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September 4, 2015 1:33 pm

Jewish Democrat Cardin Opposes Iran Deal After Senate Approval in Hand

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U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin. Photo: U.S. Senate.

U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin. Photo: U.S. Senate. U.S. Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), who is Jewish and serves as the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, announced Friday that he would vote against the Iran nuclear deal.

“This is a close call, but after a lengthy review, I will vote to disapprove the deal,” Cardin wrote in an op-ed for The Washington Post.

“We must stand firm in our determination to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon,” he wrote. “We must agree to counter Iranian support for terrorism and confront Iranian violations of ballistic missile protocols and international human rights obligations. Congress and the administration cannot dwell on past disagreements; together we must find a functional, bipartisan approach to Iran.”

Cardin’s decision, however, came after the Obama administration had already secured the 34 Senate votes necessary to prevent an override of a expected presidential veto of Congressional rejection of the deal. Nevertheless, Cardin’s “no” vote hurts the White House’s chances of gaining 41 votes in support of the agreement, which would enable Senate Democrats to filibuster and prevent President Barack Obama from needing to use his veto. Six Democratic senators remain undecided on the deal.

Before Cardin, the only Senate Democrats to publicly oppose the deal were Chuck Schumer (N.Y.) and Robert Menendez (N.J.). The other Democratic U.S. senator from New Jersey, Cory Booker, disappointed his Jewish friends and pro-Israel leaders on Thursday when he came out in favor of what he called a “flawed” deal.

“Make no mistake, this deal, while falling short of permanently eliminating Iran’s pathways to a nuclear weapon, succeeds in either delaying it or giving us the credible ability to detect significant cheating on their part and respond accordingly,” Booker said.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, who has been friends with Booker for more than 20 years, called the senator’s decision a “troubling and tragic choice.”

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  • Florence

    Please remember those who didn’t have the courage and dedication to vote against this ill gotten “deal” when it comes time for them to run for office again. Refuse to support them with your donations, etc. Please remember these Quislings.

  • I was very shocked when democrats jews sold the souls of their brothers for Iran bribes
    the lure of the money has defined their immorality .But here there is a jewish heart ben Cardin is choking Obama hope others will join his decision .The carte blanche is at the Jewish hands God put the card right at a stroke of a pen.
    I HAVE NEVER GONE TO GERMANY nor bought a german car because of the suffering that my jewish brothers and sisters have endured have you forgotten? I am a north African Jewess, You just dont care for your God ?
    how about for the people that have perished in the most inhuman way and theirs children and grand children / who are you? you can stop Iran Nuclear with your signature and you are thinking about it? How can you live without Israel ?
    Hashem Yerahem

  • Suzanne Fine

    Stop Iran deal

  • nelson marans

    While his vote against the Iran deal will not affect a final veto by the president being overridden, at least it is one step further in preventing a filibuster which would prevent a vote of disapproval and thus not require a presidential veto. Enough Democrats have chosen political expediency over principles and logic.

  • Dale K.

    In regard to Senator Booker – just how does one vote in favor of a “flawed” deal?? Especially one of this magnitude. As for Senator Cardin, what better way to support the deal than to come out against it when it no longer matters. I don’t see Cardin’s NO hurting Obama at all – the fillibuster will end everything. Anyone who hasn’t declared their position will get away with not having to state it on record; and, as is par for the course with this president(and I do mean small’p’), the American people be damned – he does what he wants and our Congress lets him. Our entire govt is a disgrace. Starting with Obama, to the Senate, the House,and finally – the US Supreme Court who now thinks it has every right to make law – just like Obama… and to hell with our Constitution. What we have wrought on our children…

  • Francis Figliola

    Has a backbone, very good. Now if some of the other weak kneed Democrats would develop a cahones, that would be wonderful!

  • How can any of the 34 Democrats that are now voting in favor of the deal with a 100% clear conscious, vote without having 100% all of the facts of the inspection procedures which includes and are part of what needs to be voted on?
    This just like the blind leading a blind and that is what OBAMA is doing to those Democrats!!!!

  • Michael Fox

    There is good reason why both the President and the Congress get such low ratings from the American people. There is good reason why the three most popular candidates in the Republican Party running for President have no experience in politics. Both President Obama and the US Congress have disregarded the will of the American public and to simply curry political favor will approve the disastrous Iranian deal. There needs to be a published list of those congressman who voted against the will of the people and ignored the principles of democratic representative government. Those political hacks who ignore the will of their constituents need to be turned out of office at their next election.

  • MartyNYC

    Netanyahu will make licking his wounds a lot easier because of
    his consolation prize- More bunker buster bombs and the
    bombers to deliver them.

    Israel’s penetration into our body politic is still wide and deep. They will just have to employ more of their many millions to get the Republican’s nominee elected with a few more Republican senators and congressmen. Patience.

  • American Jew

    The 34 Democrats have made this political choice by siding with Obama rather than looking at the deal itself.

    How can a member of Congress vote to approve legislation that impacts the NATIONAL SECURITY of the UNITED STATES without reading the “classified” sections in which the deal is reliant upon?

    The ObamaDeal actually violates our NATIONAL SECURITY and puts our allies in the Middle East at risk.

    The only answer is PARTY POLITICS.

    I am glad Senator Cardin has chosen to be on the right side of history, but he should have been a leader like Senator Menendez and Senator Schumer, not waited until after the 34th Democrat stepped forward.

    My hope is that Iran continues down the path of intransigence and a few Democrats wake up and realize their mistake before it’s too late.