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September 7, 2015 6:14 am

Hamas and New Israel Fund Bigwigs Back UK’s Labour Contender Jeremy Corbyn

avatar by Ronn Torossian

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Labour Party leader hopeful Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Facebook.

Labour Party leader hopeful Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Facebook.

Jeremy Corbyn is currently leading in polls to be the next leader of the Labour Party in the U.K. – and it’s something that 80% of the Jewish community there is very concerned about.

Corbyn has said that he would impose an arms embargo on Israel; is a supporter of boycotting the Jewish state; describes himself as an anti-Zionist; and is outspoken on the need for the Palestinian “right of return.” He says Israel is “continuing with the imprisonment of [Palestinian] children, elected parliamentarians, expulsion of African asylum seekers from Israel, and of course the siege of Gaza, refusing to allow any reconstruction.” 

Corbyn also urges discussions with Hamas as part of a “peace process,” and has repeatedly referred to Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends.”

Clearly, a Corbyn-led U.K. would not be friendly to the Jewish state.

One of the very few members of the U.K. Jewish community proudly standing with Corbyn is Rhea Wolfson, who serves as the campaign manager for the Young Labour Party. According to her Linkedin profile, she also serves as Communications and Outreach Manager at New Israel Fund U.K.. Indeed, her photo is prominently featured on NIF’s U.K. website. Wolfson says Corbyn “offers something different,” commenting that his “straight talk” has swayed her.

This is not surprising. Corbyn’s views on a boycott of Israel precisely mirror the position of the NIF. He recently remarked, “Is it right that we should be supplying arms in that situation? Is it right that we should be importing goods made in illegal settlements across the West Bank? Wouldn’t a stronger message be to those Israelis who want to live in peace with the Palestinians – and there are very many people in Israel that do, we recognize that – that the process of some economic measures might be helpful?”

Terror group Hamas has also praised Corbyn. In an article in The Telegraph this weekend, Hamas Deputy Foreign Minister Ghazi Hamad said, “I find that [Corbyn] has very good sympathy and support for the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian struggle and he is frankly against the occupation, against the racist policy of Israel, against settlements.”

In 2010, the Knesset pursued an investigation into the New Israel Fund. At the time, Yisrael Hasson, a Knesset member from the centrist Kadima party and former deputy director of the Shin Bet security services, implied that the NIF could be receiving funds from Israel’s sworn enemies. At the time, he was quoted in the Israeli media saying, “If I were Al-Qaeda, I wouldn’t think twice, I would give to them.”

Birds of a feather flock together.

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  • I am of British heritage from both of my Parents born in England.
    To see what this man is saying does not surprise me in the least but can assure you my Mother and Father if they could hear would turn over in their graves.
    I am ashamed to say to anyone what my Heritage is after all that is happening in England. The riots,anti – Jewish propaganda and the lack of action by the present Government to address these situations is shameful to say the least. Cameron opens his mouth with no substance coming out.
    I feel for my relatives and the English Citizen who have no part in the action going on. When I see the potential Leader of the Labor Party making these terrible statements which only stirs up more trouble but I guess it doesn’t take a Genius to figure out what voting group here he is playing to.
    I hope some common sense will eventually prevail. God save the Queen. t

  • Frank Adam

    This is one of those tricky political situations when as in quantum mechanics it is possible to be in two places at once – like the proconsul Sir Percy Cox in 1919 – 21 being liberal in Egypt and autocratic in Iraq.
    Whatever Corbyn’s errors about Palestine and Israel they are a sideshow to Britiah home and foreign policy. He is out to try and improve the lot of the poorer half of British society and whoever does so is more likely to keep Antisemitism, Islamophobia and other discords under control than those who let rip the market while constricting welfare and not providing work opportunities to the not so bright and educated – though there is no fool like an old fool and no discrimination like educated discrimination. QV Enoch Powell intelligence and wisdom do not always coincide.

  • Steven Wenick

    A New Israel Fund representative spoke at my synagogue two years ago and used his time and platform to denigrate Israel in every possible way. He was a disgrace and the then assistant rabbi, who invited that anti-Zionist, and-Semitic Palestinian to address us is gone.

  • Connie

    The New Israel Fund is receiving funds from Al-Qaeda? Does any editor even read these articles before publishing them?

    • Yossi A.

      Connie: Are you able to read?

      What the author writes is that the former deputy director of the Shin Bet security services – and a member of Knesset said that New Israel Fund receives money from Israel’s enemies, and he said “If I were Al-Qaeda, I wouldn’t think twice, I would give to them.”
      That is what the #2 of Israel’s security said – because the New Israel Fund is traitors it is not a surprise.

    • Felix

      The article doesn’t say that al-qaeda gives money only that it should based on new Israel funds policies.