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September 30, 2015 2:03 pm

Abbas at UN Vows to Torpedo Oslo Accords, Netanyahu Calls Speech ‘Deceitful’

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. Photo: UN Photo/Cia Pak.

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas addresses the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday. Photo: UN Photo/Cia Pak. – Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas threatened to stop abiding by the 1993 Oslo Accords in a speech at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday, accusing Israel of halting the withdrawal of its forces from disputed territories as stipulated by the peace agreement.

“As long as Israel refuses to commit to the agreements signed with us, which render us an authority without real powers, and as long as Israel refuses to cease settlement activities and to release of the fourth group of Palestinian prisoners in accordance with our agreements, they leave us no choice but to insist that we will not remain the only ones committed to the implementation of these agreements, while Israel continuously violates them,” Abbas said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the speech was “deceitful and encourages incitement and lawlessness in the Middle East.”

Israel did unilaterally withdraw from the Gaza Strip in 2005. Since then, the terror group Hamas has taken over control of the coastal enclave, leading to thousands of rockets being launched at the Jewish state. The latest such rocket was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system over the Israeli city of Ashdod on Wednesday. Israeli officials have expressed concern that a similar situation could arise in Judea and Samaria should Israel withdraw from that region completely.

Abbas also accused Israel of exacerbating tensions on the Temple Mount holy site because of “extremist Israeli group incursions on the Al-Aqsa mosque” at the Jerusalem compound.

“We will not accept this, and the Palestinian people will not allow the implementation of this illegal scheme,” he vowed.

The Temple Mount is administered by the Islamic Waqf, a Muslim trust overseen by Jordan that limits non-Muslim visitation and bans Jewish prayer. An increase in Jewish visitors has been led by Jewish activist groups such as the Temple Institute, which have been calling for greater Jewish access to the Temple Mount.

Earlier this month, Israel blasted a United Nations Security Council statement about the ongoing tension at the Temple Mount, saying the statement “completely ignores” both Palestinian violence and Jewish history at the holy site. In recent weeks, Palestinians have been rioting in the Old City of Jerusalem by throwing rocks and pipe bombs at Jews. On Rosh Hashanah eve, a Palestinian stone-throwing attack killed a 64-year-old Jewish man while he was driving home.

“In contrast to the Palestinians, Israel is strictly maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount and is committed to continuing to do so in accordance with the agreements between us and the Jordanians and the Waqf,” Netanyahu said in reaction to Abbas’s U.N. speech.

Abbas had said, “The Israeli government insists on continuing its destruction of the two-state solution and on entrenchment of two regimes on the ground: an apartheid regime that is currently imposed on the territory of the State of Palestine.” Netanyahu countered, “We expect and call on the [Palestinian] Authority and its leader to act responsibly and accede to the proposal of the prime minister of Israel and enter into direct negotiations with Israel without preconditions.”

The PA, said Abbas, will start its implementation of annulling the Oslo Accords “by all peaceful and legal means. Either the Palestinian National Authority will be the conduit of the Palestinian people from occupation to independence, or Israel, the occupying power, must bear all of its responsibilities.” Netanyahu said the fact that Abbas “time and again” has refused to negotiate directly with Israel “is the best possible proof of the fact he does not intend to reach a peace agreement.”

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  • Palestinian flag was FIRST time presented during the League of Nations.
    But they were in another geographical place…
    Please, look on the map! Whay you say about this?

  • I am surprised that Abbas is even allowed to speak ate that forum as the forum is supposed to keep and monitor peace where and when possible.

  • ironbutterfly

    There are three mosques inside Temple Mount. AlAqsa exists since year 700, two other were built a little later. Before 700, the place where Temple Mount stands today, was a garbage yard for about 300 years. Jews who lived in jerusalem then didn’t care about this garbage place, nobody cared. Until an arab entrepreneur decided to build there a temple, Al-Aqsa. 1300 years Temple Mount exists as a site for muslim prayer. First jewish temple, and second jewish temple existed only very short time, only about 200 years.
    So, Temple Mount is a strictly Muslim site.

    • jeff

      as a response to ironbutterfly,do u know that u r REwritting history…. each of the jewish Holy Temples stood for about 400 years…. And the garbage sight was there ONLY as a response to NOT LETTING jews worship there. WHO R U KIDDING…. This mosque AL-Aqsa is NOT mentioned in the Koran even ONCE. STOP with YOUR CRAP. NO ONE beleives you

    • jeffberkman

      Hey Iron[nic]betterfly…Things are so clear for you! The Muslims are right and the Jews are wrong! What would the world do without you? The Temple Mount is a Holy site. It is not exclusively for the Muslims. The fact that shallow simple minded people like you seek to deny any Jewish rights to access to the site is disrespectful. Muslims, Christians, Jews and others that seek respectful reverence must have reciprocal rights to this shrine.
      While Israel’c concord with the Jordanians and the Waqf has significant problems its record over the last 48 years has provided the best alternative.

    • Frankie

      Hi Iron butterfly

      Its surprising to read your response. You acknowledge that Jewish Temples were build before the Mosque was ever build. How then do you allege that this is a Muslim site?

      You are using lies that have been perpetuated for generations by muslims to hinder the truth to come out. This is not a muslim site. They grabbed it as they have done to many holy sites in Israel.

  • Joel

    Who cares about Abbas!
    Israel should declare a two state solution unilaterally
    Let the chips fall where they will

  • Peter Joffe

    You can only negotiate the type of rope to be used with thse that hate you. Muslims cannot negotiated with as their laws of acceptably behavior are not the same as ours. They are guided by a 4th century barbaric rule book, the Quran that has no place in the 21st Century.

  • Ron Millen

    Abbas achbar!

  • Ephraim

    Well, the UN is committed to antisemitism and philoterrorism. Only against a Jewish state could epithets be hurled because of their wishing to visit their holiest site. Can you imagine Catholics being denied access to the Vatican? Can you imagine Muslims being denied access to Mecca or Medina, or their shrine on the Temple Mount, their THIRD holiest site, and one at which terrorist rockets have been fired? Yet, the pseudo-progressive world DEMANDS that Jews have no access to their holiest site on their own land. When you talk incitement, if it were any situation which did not involve the single Jewish state on earth, public opinion would be blatantly on the side of the victims, and there would be widespread insistence of putting down the riots. However, since it is occurring in Israel, almost no one cares what happens as long as Jews are persecuted, assaulted, and murdered.

  • nelson marans

    If Abbas feels that by annulling the Oslo accords that will lead to a Palestinian Arab state, he is mistaken. Without negotiations with Israel, the situation economically and politically will deteriorate in the Palestinian territories, leading to his ouster and increased reluctance of Israel to establish what can only be a terrorist state in the Palestinian territories.

  • las fronteras d Israel estan definidas en la TORAH, y son esas las que se deben de mantener, ya a Obama le queda poco y todo debe de cambiar

  • ART

    Israel should stop the tariff tax payments, electric and water supplies (unless paid in full and cash on the barrelhead) and when abbas refuses to cooperate on security Israel should lift its protection of his person. Israel should expand every “settlement” and close Jerusalem off to the pa

  • Mickey Oberman

    Rid The Temple Mount of all vestiges of that vile cult, Islam.

    Surely Israel must know by now that Muslims will never be satisfied until they have cleared all evidence of Jews from the Mount.

    They are an uncivilized murderous rabble and must be treated as such.

  • NuritG

    Abbas have just given Israel the key to unleash herself from the Oslo Accord. Netanyahu should have called the speech Hooray NOT Deceitful

  • Jack Holan

    As PM Netanyahu said how many times can Israel reach out to the PA to conduct direct negotiations, be rebutted by Abbas; before this World clearly sees that the PA is not serious about the Peace Process but is waging a different kind of War and the World seems to be duped by it.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    This speech was very predictable in my view. Mr. Abbas and his predecessor Mr. Arafat could put on a show for the UN audience par excellence. What does he mean when he states that the PA will annul the Accords “by all peaceful and legal means”? With the violence of the last two weeks in mind and the fact that he PA is not a sovereign country, how can it be construed to conduct any dissolution of agreement with Israel in a nonviolent, legal manner? In my mind, I am very concerned about a third intifada, because a large segment of the Palestinian population in both Gaza and Judea and Samaria have recently been polled to be supportive of violence. I hope that the poll is inaccurate.

    Mr. Netanyahu’s response is spot on. What else can he say at this time? Both sides would need to talk directly without outsiders, including the US and the EU, intervening. I would be absolutely flabbergasted if Mr. Abbas would agree to direct negotiations without preconditions at this time.