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August 27, 2015 6:19 am

Larry King Asks Saudi Arabian Fan If Taking Pictures With Jews Is Permitted

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Larry King. Photo: Wikimedia commons.

Larry King asked a fan if taking photos with Jews is allowed in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Jewish former CNN host Larry King asked a Saudi Arabian fan if taking pictures with Jews is allowed in his country, before agreeing to pose for a photo with the man, The New York Times reported on Wednesday.

The world-famous interviewer was leaving the Ritz Carlton hotel in Washington, D.C. with a New York Times reporter when a “dark-skinned man” approached and asked to take a picture with him, according to the publication. Whereupon, King asked the fan where he was from. When the man said Saudi Arabia, King replied, ‘‘I’m a Jew! You sure it’s O.K. to get your picture taken with a Jew back in Saudi Arabia?’’

After reassuring King that he actually has many fans in Saudi Arabia, the two smiled for the photo.

According to the report, after the fan thanked King and shook his hand, the TV star looked him in the eye and said, ‘‘Now, please, go fight ISIS!’’

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  • Noah T

    In saudi arabia they don’t even allow taking selfies with cats. They don’t like taking pictures at all.

  • Errol Daniels

    Larry king is at it again. Once, when Yassir Arafat was a guest on his show, Larry asked him..”What’s with the hat?”. YIKES! So, here, Larry apparently doesn’t know that Saudi Arabia is the biggest problem in the region. see Tom Friedman’s piece today:

  • Benjamin Abrahams

    Throughout all your reports I’m aware of a big misunder-standing about humanity, be they Israeli’s, Arabs or others, be they Jews,Muslims or others. It’s so easy to classify one as the good guy and the other as the bad one, but it’s maybe too difficult to realise that good/bad is being maintained by systems and not by people. When I, being a liberal/religious Jew, hiked through Turkey, Iran(under the Shah), Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Jordan and occupied(by Jordan) Palestine, I was given help, food and drink and places to sleep and a lot of hospitality by their citizens. (Actually my goal was to get to Israel in an affordable way, which, as a student for me meant to be dependent on the friendliness of others, why my trip wasn’t really the shortest, but thanks Gd made me contact many folks I hadn’t been aware of before.) After crossing the Mandelbaumgate in Jerusalem and entering Israel, by working in a kibbutz I found out that Israel wasn’t the paradise I had dreamt of, but that there where, together with beautiful and friendly people, also ugly and fat and selfish and arrogant Jews amongst them. So YOU people, start looking at the Middle-Eastern problems not in a vicious manner, but try to contact the humanity there and try to eradicate the misunderstanding inherent in the prevailing systems, that is often kept alive by dictatorial, selfish leaders, be the kings, pashas or priests.

  • Shahg

    people will try hard to find something negative here, shows the evil state of humanity

  • Md. Lutfar Rahman

    Both are from two Kings’ dynasty…
    Larry King is by name King and king of ‘Talk Show’ and the Saudiman is a man from Kingland or representing the King of Saudi Arabia… so they can pose for photograph…hahaha..!

  • art frank

    Fan will be subject to 100 lashes when he returns to barbarian land.

  • Fahad

    It was a mistake by Larry, those fans from Saudi Arabia (am one of them) aren’t fans because of he is Jew! but because he is Larry King, the former CNN interviewer! mixing the things out was a mistake.

  • I’m pleased that Larry King hasn’t forgotten he is Jewish. Now let King tell Obama that he is endangering his people by giving into Iran.

  • AZ

    The World is especially waiting for a new Social and Political agenda drawn not from bickering Partisan loyalties,balatant ideological bias,but rather from our deepest moral value.We are people through other people.If we are to survive as a society,we must turn toward one another and reach out every way we can,as the flow of a river toward the sea.Shaloom/Assalam.

    • Don’t know what you mean. But the Scriptures say that anyone/anybody perpetually at the root of Strife between Peoples–no details required surely–need be examined for a possible deleterious posture in life—— which if I were brought up to believe I was hod’s Chosen, I would and could do the other thing.

      • Benjamin Gruder

        Please cite the passage in Scripture you are talking about.

  • Larry King Bless his heart. That little Jewishness is still in him and it comes out so appropriately. I mean he mostly didn’t acknowledge anything Jewish – that I know of anyway. Larry I’m glad to see you are finally not embarrassed and are a PROUD JEW.

  • Michael Mayben

    Great question from Larry King to Saudi Arabian man who said he was a big fan of his and asked if he could have a picture of the of them together. King asked him if it was okay for him to have a photo made with a Jew? He assured King that it was and that King had many fans in Saudia Arabia. After the photo he told the man ” Now, please, go fight ISIS!”

    • SAL

      The Saudi should have replied, stop supporting ISIS vis Turkey. Thanks