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September 20, 2015 12:42 pm

Report: Israeli Defense Official Says IDF, Russia to Coordinate Aerial Activities Over Syria

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The Sukhoi-30. Satellite photos show a number of these Russian combat jets in the air field at Latakia in Syria. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Sukhoi-30. Satellite photos show a number of these Russian combat jets in the air field at Latakia in Syria. Photo: Wikipedia.

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu heads to Moscow tomorrow to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin, an unnamed Israeli defense official said that the Israel Air Force has begun establishing a technical mechanism for coordinating aerial activities with the Russian military, the Hebrew news site Walla reported on Sunday.

This, explained the official, is to prevent problems identifying planes flying over Syrian airspace, where operations on the part of the U.S., Russia, Syria and Israel are currently taking place.

Meanwhile, according to a report in the Israeli news site, Mako, Netanyahu’s visit to the Kremlin, to impress upon Putin the danger that Russian military involvement in the Syrian civil war poses to Israel – as additional heavy weaponry could fall into the hands of Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations – is coinciding with the release of satellite photos reinforcing Israeli fears.

The photos show Russian Sukhoi-30 combat jets in the airstrip of the Syrian Army in Latakia.

The Israeli defense official told Walla that Netanyahu’s meeting with his Russian counterpart will include setting guidelines for their country’s respective armies, as they pertain to operations in Syria.

“The goal is to reach a high level of understanding between Israel and Russia, which takes on a more concrete meaning in the field than when discussed by the leadership. Ultimately, [working this out] is in the interest of both sides,” he told Walla.

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  • john

    Gog & Magog is coming! Russia and the muslims will fight against Israel. They are already in the area. It’s coming!


    Israel is Russias biggest enemy and even the World Zionist Organizaton has financed wars since 1905.and Japan giving Schiff the Emperors Award.shortly thereafter

  • Patricia

    So much against Russia. It is the present American administration that has allowed ISIS to thrive.

    many feel most of the world chaos lays at Obama’s feet. Alas he is not mentioned once. While a few other politicans I do not favor one bit were. McCain and Graham, twice.

    Unless he is who you referred to giving back to Palestine. If I remember that was his line in the sand for Israel.

    If you do not remmeber it was Obama who aligned with the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Do as Egypt turn your back on the WH that handed the keys of destruction to Iran.

    Russia may indeed have motives however. I see Putin at the moment showing a troubled and being overrun with a solution. A cowboy riding into town.

    Yes be leary, but of all, most do have an agenda. Here it seems more than apparent to most, an agressive attempt to assure a single party rule, I personally fear it can easily come to pass. God Bless and watch over us all

  • Irwin Graulich

    This was Russia’s idea. They are VERY afraid of the IAF.

  • I believe we will all find Putin is no friend of ISLAM in any shape or form. Putin is an amazingly clever strategist, those who feel he is untrustworthy need to think a little deeper and analyse the truth behind the reported word. What has Putin to gain from the annihilation of ISRAEL? Why would Putin want to support a bunch of terrorists on ISRAEL’s doorstep? What has Gaza and the West Bank to offer Russia. Where has Obama and Kerry been in the last four years since the inception of the war in Syria? Who was actually responsible for the Chemical attack against Syrian people last August, 21st I believe? The Free Syrian Army (a branch of ISIS). Who has Obama supported in Egypt? What is Egypt’s strategy today? There will be a major change in the balance of POWER and I believe Israel has enough sense to place herself on the right side. Assad is an innocuous harmless man fearful of IRAN and Saudi can you blame him? Ex KGB agent Putin knows all about strategic assassinations. The US has lost all credibility due to facts unearthed about Obama’s origins. Kerry is a known antisemite. Why would any leader in their right mind back Morsi of the Moslim brotherhood? Sisi is a far better man and has dealt with the tunnels between Sinai & Israel. The last I read these tunnels are being turned into fish farms! Italy and Egypt are working together on OIL/Gas fields off the Egyptian coast and Sinai. It is a pity Israel was too generous giving up its rights for peace to Sinai after the ’67 war, very short sighed as well as handing over the rights to Temple Mount to the Hashemite Kingdom. Israel has much to repent for tomorrow for the sake of her people and nation she must appeal to Ha’Shem to assist ISRAEL to make more well thought out decisions. Putin has no desire to return to Communist Russia. He may be desirous of being leader but is there any other Russian capable of running a huge nation like Russia? He has central Asian Islam to take into account? We all know how brutal they are as well as today’s ISLAM. I will be focusing on the well being of ISRAEL tomorrow and the just demise of ISLAM an affrontory to the peace of the World and Him. Right now I am watching the history of MOUNT SINAI. St Catherine’s Byzantine monastary which I believe has now been annihilated by Moslims of ISLAM.

    • Estaben

      You ramble without any direction in your comments. I was trying to follow you but to no avail. Besides…..everything is Mr Obama’s fault (lololololololo). I guess with the next POTUS, it will be their fault as well even though the problem stems from Israel not being faithful to their Jehovah and giving the Temple Mount to the Hasmonite Kingdom and Ariel Sharon caving to pressure from the Bush II administration (also the UN) to give up Gaza in 2005. Not to mention returning the land to Egypt in the 80’s.

      So, in my view, Israel only can blame herself for making decisions that go against her own interest on the international. Israel wants other nations to do their offensive fighting for them when they won’t even do it. Instead Israel will try to make Mr Obama a Muslim insinuating that is the reason he makes decisions not favoring their cause.

  • “The goal is to reach a high level of understanding between Israel and Russia… Ultimately, [working this out] is in the interest of both sides,” he [the Israeli defense officer] told Walla. It is about Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow.
    I can’t imagine more stupid and dangerous mistake than go to Moscow. The only American presidential candidate, who said the bitter truth about Russia, is fearless Carly Fiorina: “Putin is a person with whom impossible to talk. He (Russia) understand only force”. Her rating jumped up. But more important: There is NO “interest of both sides”. And newer ever was since creation of State of Israel. Russia is the worst enemy of Israel and America They are both in the hands of Russia. And unfortunately don’t understand the deadly threat from UNEXPECTED Russia’s (not Iran’s) moves. Wake up, Netanyahu, wake up Israel!

  • Sue Deutsch

    Regarding Attila’s comment–yes, wouldn’t it be wonderful if America had a leader like Vladimir Putin. We could throw away that pesky Constitution with all of those boring laws about free speech, freedom of religion etc. Oh, we would be so much happier. What American would not want a virtual dictatorship?

    Just to make it clear–this was meant ironically…..

    • T.R. Loucks

      Obama is a close 2nd to Putin. His Executive Orders and lack of investigations into the IRS targeting, Fast and Furious, etc show little regard to the separation of powers in our Constitution.

  • Syed Akbar Ali

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend
    Russia, Syria, Hezbollah vs ISIS
    Israel, Russia vs ISIS
    Israel vs Hezbollah, Syria
    Israel, ISIS vs Hezbollah?

  • martin

    no matter what Russia supports Israel’s enemies how will that be rectified

  • Phillip Hicken

    Russia is only after a port to send it spy ships and airstrips into The Med edging closer and closer to the West

  • Atilla

    If only the US and Western Europe had such a leader……..

  • Jonah

    Russia should be forewarned that God is on a rampage. God has a large bag of weapondry called “Acts of God”. I hope Putin remembers Gods warning shot over the bow of Russia when Putin chastised Israel for destroying missles on the Syrian border being transferred to questionable operatives. Remember the comet that hit the outlying areas in Russia, very serious damage and that was a small one. Remember the sinkholes at the city named the end of the world. Putin must define his objectives. Destroy Isis, their infrastructure and prevent their rearming. Now all the while Russia is doing this Iran will attempt to use the Russian activities to gain an advantage for the destruction of Israel. This is where it gets prickly with God. Putin is walking a God gauntlet. Now who is going to be the protector of a certain someone’s chosen roaches. Well in steps the idiots who will want to arm Isis to fight the Russians, could that be Lindsey damned and John Insane. Will they want Israel to join in the fray, sure they will. This entire frackus has been designed for the one objective of destroying Israel. Some are inadvertent minions and some not so inadvertent. Israel should defend their borders and if McCain and Lidsey want to start a war with Russia stay out of it. God will have your back. Now an opportunist at this time will offer Israel a solution, pre 67 borders, right of return,division of Israel on his terms, and if Israel will comply with all of his demands he will guarantee them, military support, peace, and security. He feels that Israel will be more inclined to succumb to his offers because they will be in weakened condition psychologically as they are being circled by their enemy with most of the western world turning against them. Kind of like a whale being circled by killer whales…they die from fright before they are attacked. The bad dude will become enraged when Israel basically will not agree to their genocide. That is when the wars will begin his only hope is that Israel will be destroyed in the crossfire of the battle of the Titans. God will not allow that to happen. One of the Titans will be destroyed as in Rev 18 and we all know who that is.

  • Hopefully these Russian government officials and military folks, will cooperate with the Israeli government officials and military folks on this Syria thing.

  • brenrod

    wont russia give iran, assad and hezbullah the info?

  • Anderson Alvarez

    Israel should not trust Russia at all, IDF Defense Minister should not take off there eyes from Russian activity in the zone. Russia’s motives are beyond supporting Asads regime, they are there to strike Israel or any US Ally and a quick and accurate manner.