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August 30, 2015 3:09 pm

Report: Gazans Fleeing to Israel, Risking Death to Escape Hamas Oppression

avatar by David Daoud

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Hamas terror in Gaza is causing residents to try to flee to Israel. Photo: Wikipedia.

Hamas oppression in Gaza is causing residents to try to flee to Israel. Photo: Wikipedia.

A growing number of Palestinians are fleeing the Gaza Strip for Israel, Israeli news site nrg reported on Sunday.

According to the report, the reason for the exodus is the oppressive rule of terror group Hamas, which has controlled the coastal enclave since 2007.

The number of Gazans attempting to make the move has steadily risen since Israel’s 50-day war against Hamas terrorists last summer, dubbed Operation Protective Edge, nrg said. When apprehended by Israeli authorities, the absconders told interrogators about their poor living conditions and the repressive Hamas regime.

The IDF interrogations revealed that the refugees are even willing to risk going to prison — or being killed by security forces mistaking them for terrorists —  due to widespread hunger and fear of Hamas.

The fugitives also said that Hamas was acting to prevent the exit of Palestinians from Gaza into Israel, for fear they will become Israeli collaborators. They explained that since the establishment by Hamas of an administrative route near the border fence with Israel, which is guarded by Hamas fighters, they are forced to crawl under the fence, to avoid being caught and executed.


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  • Yahul Wagoni

    Sadly, Israel will have to return such refugees to Gaza. Israel can not determine which of them are legitimate escapees from Hamas, or one of its agents. This is sad, but necessary.

  • Martin Sherman

    For what is the only non-coercive approach that can ensure the long-term survival of Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people – see:















    RETHINKING PALESTINE,7340,L-3863043,00.html

    • Samuel

      Thanks Martin Sherman. I copied all the links and will read your articles. I think I have already read about half of them.

  • Sheila Ginsberg

    Great accurate historical information.needs to be repeated in facebook, twitter and other sites so that the truth is diseminated.

    • Sandy Wasserman

      More and more Muslims, Palestinians, Arabs – courageous people – are coming forward and expressing the fact that they call themselves, “Muslim Zionists.’ They are writing on Facebook and expressing themselves, writing articles, and have many friends on FB. See the article by Noah Beck. And there are many more than are in this article…

  • Shimrit Manning

    Another way to infiltrate Israel!!!

    • Sandy Wasserman

      Possibly- but, on the other hand, since it’s time the Palestinian people realized their leadership has failed them, this seems to be the time, and they are acknowledging that Hamas is their enemy, not Israel. The are hearing how good it is for the Arabs in Israel and they want that life. The average Palestinian just wants the dignity to live and thrive. Sadly we hear too much about the negative stories.

  • Hannah

    It’s easy to believe it could be true, because Hamas sucks, but it could also be a ploy. The point is the Muslim countries must take them in, anyway, and I mean every single Arab making trouble in Israel as well as Aza, Judea and Samaria.

    • Hannah, I have to agree with you.
      I wonder if it’s a ploy to bring more Arabs into Israel, so eventually they will outnumber Israelis

  • Get A Life

    Until you learn how to spell, no will pay any attention to you. It shows a lack of intelligence.

    • Frans Groenendijk

      Get a life get-a-life
      No >> nobody

  • Palestine aka Greater Israel is Jewish territory according to International law and treaties, additionally incorporating the January 3, 1919 Faisal Weizmann agreement executed by both parties in London on January 3, 1919.
    The Law of Return is for The Jews and reciprocating equity by the Arabs
    The Law of Return is for The Jews, the option to return to Greater Israel and The Arab-Palestinians to leave Greater Israel and return to the Arab countries they originated from. The Arab-Palestinians should move to the Million plus Jewish homes and land confiscated by the Arab countries from the million persecuted and expelled Jewish families and the 120,440 sq. km. of Real estate property the Arabs confiscated from the million plus Jewish families and their children expelled from Arab countries. That is the only viable alternative. (why are we ignoring the Faisal Weizmann agreement of January 3, 1919 which is the only valid agreement executed by both the Arabs and the Jews). In reviewing various legal aspects of agreements and resolutions to be applied to third parties, all resolutions by the UN which are recommendation only, must be executed and agreed to by the parties otherwise they have no validity. Therefore, any and all resolutions issued by the UN which have not been executed and agreed to by the parties have no affect and are null and void. This applies to any of the League of Nation and the UN resolutions that affect the territories and boundaries of Israel and any other resolutions that affect Israel. That leaves us back to the territory allocated by the San Remo Conference of 1920 and its confirmation by the Treaty of Sevres and Lausanne, which is all of Palestine. (By the way I have the minutes of the 1918-19 Paris Conference, The 1920 San Remo Conference and The Treaty of Sevres which was executed by all the Supreme Allied Powers).

    Face it and stop hallucinating, once and for all. There will never be an Arab-Palestinian State in Greater Israel West of the Jordan River (Judea and Samaria). Jerusalem the United Eternal Capital of the Jewish people.
    Responding to arguments that million Jews expelled from Arab countries has no bearing on the Arabs who left Palestine or Arabs displaced from Jewish land and or formerly Ottoman government land has nothing to do with each other. The law of equity in not a one way street, it works both ways. The Arab nations that expelled the million Jewish families (who lived in the Arab countries for over 2500 years and owned 120,440 sq. km. of land, homes, businesses and personal assets valued in the trillions of dollars) they are the ones who asked the Arabs in Palestine to vacate their homes while they obliterate the Jews and they are the ones supporting the Arab-Palestinians in demanding law of return and compensation. Those Arab countries are financing the Arab-Palestinians in their quest to eject the Jews a second time from their own historical ancestral homeland. The best and only solution is a population transfer.
    YJ Draiman

    Over one million Jews and their families have been forced to flee from Arab countries and hundreds of Jewish communities have been ethnically cleansed throughout this century. Most of these refugees now live in Israel and their old homes are no more. The Arab countries confiscated the Jewish personal assets, businesses, homes and 120,400 sq. km. of Real estate property which is 6 times the size of Israel and valued in the trillions of dollars. In fact, Jews who immigrated to Israel from Arab and Muslim lands and their descendants constitute over 50% of Israel’s population.

    • We should be nice with the strangers because we were strangers in Egypt.
      But weakness in face of our aggressors is cruel for their victims.
      So we should adhere to the terms of the San Remo convention and claim our rights.
      But rights without force are worthless.
      So the terms of the San Remo agreement must be claimed
      1) Israeli law should be by constitution the law of mandatory Palestine boundary including Jordan, Golan and Gaza unless BILATERAL agreement says otherwise.
      2) The Israeli law has to be defended more vigorously by means of reclaiming Jewish property in the Muslim world if necessary by force as with the Nazis and wiedergutmachung which was only possible after complete capitulation of Nazi Germany.
      3) Life threatening Severe disloyalty to Israel will result in loss of Israeli citizenship

      For this we need allies. Our best allies are the victims of Islam, the population of Muslim countries which should be invited by all means to reconsider their loyalty to Mohamed and believe only in the kindness of Allah.

  • E Pluribus Wombat

    That is stupid. Send 100% of them back.