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August 5, 2015 5:14 pm

Washington Institute: Send Israel Massive Ordnance Penetrators to Deter Iran

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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A B-52 bomber releases a Massive Ordnance Penetrator, a 30,000-pound bunker buster bomb. Photo: Wikipedia

A B-52 bomber releases a Massive Ordnance Penetrator, a 30,000-pound bunker buster bomb. Photo: Wikipedia

Nothing short of providing Israel with the Massive Ordnance Penetrator — the world’s most powerful “bunker buster” bomb — and the aircraft to deliver it will guarantee effective deterrence to keep Iran from skirting the nuclear deal to produce weapons of mass destruction, a group of influential Middle East security experts and former officials wrote in a review of the nuclear accords released on Tuesday.

It is important, on top of a credible U.S. military threat against Iran should the country try to maneuver its way to possession of nuclear weapons, that Israel maintain its own effective deterrence capacity, said the authors, which included longtime White House Middle East adviser, Dennis Ross, the director of Military and Security Studies at The Washington Institute, Michael Eisenstadt and former ambassador to Iraq and security adviser to president George W. Bush, James Jeffrey.

The MOP has long been seen as the military Plan B to dealing with Iran and its troubling nuclear program. It can penetrate fortified bunkers deep underground, burrowing up to 200 feet before unleashing 30,000 pounds of explosives deep inside its target. It carries the world’s largest nonnuclear payload.

Israel lacks both the MOPs and the bombers capable of delivering them; those capabilities belong squarely to the U.S.

The idea to arm Israel with the MOPs is not new. Last year, Lt. Gen. David Deptula and Michael Makovsky of the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) made the recommendation in a Wall Street Journal article.

President Barack Obama spoke to an audience at American University on Wednesday saying he has been the best president for Israel’s security (no applause) and vowing to boost cooperation with Jerusalem over security and defense, particularly around destabilizing efforts in the region fueled by expansionist Iran. He also warned against another Middle East war, which to audience applause he explained were “anything but quick and simple.”

Israel has rejected all talks over a new military aid package until after Congress votes on the Iran deal.

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  • Don G. Dinsdale

    Good idea, I would vote yes if anyone asked me… I got a bad feeling about Iran, I did going back to Carter…

  • martin

    no one talks about the speech the ayatollah made some time ago about him willing to lose 40 million Iranians in a war he said he would have 40 million left wow that sounds just like the type of speech Hitler made
    how did the allies deal with Hitler same way we will have to deal with Iran some day.

    • Numerous Zionist Criminals ( Moshe Dayan, Begin and just recently Avgdor Lieberman ) have over the Years have talked about the Samson Option for Zionist Entity. It’s the Masada Mentality of Messianic Zionists who have disrupted Mideast Peace all these Years, there wasn’t one Anti-American Demonstration even in Arab or Muslin World until the European Colony was placed on Arab Lands.
      Five Star General George Marshall was right when he warned Truman about the Long term Consequences for the World about what zionist entity would destabilize the region.

      • Marilyn Kagan

        How could you say that Moshe Dayan was a criminal, unless you want Israel off the map? If he didn’t cleverly defend Israel. by reading about ancient battle sites in the Bible, there wouldn’t be an Israel today. Oh, I see – you don’t want an Israel today.

    • bjorn

      can you provide a source for that speech? i can’t seem to find the speech anywhere.

  • With a friend like Mr Obama ‘having one’s back’ no enemy is needed.

  • bernard teren

    If he looked in the mirror what would he see?
    “Mu” Barack Obamah ?

  • mike

    Arms for Israel is like giving crack to an addict.

    Benny’s record is clear, he get’s far more respect then he deserves. If I was Obama, I would be considering giving Iran patriot’s and sanctions on Israel to encourage peace and good government by Israel. This ridiculous arguments by Benny don’t pass the sanity test.

    I guess if I was indoctrinated in the military as nearly all Israel’s are my world view might be different. This is more efficient then the Hitler Youth scheme of turning out bigoted killers.

    There is a truth to Karma. The evil Benny does will call come back to him.

    Hold your nose and plug your ears if the truth is unacceptable to you.

    • Jonathan C Marchant

      Bigoted killers. Military indoctrination. You mean like suicide bombers and utilization of children to carry out the suicide missions. There is such a thing as Karma.

      I know an anti-Semite when I see one.

      Semper fi.

    • Paul

      And you would i’m sure, also vote for Abbas to be your president

  • Michael Mayben

    Obama is a liar when he says he’s been the best president for Israels security. What a laughable statement from this pathological liar.

    • I thought you where talking about Bibi Nitay, when you talk Pathological liars.

  • Rosewood11

    obama is the best president for Israel, huh? More like “DUH”!!! God help us!!! But I’ll promise you one thing: If barack obama continues to turn his back on Israel, he will find that God doesn’t need America to protect His people. Bunker Busters and the planes to carry them are good deterrents, but God doesn’t need them to protect Israel, either. But if America fails to stand with Israel and give her everything she needs, all the weapons and modes of defense America has will not be enough to protect this country from God’s wrath!!!

    • Speaking of GOD’S WRATH.
      America has Not even SEEN the Beginning. And for ALL of You Anti Semites; enjoy life Now… in time YOU will NOT !
      GOD’S JUDGEMENT’S have Not even Began yet !
      Just wait until they do ! Goes beyond Any Military Might !
      “Remember who the Apple of HIS Eye Is?”

  • Ephraim

    Obama will never allow Israel this deterrence. He wants Israel destroyed, not saved, and he wants his good friends in Iran to build nuclear weapons, not be prevented from doing so. His ‘deal’ certainly proves this.

    • Mike Vigilant Prophet

      Spot on Ephraim, Rosewood11, Don Dinsdale and Martin.

      It will take the sword to stop them, no talks, no deals just gear up for the war that we all know is coming.

      Evil sons of perdition in control. Many of the Iranian masses are kind, sincere, desire peace. Hope they can get out in time when the “poop hits the fan” so that it is nowhere near 40,000,000 that die.

      Jesus Christ will soon return and shorten those days so that not all mankind will perish from the face of the earth.