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July 24, 2015 3:40 pm

Watchdog Rips Toronto Star for Posting Video Portraying Israel as ‘Bloodthirsty Warmongering Nation’

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Toronto Star published a video by comedian Scott Vrooman entitled When it comes to Israel, Canada’s love is blind.” Photo: Screenshot.

The Toronto Star published a video by comedian Scott Vrooman entitled “When it comes to Israel, Canada’s love is blind.” Photo: Screenshot.

Media watchdog Honest Reporting on Friday railed against the Toronto Star after it posted a video on its website in which comedian Scott Vrooman depicts Israel as a “bloodthirsty warmongering nation that wantonly kills Palestinian children and innocents.”

“Mr. Vrooman is entitled to his own opinions, irrespective of how warped and disturbing that they are. And there is room for a healthy marketplace of ideas,” the group said. “But the Star exercised poor judgement in providing a platform to a video which under the pretense of good humor, presents the Jewish state as murderers of Palestinian children and innocents, and [Canadian] Prime Minister Harper as Israel’s willing accomplice.”

The organization called for supporters of Israel to file complaints with the Star’s Editor-in-Chief Michael Cooke over the “odious anti-Israel video,” which was posted on June 4.

In the clip, entitled When it Comes to Israel, Canada’s Love is BlindVrooman accuses Israeli soldiers of displaying “savagery” during last summer’s war in Gaza, and implies Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper should be held accountable because of his support for Israel.

While suggesting that the 2014 Israel-Hamas conflict should not be considered a “war,” Vrooman also accuses the Jewish state of “effectively” occupying the Gaza Strip.

“I’m not sure it’s a war when one side has a well-trained army of hundreds of thousands, an air force, tanks, nuclear weapons and effectively occupies the land it’s at war with — and the other side has none of those things,” he says in the 2 minute video.

Honest Reporting pointed out that Vrooman fails to acknowledge that Hamas instigated the war by firing thousands of rockets at Israeli cities, and building terror tunnels into populated Israeli areas, with the intent of murdering civilians.

“Vrooman portrays Israel’s armed forces as savages, but ignores the fact that Israel did everything in its power to avoid harming civilians, while Hamas did everything in its power to put Palestinian civilians in harm’s way by embedding themselves and their weapons in civilian installations and by targeting Israeli innocents when seeking maximum carnage,” Honest Reporting said.

The Toronto Star did not immediately respond to The Algemeiner‘s request for a comment on the matter.

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  • Zeke

    Scott needs an ACID ENEMA to try and clear his muddied brain
    from all of its collected Crap.

  • Marla Unger

    Scott Vrooman is either an ill informed anti semite or he is just ignorant. Worse than his feeble attempt at humour, is his insensitivity to the many who have suffered in this seemingly never ending conflict. Paramount however, to his inhumanity, is the Toronto Star’s bias towards Israel, Stephen Harper and anything that is not left of center. By giving Scott Vrooman a vehicle to spew his venom, The Toronto Star has shown their true colors and discredible journalistic principles.

  • john barrons

    can you take anything written in the rag Toronto stuned worth more than a passing glance. This rag is only good for the bottom of bird cages or rolled up for the camp fire.

  • miguel salama

    ignorent ,stuped and failed people are always full of hate for people who succeed ,this is why they hate jew .they represent education, success achievement and financial security.

  • sylvia dinkin

    Why do Jewish people still subscribe to this horrible rag?

  • Aron pinto

    Here’s a thought to our wealthy brothers ….
    Why can’t we just buy this anti-sematic piece of garbage,
    Rename it the Star of David times and sell the real estate to open up
    condos on Yonge Street..
    With either a penthouse synagogue or a main floor urban synagouge.

  • savana

    Worst news paper ever. Publish something of value. Typical garbage from the Toronto Star. You should be fired. Go get educated and know the facts idiot.

  • Galina

    To file a complaint use

  • Elaine

    Herein lies the reason that we no longer support The Star. It is, and always has been an outrageous, racist and anti-Semitic piece of garbage. For those who are knowledgeable enough to be able to decipher the hatred, it may be fine. For others who depend on what they read or listen to in the media, it is a disgrace and a brainwash method. The Star Editors seem to have no sense of what is right or wrong, nor research in order to report accurately.

  • mika

    When will you learn to stop falling victim to these disgusting jew-baiters? Stop with idiotic letter writing nonsense, and start a boycott campaign of these blood vultures. Instead of encouraging people to give them attention, credibility and money, you should be encouraging people to de-legitimize and bankrupt these nazi ghouls and their organizations.

  • Carolyn

    Does the “Toronto Star” no longer know what comedy, or whatever Vrooman
    wants to define his exposition, is, or satire, or parody? How is this called humor? I fail to see it.
    It is, in fact, pure hate mongering. It’s distortions are cruel and propagandistic, and frankly, possibly dangerous. To extend this vicious lie to the Canadian PM is, also, unconscionable. Vrooman should be made accountable, himself, as well as the paper.

  • Mickey Oberman

    One may expect nothing better from the Toronto Star, an anti Semitic rag of long standing.

    • goldman

      It’s been a while since I gave up on the Toronto Star.
      They are entirely bias against the state of Israel and quite often publish articles offensive to Israel and the Jewish people. Satire, parody, jokes, etc, are ways for Mr. Vrooman to mask his anti-Jewish and anti-Israel hate. He found the right newspaper to publish his hate article.

  • Jack

    While the truth of history is often warped or distorted by those who are revisionist, reality often prevails in a healthy mind.
    The world should look at the illness pervading the radicalized Palestinian factions and try to heal it, not cater to it, BECAUSE IT IS AN ILLNESS.
    Vrooman portrays things in half lights and half truths to support his view of the world.
    Sure, some people listen and fail to understand, but the majority understand that perpetuation of violence is wrong.
    Even in Palestine.
    It may well take another generation or two to allow old wounds to heal.