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September 17, 2015 6:56 am

Jeremy Corbyn Is Placing Himself at the Head of Britain’s ‘Palestine Solidarity’ Lynch Mobs

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British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Facebook.

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn. Photo: Facebook.

In Warrant For Genocide, Norman Cohn’s classic study of antisemitic conspiracy theories, he made an astute observation: “There exists a subterranean world where pathological fantasies disguised as ideas are churned out by crooks and half-educated fanatics for the benefit of the ignorant and superstitious. There are times when this underworld emerges from the depths and suddenly fascinates, captures and dominates multitudes of usually sane and responsible people, who thereupon take leave of sanity and responsibility.”

Such a moment is now upon us with the landslide election of left-wing extremist Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of Britain’s Labour Party, the official opposition to the Conservative government. Corbyn, who was chosen by a quarter of a million Labour members, is the embodiment of the half-educated fanatic described by Cohn.

A dogmatic socialist who was quick to appoint a supporter of Castroite Cuba as his spokesman on the economy, Corbyn has backed the “titanic struggle” of the Ba’athist and Islamist mass murderers responsible for the slaughter of scores of thousands of civilians, as well as thousands of American and British troops, in post-Saddam Iraq. He is an apologist for the dictatorship of the ayatollahs in Iran. He is a patron of Britain’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) and an advocate of the Palestinian “Right of Return” to Israel. He is a longstanding associate of the antisemitic organization Deir Yassin Remembered, which is run by Holocaust deniers. He described the genocidal criminals of Hamas and Hezbollah as “friends.” He championed the Islamist cleric Ra’ed Salah, a proponent of blood libels.

When Corbyn’s political proclivities and his involvements with all manner of bigots and fascists came to light, his supporters characterized the information as “smears.” Corbyn himself insisted that he had only met with Hamas and Hezbollah for the sake of advancing the “peace process.” And he claimed to have broken off contact with Deir Yassin Remembered as soon as he found out about the Holocaust deniers in its ranks.

These excuses were lies. Corbyn’s struggle for Middle East peace has never extended to seeking contact with terrorists — if they happen to be Jewish. It is only when terrorists demand the extermination of the world’s Jews that Corbyn greets them as friends. As for his links to Deir Yassin Remembered, as early as 2006, one of its founders, Daniel McGowan, boasted of visiting the jailed neo-Nazi Ernst Zundel; Corbyn attended the group’s meetings as recently as 2013.

The real reason for Corbyn’s gallery of antisemitic associations was given by a “well-placed source” in his campaign team: he is “casual about Jewish concerns,” and he knows that “hostility to ‘Zionist neocons’ plays well to his constituency.”

This is true. For an unknown but significant number of Corbyn’s quarter of a million enthusiasts, hatred of “Zionist neocons” is a badge of honor and a statement of political identity.

Consider the conduct of Corbyn’s Palestine Solidarity Campaign. At last week’s PSC demonstration against Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to London, a marcher held a sign depicting the Israeli prime minister as a horned devil (complete with “666” insignia) and castigated Zionists as “blood-drinking swine.”

A second demonstrator was asked, “You said you want six million Jews in the sea?” She replied, “I want them out of Israel.”

“You’ll have to kill them all,” said her challenger.

“Well, so be it,” she answered.

A third PSC loyalist, a self-declared supporter of Hamas, was more moderate: he merely encouraged Israeli Jews to “go back to Poland.” And a fourth produced a coin and started taunting Jewish counter-demonstrators: “That’s all you understand… you understand money.”

For Britain’s “Palestine Solidarity” obsessives, such behavior is nothing unusual. PSC activists have at various times republished material from neo-Nazi websites; blamed Jews for the Holocaust; opposed Holocaust education for creating “a culture of gentile guilt and Jewish victimhood in British schools;” charged Jews with controlling the media; attacked observant Jews as “enemies of humanity”; and so on.

The Scottish branch of the PSC accused murdered yeshiva students of learning to poison wells and steal the internal organs of non-Jews. The allegation of harvesting organs from gentiles was also mentioned by Corbyn’s colleague at the PSC, Baroness Jenny Tonge. And PSC patron Caryl Churchill has authored a short play unmasking Jewish parents as evil sadists who lie to their families in order to justify child murder.

That these are not the ravings of a fringe group, but the sentiments of a political movement, can be ascertained from the enormous numbers voting for Corbyn as Labour leader, all of whom are at best indifferent and at worst sympathetic to his well-publicized links to anti-Semites and terrorists. It can be verified by witnessing the outpourings of hate that take place on Britain’s streets whenever Israel is in the news – marches at which Hamas and Hezbollah banners are almost always on display.

When Britain’s new opposition leader and candidate for prime minister panders to those who vomit forth their loathing for “Zionist neocons,” he knows exactly what he is doing. He is placing himself at the head of Britain’s “Palestine Solidarity” lynch mobs.

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  • sidney sands

    The unthinkable has happened, the foremost anti Israel voice in Parliament over the past years, has now to be given the power to inflict more insults and hate for Israel, as the Labour leader. So many Jews used to vote for and support Labour in past years , and to see it taken over by the Lunatic Left, and this clown called Corbyn as its leader, shows the depths this country has sunk to.

  • Yale

    British voters who support the likes of Corbyn are imitating the people of Easter Island. Faced with a declining resource base for firewood and food, they chose to make more moai (those huge stone faces) whose production took an ever-increasing share of their remaining stock of firewood. Rather than acknowledge what was happening to them, and make the changes necessary to deal with it, they simple chose to do more of what was causing the problem in the first place.

    Corbyn and his followers cannot accept, if they can even comprehend, that Israel is showing the way to the solution to the problems working-class people in Britain face. They could choose to emulate Israel and solve their problems, or they can remain faithful to the old creed, which requires denouncing Israel. By choosing Corbyn, they have chosen to let their problems get ever worse.

  • henry schachter

    with the appointment of Tom Watson as deputy leader
    the labour party is now truly being led by


  • Michael OConnor

    This man Corbyn is the labour party’s self-destruct mechanism he is a Wolf in Wolfs clothing he doe’s not hide the fact that he is a pacifist the UK doe’s not need this kind of person as a potential Prime minister ( which he will never become )for the life of me where did this sleeping agent of no good come from? for me i hope it’s the end of the Labour party i also do not like the conservatives of the UK.

  • Atilla

    Israel has its Mossad and their Kidon units.

    It would be a worthy exercise.

    And it can’t happen soon enough.

  • Malcolm Jackson

    The UK seems to have lost the plot at the moment.
    The Labour party ceased to exist after Tony Blair took over and converted Labour into a Mark 2, Conservative Party.
    Now Jeremy Corbyn has taken over and is converting Labour in to a Neo-Nazi party, fully supporting that old ally of the Nazis, the evil cult of Islam.

  • This article made me sick to my stomach. As one who was born in London and spent much of my childhood as an evacuee living with non jewish families, I know about the veiled anti semitism which always existed in the UK.I knew that some of my friends who came to my home when I was reunited with my family would not tell their parents that they had a jewish friend.
    An erudite Oxford educated friend of mine said recently, when I asked”Why is there so much antisemitism even today”? His reply”Jealousy” To this day I cannot understand why?
    Having said that the success that Corbyn has achieved in taking the reins of Labour( the party that can boast so many jews as outstanding members over the years) is a tragic indication of an inherent weakness in British society today.
    I am proud of the values I gleaned from my early years and
    as a left leaning Jew living in Israel for most of my adult life, they have impacted on my life. However as much as am concerned that Jews in the UK maybe endangered by the influx of moslems, I am even more concerned by this result. I am glad that I am in Israel today and working for a two state solution together with Israeli and Palestinian arabs all of us longing for peace. Tell Mr Corbyn,that!

    • Tabitha Korol

      Zelda, the only way you’re going to participate in saving Jewry is get away from the left whose values include death to all Jews, particularly Israel. Islam will never abide side by side countries, so your goal of two will actually work against Israel’s survival.
      You can’t hope to support values from the right (Israel’s survival) while voting for the left; you’ll be working against yourself. Think logically and realistically; join forces with those like yourself.

  • Jon B

    He’s riding a tiger alright. It may suddenly throw him off and devour him, whereupon the questions arise, who comes after him? Will it be someone worse?

  • Pierre Elie Mamou

    we’ll try to survive this second and worldwide coming shoah. Shabat shalom

  • Franklin Delano Paskutnik

    What a sickening development in British politics!There once used to be Labour leaders who were sympathetic to Israel and the Jewish people – Harold Wilson,Tony Blair and Gordon Brown come to mind.Today Tony Blair is probably the most reviled ex-politician in Britain – because he dared to support the US’s invasion of Iraq and is derisively referred to as “(George W.)Bush’s poodle”.Corbyn is a classic European dyed-in-the-wool Jew hater who masquerades his anti-Semitism as “anti-Zionism”.Somehow I don’t think the great British people as a whole will support someone like Corbyn in a general election and that eventually he will fall by the wayside.He is an aberration in present-day British political life and has virtually assured Conservative victories in any election while he is around as Labour leader.

  • Enjoy, Mr Corbyn. Before long, they’ll get rid of you.

  • SteveHC

    VERY good write-up. Well done.

  • Fritz Kohlhaas

    If this vermin ever becomes PM, Britain look out! That scum will turn into a Stalinist dictator!

  • Elliott Vizel

    A most pitiful display of real-time sociopathology in one of the most advanced societies of Western Civilization…does that ring a bell?? Well, I certainly know who Roger Waters will be voting for in the next election.

  • chaim pinczewski

    I am afraid this all points to one fact Europe is heading back to the 1930’s and those not in that frame are burying there heads as they did in the 1930’s
    G-D himself will strike them down

  • Leslie Benjamini

    one hardly knows what to say. Is this now the true face of the UK? As bad or worse than Germany in the 1930’s && 40’s.

  • alan arkim

    Send Corbyn back to Saxony! Liberate the Celts of Britain!

    • Maybe send the british public somewhere and take in the refugees who may do more good for the country than those with warped minds.

  • Werner Cohn

    Thanks, Paul, for this informative article.