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September 24, 2015 7:41 am

Report: Army Chief Says Iran ‘Eager’ to Wipe Out Israel Sooner Than Khamenei’s 25-Year Assessment

avatar by David Daoud

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Commander-in-chief of the Iranian Army, Ataollah Salehi. Photo: Wikipedia.

Commander-in-chief of the Iranian Army, Ataollah Salehi. Photo: Wikipedia.

The commander-in-chief of the Iranian Army expressed his country’s eagerness for a military confrontation with Israel, and readiness to destroy the Jewish state sooner than the 25-year projection recently set forth by Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, the regime-aligned Tasnim News Agency reported on Tuesday.

In a speech during “Sacred Defense Week,” Iran’s annual commemoration of its 8-year war with Iraq, Major General Ataollah Salehi vowed, “We will annihilate Israel for sure.”

“We are also eager that Israel take (military) action against us sooner, so that we could mark its destruction earlier than the 25 years that has been pledged,” he added.

Salehi also claimed that by destroying the Jewish state, Iran would be ridding the United States of Israeli influence.

Earlier this month, Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei issued renewed threats against Israel, pledging that the Islamic Republic would ensure the Jewish state would no longer exist in 25 years, and warning that, in the meantime, Iran and its proxies would not grant Israel a moment of peace or security.

“[W]e tell them [Israel] that you will basically not witness the 25 years from now, and by God’s grace, nothing called the Zionist regime will exist in the region ,” Khamenei said on September 9.

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  • EStein

    Try Us. We Double Dare you!! We will Nuke Tehran and shove a SAM right up Ayatollah’s ass

    • EStein

      You think you’re a super power!?! The IDF is the worlds greatest army, so talk talk talk and wait and see what happens to Tehran! I personally can’t waitttt!

  • Arnest Mekvan

    Supreme leader of Iran Khamenei you think of your own health then talk of removing Israel from the Middle east. If your capable enough attack on Israel you will find the difference of inhaling Israel and sole existence of Iran. Even your Allaha will not save you. Iran can fight the proxy war and spreading the false message to the world. Thanks God that you are still alive.

  • Yoni Maccabi

    If Iran attempts to destroy Israel, the matter will be settled in Tehran, not Tel Aviv.

  • martin

    right your Iranian army is talk and no action you have to get hamas and Hezbollah to fight you also you haven’t done assad any use when you went to help assad out he controlled 80% of the country now he has 20% that’s why Russia had to step in irans army could not beat an American boy scout troop you bunch of women killers all you Iranian guard are so badly trained you are a joke

  • Bindon Blood

    I firmly believe that anyone,no matter who they are,that tries to destroy Israel and /or the Jewish people will themselves be destroyed.God will not forget His promises to His people and He will not be made a liar by any Nation regardless of how powerful they believe themselves to be.

  • james browne

    James P.browne He should remember a few things.They’ve tried that a few times before and got taught a lesson. The Israelies have nowhere to go and no one to turn too since Obama showed his real face. Israel has the BOMB and Iran as of now doesn’t. If the Israelies think that there’s no hope they’ll use their entire arsenal.The first strike will be Mecca.From there they’ll hit every islamic capitol city

  • zadimel

    Where are all 43 comments?

  • zadimel

    To those who believe that Obama continues to be a Moslem socialist who would destroy Israel,you are not living in the reality of the present. No president…let me repeat…no president has provided the amount of military aid that Obama has supplied to Israel. In addition to the $3 billion a year in military assistance to ensure that it has the latest and most efficient technologies related to their weapons, over $500 million to continue development of the Iron Dome missile system has also been provided. Obama has also led the efforts to join Israeli development of the Arrow and David’s Sling missile systems. Obama has committed US troops to joint military exercises in 2009(Juniper Cobra) and in 2012(Austere Challenge). In addition, the IDF can use American weapons stored in Israel during an emergency.

    • zadimel

      In the sentence “Obama has committed…,” the term “has” should have been “had.”

  • Herve Bosquet

    How I wish Iran will come down to attack the Jewish state. God’s chosen people and land. Make my day punk. The God of Israel the only true God. God will fight for Israel as He did in the past and you will be defeated and wipe out.REMEMBER 1948, 1967 and 1973 you got your ass kick, go ride your donkey you useless morans.

  • Jeff

    And what do they suppose Israel is going to do with their 80+ nuclear weapons ?

  • NCS

    These are famous last words…Egyptian President Nasser in 1967 said about the same thing. Israel was surrounded by the
    leading Arab armies which were soundly defeated in 6 days. Egypt’s Soviet-backed air power was wiped out in the first few hours of this war. Israel will stand because of G-D.

  • Michael OConnor

    Why oh Why do we have to read this garbage from the Iranian IDIOTS, they cannot win a war with Israel, as far as I am concerned the sooner Israel take on Iran the better to close their stupid mouths forever this persistent verbal abuse from the country which supports all kinds of terror towards Israel has to be stopped, it is no good for the people of Israel and it is no good for the spirit of peace around the middle east.

  • An open and free nation must always remain strong and never under estimate the determined enemy, IE Hitler Germany in the early 1930’s. Israel America loves you! Even if we have a determined and ignorant president because loving you is loving ourselves!

  • Michael Levy

    It seems to me that this Commander in chief of the Iranian army doesn’t realise that next year, his main partner Barak Hussein Obama will come to the end of his term as President of the USA and, thank goodness for that and that he, (the Iranian) will no longer have an extremist partner with whom to plot the annihilation of Israel. In fact, looking at him, it looks as if he wont be on this earth much longer himself, never mind in 25 years time. What’s a man without his dreams!!

  • g.ben-nathan

    Allah has had over a century to frustrate the return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel.
    Allah has not frustrated this return – indeed, the very opposite, He seems to have helped it.
    It may be the Iranians are seeking to take on more than they can chew!

  • Robert Davis

    This guy and his ilk are just big boasters pissing day and night in their pants, reason why their mouth is so wide open! In case if confrontation iran will be wiped out by 100 nukes or more while Israel would not receive a single nuke from iran which has still NONE and will probably not have one before their facilities are destroyed as soon as their protector obanana is away. He knows it this is not a scoop and this is why he is pissing in his pants.

  • “Salehi also claimed that by destroying the Jewish state, Iran would be ridding the United States of Israeli influence”

    Isn’t this White House policy?

  • Salehi also claimed that by destroying the Jewish state, Iran would be ridding the United States of Israeli influence…

    Isn’t that current White House Policy?

  • zev weinstein

    Thank G-d the State of Israel is strong and alert re when and whether to move. My hope is that the Iranian pigs will hold true to form as cowards. If they are crazy enuf to move they will ensure that Tehran will be a capital city with a few windblown tents and UN
    rescue teams. Certainly their bellicose “brethren will develop fulminant performance anxiety”. Rendering them impotent in battle and elsewhere. viz the birth rates will drop into obscurity. creating joy in the civilized world.

  • Mandrake

    Will the Western civilized countries unite with Israel against this genocidal barbaric apocalyptic government and bomb the hell out of them?

  • Mandrake

    Will the Western civilized countries unite with Israel against this genocidal barbaric crazy apocalyptic government and bomb the hell out of them?

  • Jack HOLAN

    Old General an 8 yr War 1mm Iranian Men dead and nothing to show for it yet you are are celebrating. You say victory is for sure. I’ve lived long enough and seen enough war to tell you Maj Gen Ayatollah in war nothing is for certain unless you’re a fool, are you a foolish man? You assume fissable material generates the most powerful weapon. General be sure the ground you stand on is solid.

  • He tried to kill salman Rushdie,but could not. Like wise he cannot destroy israel. But they may buy israeli arms from India and destroy Israel

  • Yeshayahu Goldfeld

    Israel should wipe out Persia immediately as a preemptive measure against this mad and messianic country and its eager helpers in the anti-Semitic cowardly West .

  • Iran destroy Israel? Why would that malevolent Iranian intention be at all surprising?

    To me, it was always clear that right from his first day in office President Obama has seriatim been following a consistent Mideast policy, the principal purpose of which is the destruction of Israel.

    Appeasing Iran? Frantically leaning on Israel something fierce so that the Jewish State is precluded from a preemptive strike against Iran? What else could it mean except that Barack Obama is thoroughly on Iran’s side seeking to destroy Israel?

    Obama does this simply because he is a “Muslim socialist,” just as he himself explicitly told us on April 28, 2013. Then, he specifically said: “I’m not the strapping young Muslim socialist that I used to be.” But I say — no longer so young, but still a “Muslim socialist,” seeking to destroy Israel!

    Psychologists tell us that authoritatively instructed observers are actually incapable of seeing certain salient realities that are contrary to their embedded preconceptions and prejudice. Thus, those who mistakenly imagine that Barack Obama is by birth and upbringing a member of that USA ethnic group, called “Black American,” are likely to completely miss the evident reality that he always was a “Muslim socialist” determined to destroy Israel.

    Barack Obama never fooled me, not for a moment; nor do I imagine that he ever deceived the wily Benjamin Netanyahu who naturally knows that Barack Obama is a “Muslim socialist,” consistently maneuvering to defeat Israel.

    • Bryna Weiss

      What an absurd bunch of hogwash. You sound so ridiculous! What have you been drinking?

  • No one will Destroy the Zionist entity , except the Messianic Jews.
    The Gods always punish Hubris !

  • Mickey Oberman

    Do not think of this threat as mere bluster.
    Take him at his word.
    Now is the time to do unto Iran what Iran would do unto Israel.
    The longer we wait the more difficult the operation will become.

  • Roberto

    Where is the brain of that iranian general,into the head or between the legs.If he has extra children let he send them like martyrs to destroy Israel.

  • Dr. Levy

    Barak Obama the Muslim/Arab/Traitor American Trojan Horse would also dance for joy if Israel was destroyed along with his “Self Hating American Jews who would never have to worry about Israel’s 2000 plus year struggle to survive. However these self hating american Jews don’t realize that if Israel is ever destroyed the Arabs will hang them up by their balls in Time Square!
    Israel will never be destroyed whether its the Iranians or Obah working to destroy them. Israel will destroy Iran in any war at any time and the Iranians and Obah know that and that’s why all this crap in the media.

  • Joe Khoury

    seems to me the same sort of barking went on with Egypts Nasser in the 50’s then with the ‘mother of all wars’ Sadam Hussein. You’d think that in this day and age , there would be some intelligence being uttered from these so called leaders…

  • nelson marans

    The only ones who do not take these threats seriously are President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. During the negotiations they proved that they are lackeys of the Iranian leaders and inept negotiators.. President Obama and his foreign policy have been a disgrace, with his abject bowing to those seeking to destroy Israel.

  • Those who know how to fight never talk, those who can’t fight never shut up!

  • James Hay

    Iran Or Any Other Enemies Of Israel Will Ever Destroy Israel. It Just Isn’t Going To Happen. Those Like The Delusional And Moronic Iranians Can Threaten Israel But That’s All That Going To Amount To Empty Unrealized Threats.The One True God Is With Israel Against Those Who Wish To Destroy Them. The Muslims Are Worshiping An Non-Existing God And Will Fail In Their Evil Designs For Israel And The Israeli People.

  • Golum

    These arab fools tell so many lies they forget what’s real and what’s not!!!

  • Golum

    …be very careful what you wish Ataollah Salehi…my towelhead friend…it just might be granted….
    Remember The Israeli Air force is now considered to be the best in the world…you will be made into chopped kabobs!!!

    Sooo…ess drek und shtarbn!!!

  • Daniela

    Salehi and the Ayatollah should read Meguilat Esther. Their end will be as it was the end of Haman. The Geula is not going to be as Yetziat Mitzraim but as it was at the time of Mordechai.

  • Jeffrey Ady

    @ Steve Marks: Yes, that would help rid BHO and cronies of one foreign policy irritation.

  • aswanash alehim

    no one will newer destroy yishrael, there will newer be holocausts,iran will know it with eartquakes


    sanektash tah sah

  • Morty Mooze


    Rants & Threats are for Iranian public consumption.
    This kind of hot talk allows these creeps to parrot Ali Kamenei so that may keep their soft, do-nothing “military” jobs.

    Before engaging in war against Israel, the Shite Iran would have to confront the Sunni Saudi Arabia. They may just destroy each other!

    • Mickey Oberman

      Do not count on Arabia for anything.
      They have neither the religion nor the know how nor the courage to be of much use as an ally.

  • Did barak hussein read this?

    • david

      barak co wrote it

    • Ephraim

      Read it? Why do you think he was so hot for his ‘deal’? This is his life’s ambition.

    • Robert Davis

      Steve : obanana knows it from the start he is the responsible guy and deus machina for that chaos.The iranian threat is probably his biggest “success” in his Policy to try wreak havoc in US and Israel’s politics. Those who elected him are the dumbest people on earth!

      • Pearl

        Obama stated from the get go, he will change America from within. He’s destroyed our economy, put us & our our great, great grandchildren into hock up to their eyes balls, he’s placed Muslims into office in the highest levels of government including his cabinet…what does this tell you about the president. Does he really have the well being of this country at heart?
        For all the idiots out there who voted for him not once but twice, you are just as culpable as obanana!!!