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September 9, 2015 8:19 am

Obama and Kerry: The ‘Lemon’-Car Salesmen

avatar by Rachel Ehrenfeld

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President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry embracing in the Oval Office. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry embracing in the Oval Office. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Just like a used-car salesman, Secretary of State John Kerry continues to peddle the defective agreement with Iran. And his boss, who commands the lemon-car dealership, has successfully persuaded enough Democratic senators to assist him in preventing a congressional veto of this bad deal.

Since the flaws of the Obama administration’s deal with Iran are so obvious and easy to understand, the American voters should question the integrity and judgment of those senators who approve it.

Even after the news that Obama had secured enough Democratic votes to prevent a veto, Kerry sent a letter to members of Congress urging them to follow suit. “We share the concern expressed by many in Congress regarding Iran’s continued support for terrorist and proxy groups throughout the region, its propping up of the Assad regime in Syria, its efforts to undermine the stability of its regional neighbors, and the threat it poses to Israel.” But since he didn’t mention it, Kerry is either unaware or choosing to ignore the existential threat posed to the United States by Iranian ballistic missiles equipped with nuclear warheads.

Kerry further reiterated that the Obama administration is under “no illusion that this behavior will change following implementation of the JCPOA,” or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

Why, then, offer them a deal — or, as it turned out, accept their conditions to the deal?

Listen to Kerry: “If Iran did decide to cheat, its technicians would have to do more than bury a processing facility deep beneath the ground. They would have to come up with a complete — complete — and completely secret nuclear supply chain: a secret source of uranium, a secret milling facility, a secret conversion facility, a secret enrichment facility.”

Sounds good, as long as you turn a blind eye to Iranian enrichment activities in Parchin and other facilities. Especially when the mullahs get to choose what will be inspected at many of the sites. Yet, Kerry maintains, “If we have even a shadow of doubt that illegal activities are going on, either the IAEA will be given the access required to uncover the truth or Iran will be in violation and the nuclear-related sanctions can snap back into place.”

However, it is clear that business already underway with Iran will not be curtailed, and that funds that were released will not be returned.

But, Kerry goes on to reassure us, “Our intelligence community and our Energy Department, which manages our nuclear program and our nuclear weapons, both agree Iran could never get away with such a deception.” This, despite the fact that Iran has gotten away with such deceptions all along, and that the little-known side agreements, such as providing its own samples for inspection, give Iran a license to develop nuclear weapons. The rest of what is under the hood of the Iran agreement is unknown. Still, the Obama administration, like a lemon-car dealership, is pressuring Congress to approve the deal.

Investing in a lemon-car dealership and selling cars that could endanger people’s lives is punishable by law. Not so when the corrupt Obama administration deliberately violates national laws and rewards the terrorist regime of Iran with some $150 billion to help it corner the nuclear weapons and global terrorism market.

Americans should use their electoral power to warn their elected representatives in Congress that unless they vote against this illegal and immoral agreement, they will vote to banish them from office for failing to protect the American people and interests at home and abroad.

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  • Paul

    What more can you expect from a black Moslem who bends over in front of king of Saudi?

  • Lauren Goldman

    Is I am writing this, there is a conversation on Galei Zahal (an Israeli radio station) about this very situation. Obama and Kerry really think that people are buying their smoke-and-mirrors deal, even though they caved in on every supposed ‘red line’ they went into the negotiations stating were absolute. As the ink was drying on the ‘deal’ the iranians were saying what rubes the Americans are because the iranians ended up getting everything they wanted. And now, the iranians are claiming that how America understands the deal is unacceptable. Perhaps Kerry received a traumatic brain injury during his hero days in Vietnam, because his mental faculties are obviously subpar.

  • A clear and well-structured article. Thank you, Mrs/Miss/Ms Ehrenfeld.


    the democrats or demagoguues that are going along with the Iran deal , they took moneys from Pro Iraninan Lobby , this is why they are going along with such a pos deal

  • enufizenuf

    The author writes under the assumption that Obama and Kerry don’t really want Iran to go nuclear, but Obama really DOES want them to, and Kerry doesn’t really care one way or the other.

  • ART

    Obama/Kerry boldly continue to lie to the US public. THey will be out of office enjoying life as very wealthy Americans when the “deal” implodes. They will suffer non of the consequences of their perfidy. Has Clinton,or Nancy Sherman had any negative consequences from the North Korean deal? Has Condi Rice or Pres Bush thson for ignoring Israeli warnings and letting hamas participate in the 2005 PA elections. The Iran Deal will be far worse

    • Dick

      Kerry, who presumably will go home to Massachusetts, and maybe Obama (if he doesn’t leave the country) would suffer if Iran launches an EMP against us.

      What bugs me is that despite being our leaders, they don’t care what will happen to the rest of us.

  • Sara klompus

    XObama is more like a snake oil salesman

  • nelson marans

    You are being very generous when you refer to Obama and Kerry as lemon car salesmen. There are more accurate and descriptive terms for the fraud that they have pulled on congress, but not the American voters.