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July 29, 2015 7:25 pm

New Report Finds 53% Rise in Recorded UK Antisemitic Incidents in First Half of 2015

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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File photo of swastika graffiti. Photo: WikiCommons.

File photo of swastika graffiti. Photo: WikiCommons.

Reported antisemitic incidents in the U.K. were up 53 percent in the first half of 2015 as compared to the corresponding period the year before, the British Community Security Trust (CST) revealed in a new study.

The upward trend of recorded antisemitic incidents in 2015 was consistent with the past three years, with 473 events reported between January and June 2015, compared to 309 in 2014 and 223 incidents in 2013.

CST, a charity that oversees security efforts in Britain’s Jewish communities, said 44 of this year’s attacks were considered violent, with two of them constituting “extreme violence” or threat to life. But the overwhelming majority of incidents were the 353 cases of what the CST called “abusive behavior,” including hateful graffiti, antisemitic vituperation and abuse through social media or hate-mail. Thirty-five incidents included damage and desecration to Jewish property and 36 included direct antisemitic threats.

Notably, CST backed down however from expressing explicit concern at an actual rise in antisemitism, indicating that the uptick in recorded incidents seems to reflect more consternation among the Jewish community following deadly terrorist attacks in Paris at a kosher supermarket and Copenhagen at a synagogue in January.

“The 53 percent rise … is most likely to reflect more reporting of incidents, rather than a significant increase in the number of antisemitic incidents taking place … January [when the attacks took place] saw 106 antisemitic incidents reported to CST, the sixth-highest monthly total since CST began recording antisemitic incidents,” said the report.

Indeed, most polls show that antisemitic attitudes are much lower in the U.K. than other European countries such as France, Belgium or Germany.

British Home Secretary Theresa May welcomed CST’s efforts, saying the group “is encouraging that more people are coming forward as the under-reporting of hate crime is a real issue.”

Recently, the World Jewish Congress praised Prime Minister David Cameron for his pledged fight against Islamic extremism and antisemitism.

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  • its the muslims and they are spreading there money around to make friends.we also should do some work to prove we are good people,whitch we are.we also should stop bringing more muslims into america.they also are spreading anti semtic false storys and helping politicans in this country with money.

  • MartyNYC

    The BBC has run a documentary showing the effect on
    some children in Gaza and some children in Israel during
    the “Protective Edge” incursion.
    Since Netanyahu is incorrectly considered the representative
    of all Jews, the reaction of many UK viewers of the oft repeated
    broadcast, it should be understandable that UK Jews are
    incorrectly suffering for the actions of Netanyahu’s IDF.

  • Britain has allowed the influx of “camel jockeys” into its realm, who are the main antagonist of antisemitism in England as well as all of Europe.
    Many people cannot understand this hatred toward the jewish people and the nation of Israel. I can only conclude that “envy” is the root of it all.

  • The Watchman

    As usual the CST has its head up its collective arse.

    This is like saying that “there has been no increase in deportations to the Death Camps, it is merely that more reports are leaking out”.

    Not only has there been an increase in antisemitic incidents, the culture of Jew hatred is now becoming embedded in Muslim narrative, it is now endemic amongst the white leftist, kheffiyah sporting students and increasingly fashionable in the white middle class genteel Islngtonistas that pack every Islamic hate fest and who while denouncing the ” right wing” as Nazis, are quite happy themselves to stand “protesting” and “boycotting” outside Jewish stores or those stocking Israeli goods, the New Brownshirts.

    What of the neoNazis such as Galloway and lackeys such as the truly odious Gerald, Kaufman inflaming it all?

    And let’s not forget the new Foreign secretary Philip Hammond who has fitted in perfectly in the Arabist packed, Israel bashing Foreign Orifice.

    Last but by no means least, we have David Cameron “friend of Israel” instructing and augmenting the Foreign Orifice’s diktat to the UK’s UN ambassador to back every anti-Israel motion and to back the formation of a terrorist so-called “Palestinian” landgrab state.

    Surely too show “solidarity” with Israel, we should now be looking to to hand back the Occupied Falklands and remove all of the British Imperialist settlers, likewise the Illegal settlements and military provocation that is the Gibraltar colony. Land for Peace if you like, a Two State solution. We hand over the Falklands and Gibraltar to the Hispanic States while we withdraw onto our Island, the one currently subject to the stealth invasion.