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August 4, 2015 2:21 pm

Netanyahu to US Jewish Audience: Iran Deal Supporters Are Squashing Debate

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: GPO.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Photo: GPO.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused the Obama administration and other supporters of the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday of squashing debate, especially as the public’s knowledge of the agreement has expanded.

Saying the Jewish people were in a historic position to loudly oppose an existential threat such as the one posed by Iran, whose military and proxies “on three borders” target every major Israeli city, Netanyahu called on the U.S. Jewish community in a conference call to oppose the current deal with Iran, which Congress must vote on by September.

Netanyahu struck back at U.S. officials who said opponents of the deal had provided no alternatives to the current plan and simply wanted war.

The Israeli prime minister said he offered dismantling Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for dismantling the sanctions regime, and then he had suggested during his controversial speech to Congress earlier this year significantly rolling back Iran’s program and conditioning the lifting of sanctions on Iran’s reversing its expansionist policy in the Middle East, after the U.S. “backed off” the first option.

He said “Israel wants peace,” questioning why many U.S. officials believed that Israel and others opposed to the deal thought war was the only other option. He said the nuclear deal with Iran paved the way for Iran to obtain a nuclear weapon, either by following its provisions or violating them, and he warned that the deal would likely set off an arms race in the world’s “most volatile” region.

Netanyahu’s message to U.S. Jews was ultimately the same as it has been since the deal was announced: help kill the deal in Congress. Others in Israel — such as some former top security officials in an full-page ad in Haaretz on Tuesday — have called on the prime minister to accept the fate of the Iran deal (namely that it is destined to go through) and work toward mending fences with the U.S. administration.

Recent polls have indicated that the more people feel they know about the Iran deal, the higher the rate of disapproval. Senior Obama administration officials have testified twice before Congress and headed a significant media campaign to garner public support.

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  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    The sad fact is that a large percentage of America’s Jews have been taken in by Obama’s smooth talk and stupidly support the Iran deal.The other (slightly larger)percentage against the deal must now muster all their energy to persuade their representatives in Congress to kill the deal.Obama may use his presidential veto but he will then be shown up for what he really is – a traitor to America and an enemy of Israel and the Jewish people.

    • S.D.

      With all due respect, how can you say that our President is a traitor to America and of Israel? Since WW2, America has provided Israel with almost $125 BILLION dollars worth of aid, most of which went to assisting Israel’s military and your economy. Israel is the largest recipient of US aid. Who do you think pays that bill? American taxpayers like me do- not politicians! Do we complain? NO! We gladly do it because it’s the right thing to do! Understand that there are millions of young Americans living here in poverty – millions homeless in the streets! We have MANY problems to deal with HERE AT HOME. With a mounting national debt THAT TAXPAYERS MUST PAY FOR, we also fear for our future and how we will sustain an economy depressed by war and fear. If our economy fails, Americans don’t have jobs. If Americans don’t have jobs, there’s no money and no way to support any other country let alone our own. That $125 billion dollars of TAXPAYER money is greatly needed in OUR communities, but instead it has been our honor, privilege and sacrifice to have ALWAYS supported Israel. Money sent to Israel is food taken directly out of the mouths of many Americans, so it is unnerving how you can so quickly betray us just because we disagree. Before you question our allegiance to your country, check our track record. Think about all of the sacrifices we have made to insure your security knowing that we cannot afford it. So please, spare me with the insults how we are traitors because our actions prove to be quite the opposite. Now, the real issue here is fear of the unknown and centuries of cultural divides – and we deeply understand your disposition and I agree with you that this is a serious issue – our lives are at stake too. This is not only about Israel. IS IT ABOUT ALL NATIONS AROUND THE WORLD. America is in a position where we can be objective. America have made many bad choices in our history. This is our chance to get it right. Your history and fear of extremists, understandably, runs deep. But I believe that it also clouds you of having an objective judgment in this regard. If we keep fueling hate by instilling fear, we will never find common ground. It will only divide us even more. My hope is that future generations all around the world can grow up and get to know one another, and thereby understand each other instead of fearing each other like we do today. Too many centuries have past of hate and war fought between “opposing” cultures, religious beliefs and views. HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING! Enough! WE WANT PEACE! And so does the international community, which you are forgetting ALSO supports diplomatic solutions. It’s not just America; it’s the U.N. and G5+1 THAT also supports this deal. Or is it that Israel is against Iran AND the entire international community?! Young Americans literally cannot afford any longer to live out of fear, and diplomacy is an essence an extension of our hand to say, yes, we may have our differences and a troubled past, yes we have made mistakes, but war MUST be the very last resort. Bombing a sovereign nation is an act of war and we must avoid it at all costs. So I applaud our President for making a tough choice as Reagan and Kennedy both did during the Cold War. All things aside, this choice provides the most hope for peaceful future. Let it be known that this deal is not an easy choice and we Americans are scrutinizing it and weighing it heavily because ALL of our lives literally depend on it. But I pray that PEACE leads the way to a more friendly and prosperous future for us ALL.

      • john smith

        as far as the money that is given to israel in grants mostly for military, which is much appreciated, most of that money, indeed the vast majority of it is earmarked by law to only be spent in the usa to buy american weapons systems, such as boeing, general dynamics, etc etc thus it supports american workers, for example israel’s air force is made up of american made and designed air craft with israeli imput into specific design items they request, and some of the avionics is israeli designed but these are planes coming out of usa factories by the hundreds over the years, a4 skyhawks, f4 phantoms, e2c hawkeyes, f15 eagles, f16 falcons, both f15’s and f16’s in all their versions and now the new f35’s, all from american factories and construcyed by american workers including much of the internal items, engines radars electronics, metalurgy etc etc, and israeli performance of these warplanes is legendary thus many other countries wanting to buy american planes, both the american and israeli air forces have built up very impressive stats with these machines, the american worker can be very proud of the products that they make, all of israel thanks them and their representatives in gov’t for their generosity

      • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

        Please spare me your preaching!By the way I am not an Israeli or an American,so I can perhaps see this life-and-death situation clearer.As has been stated umpteen times,the alternative to this rotten deal is not war but a better deal:far more stringent sanctions,a far stricter inspection regimen by the IAEA and curtailment of Iran’s open defiance of the free world community by it’s support of terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas,amongst others.Obama claims that his deal ONLY concerns Iran’s attempt to create nuclear weapons – but Iran,even without nuclear weapons,can and will be the great destabilising instrument in the Middle East – it will continue to do battle in the Sunni-Shia war and will not stop in it’s dream to destroy the “Zionist Entity”(viz.Israel).The destruction of Israel can also be achieved by non-nuclear conventional means.Russia and China,both of whom never agree with American foreign policy philosophy,eagerly signed onto this deal.Why?Because it’s a good deal for their ally Iran.They are now no doubt licking their lips in expectation of the fantastic arms deals they will be executing with their bosom buddy Iran.I will reiterate : this is a great deal for Iran and, to add insult to injury, the very next day after the deal was signed the Supreme Leader led a Chorus of fanatics screaming “Death to America!” and “Death to Israel!” And what did Obama do?Nothing,he didn’t bat an eyelid!Is that the behaviour of a patriot?Or is patriotism no longer a factor in American politics.It seems clear that Obama considers this deal as his great legacy achievement which will define his presidency – and all his critics be damned.As for all the money the US gives Israel a lot goes back to America for the purchasing of arms,aircraft etc.(as has been pointed out elewhere).Also,Israel shares it’s top-class science and technology achievements with the US – so the money flow is by no means a one-way traffic.Many years ago,during the Suez Crisis of 1956,Eisenhower threatened Israel by withholding funds from American Jewry if it did not withdraw from the Sinai.Israel was a much weaker and smaller country then and it survived.And so,no doubt,it will also survive Obama.

  • Robert Davis

    To call bombing the iran nuclear central a…”war” in oppostion of what the iran nukes could do the world ie a ww3 CROWNS ALL! Only an arch/ultra LIAR, the king of LIARS such as obanana could dare say such a total INEPCY. Distroying the facility would “kill” mostly” concrete whereas the nuclear war iran IS preparing which even obanana admits, will kill several hundred millions prople directly and BILLIONS indirectly when all nations will endeavour to become nuclear!!!Either obanana is a complete fool and compares everyone to his apish brain or he considers himself a God and thinks no one can oppose him.

  • I 100% agree with Netanyahu that the Best “Deal” would be for Iran to completely and fully dismantle their Nuclear program in return of fully lifting all sanctions.

  • Ben Kramer

    US Jews by themselves cannot overturn this deal. Nice try.

    • Robert Davis

      US Jews are NOT alone. Every thinking person is with them. Only apes are for a nuclear iran. In fact even the iranians should be against it and in fact the iranian people are against it because the FIRST people to be VITRIFIED will be the iranian people.

  • Abacs

    The Jewish state pure existence is on stake. Full SUPPORT for Israel from Serbia.
    Obama and his Administration are really losing common sense and basic wisdom.
    America has the most disgraceful and unsuccessful President in it`s modern history.


    Iran Task Force Co-Chair Amb. Edelman Testifies Before the Senate Committee on Armed Services “:a careful examination of the JCPOA reveals that it is deeply flawed because “it concedes an enrichment capacity that is too large; sunset clauses that are too short; a verification regime that is too leaky; and enforcement mechanisms that are too suspect.”


  • Brian L.

    I stand with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Sadly the Obama administration is hell bent on getting this deal to go through. Between the lies and propaganda they and the liberal media spread and the weak state of todays overly partisan government I think the odds are against us. G-d bless Israel and the U.S.A.

    • Robert Davis

      True, the odds have always been against the intelligent homo sapiens sapiens! Apes got it twice on ww1 and ww2

  • Reform School

    “The Israeli prime minister said he offered dismantling Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for dismantling the sanctions regime, and then he had suggested during his CONTROVERSIAL SPEECH to Congress earlier this year significantly rolling back Iran’s program and conditioning the lifting of sanctions on Iran’s reversing its expansionist policy in the Middle East, after the U.S. “backed off” the first option.”

    “…controversial speech…”?

    Who decided it was controversial? ASSociated Press?

    This story reads like it was written by the White House!

    When did “reporter objectivity” cease being required?

    We should cancel our subscriptions! Please cancel mine!

  • This deal with Iran is insane. Obama knows this and he does not care. We have a very sick disturb man sutting in the WH that does not have are safety and security at heart. Other Countries need to stop Obama also. Bad and biggest mistake the World can make.

  • Iran and His leaders believe in the coming of the Mahdi ,The end time prophet , And in order for him to come according to their belief must have the world in catastrophic condition ,and it is their job to create destruction to speed his coming,and then Islam rule the world. Stop this deal, you will never understand the ideology of Islam and his leaders unless you lived among them ,Spoke their language or raised by one of them .

  • Michael Gewirtz

    We shouldn’t have trusted have trusted Kaiser Wilhelm
    We shouldn’t have trusted Hitler
    We shouldn’t have trusted Tojo
    We shouldn’t have trusted Stalin
    And we shouldn’t trust Iran
    Why won’t we ever learn

    • Michael Gewirtz

      We shouldn’t have trusted have trusted Kaiser Wilhelm
      We shouldn’t have trusted Hitler
      We shouldn’t have trusted Tojo
      We shouldn’t have trusted Stalin
      And we shouldn’t trust Iran
      Why won’t we ever learn

  • Mickey Oberman

    Did Netanyahu really say “squashing” or is that someone else’s mistranslation from Hebrew?

    It should be “Quashing”.