he is at heart and in his soul a globalist where the world is his country. Over and over again Mr. Obama shows no respect for the traditions of the USA, has trashed the U.S. Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land and honors his pen, phone and Executive Orders more than than Article II?

    Mr. Obama daily demonstrates his dislike for who and what America is. He sees America as no more exceptional than any other country like Iran. He believes that through its arrogance, greed and overall distain for all other countries that America is to blame for anti-Americanism that is so prevelant in so many countries. Mr. Obama believes that to right the wrongs of America, it must shed its current role as the leader and protector. America must take a secondary’s role by no longer interfering in other countries business, by curtailing its military role throughout the world and in general to withdraw.

    One need look no farther than his delusional agreement with the Iranians regarding their capacity to develope and use nuclear weapons. As details emerge daily about the endless concessions his Secretary of State John Kerry gave away to Iran for zero concessions from Iran in return. Four Americans being held hostage by the Iranians are still hostages. Iran will continue to develope ICBMs. Why does Iran need ICMMs if not to use against other countries continents away. The Supreme Leader gives speeches where the Chanting of “Desth to America” and “Death to Israel” provide a background for him telling the crowds that the United States relationship with Iran will NOT change.

    Mr. Obama is a habitual liar who is incapable of speaking the truth when it is in opposition to his naraccistic delusional belief that he and he alone can create a Utopian Paradise where Social Justice reigns supreme.

    The one area that Mr. Obama spoke the truth was when he said “We are a few days away from fundamentally transforming America”. Barak Obama is just a community organizer who will attempt upon the completion of his second term to fundamentally transform the world for his benefit and his benefit only.

  • The Iranian “nuclear genie is out of the bottle.” And only a credible use of force will stop a nuclear-armed Iran. A Post-President Obama will probably play lots of golf, collect hefty speaking fees, and take painting lessons, until something better comes along.

  • Martin Bookspan

    Post-term for current POTUS? If our Constitution is to continue to be the root of our democracy, he will be tried for treason, convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no chance for parole.