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September 7, 2015 7:07 am

Wales Welcomes Israeli Football Team Despite BDS Protests

avatar by Alexander Apfel / Tazpit News Agency

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Kiryat Eliezer Stadium in Haifa, Israel during a soccer match. Photo: wiki commons.

Kiryat Eliezer Stadium in Haifa, Israel during a soccer match. Photo: wiki commons.

The Israeli national soccer team played to a 0-0 tie on Sunday against Wales at Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, U.K.

Israel’s presence, however, had enraged anti-Israel activists, who staged a protest against the arrival of the team.

Football Against Apartheid (FAA), which states that it aims to “bring together football and activists campaigning against Apartheid,” posted the itinerary of the protest and the demands it planned to make on soccer associations regarding Israel.

“We’ll deliver a letter and speech calling on Wales and the FAA to support the call to EXPEL apartheid Israel from FIFA. We’ll march to protest the presence of an apartheid Israeli football team in Britain and especially in Cardiff City.”

In an interview last week with Tazpit, Guto Bebb, a British Conservative MP for the Welsh constituency of Aberconwy, described the organizers of the protest as “idiots.”

Denouncing the actions as “two-faced,” he went on to express regret about the reality that there are those “who will protest against a democracy in Israel, but will not lift a finger to protest about Iran or China participating in the London Olympics.”

When asked about the planned demonstration, a Welsh government spokesperson, requesting anonymity, contradicted the goals of FAA, telling Tazpit that soccer should serve as a powerful tool for bringing people together, while simultaneously expressing its respect for peaceful protest.

Addressing the Israeli team and fans, the spokesperson concluded by expressing the government’s commitment to the safety of all attending Sunday’s game. “We are sure that the Israeli football team and fans will receive a warm welcome to Wales,” he said.


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  • FromNY

    The BDS movement is not made up of idiots, they full blown antisemites that use any excuse to bash Jews. Nothing more than that. All this democracy and equal rights in Israel are meaningless once you understand that all it is is basic hatred for Jews. This hatred will take any form and any forum to demonstrate it.

    Any organization that allows such demonstration is also antisemite by simply being associated with such demonstrators. don’t be fooled by all the side shows and nonsense; it is plain Jew hatred.

    The Muslims can go on killing all day and nobody will care. they can cut off heads, burn people alive and throw them off buildings, its nothing more that a nuisance to many. Poor bastards that have to live there.

  • F.Chalfin

    What is so awful about the BDS movement is that they succeeded in having Soda Stream, a company that had been employing Arab workers, to close that plant. They reopened in Israel and now have few, in any, Arab employees. Another example of unintended consequences, or is it?

  • Not Really you had more security undercover men than Football Players.
    Accepting the Arab Peace plan of 2003 , would make all this Null and Void !
    Jews would then be welcomed Has equals without Controling and Domination, of other peoples and Nations.

    • SteveHC

      Re: “William” – Total and utter NONSENSE. Given circumstances being what they gave been and still are, Israeli acceptance of that original “Arab Peace Plan” would result in nothing more than the elimination of Israel from the face of the Earth, particularly as a Jewish country.

  • Nita Harris

    As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, I pray to our Father in Heaven to continue to protect the Jewish people and Israel and confound clueless, vicious organizations like the FAA (stupid name).

    • ironbutterfly

      Thank you Nita !

  • Joseph Feld

    The deep dishonesty of the anti-Israel brigade is that they were quiet as the London Olympics welcomed Muslim countries where gays are hanged from cranes or thrown off high buildings, where women suspected of dishonouring their families suffer honour killings or risk being stoned to death in a football stadium, where disabled children can be killed for showing disrespect to the Koran, where Christians risk death at the hands of Islamists, where women are beaten up for not wearing a black bag over their face and body, where infant girls can be bought as ‘wives’ for elderly men. These ‘sportsmen’ save their vitriol for Israel, where Arabs are the third main parliamenray party, where there are Arab doctors, judges, professors etc, where women are equals, where women have been prime minister, leader of the opposition, chief justice etc. Israeli universities have Jews and Arabs working and teaching and researching together. Israel is singled out by visceral Jew haters, trying to distract public attention from what the Islamist world is doing.

    • Nita Harris

      Joseph Feld, may I share your comment on Facebook and ask others to share, please?

    • Living Out Loud

      Thank you. Why are the heinous, murderous, OUT IN PLAIN VIEW, actions of “those” absolutely crazy people invisible to lots of folks? Prejudiced, jealous? Or just plain unhappiness and anger? See the truth people!? Israel returns the action–AFTER the hell is visited on them–AFTER. Please see this, and please pray for Peace.? I pray for everyone’s safety and health, Now. Shana Tovah. Shalom

    • The BDS are made up of many people – academics who have never shone anywhere except in an anti-Israeli rally. They rely on being able to easily influence young minds who have no other case to feel self-righteous about.

      The BDS are a bunch of idiots especially Jake Lynch and Svirsky – both mediocre academics.