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October 2, 2015 3:17 pm

Palestinians Launch Fireworks, Wave Flags to Celebrate Brutal Murder of Israeli Couple

avatar by Shiryn Solny

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Members of the Fatah organization celebrated the terror attack. Photo: Twitter.

Members of the Palestinian Fatah faction celebrated the terror attack. Photo: Twitter.

Throngs of Palestinians took to the streets on Thursday night to celebrate the brutal slaying of an Israeli couple in a shooting attack in the West Bank.

The festivities included the launching of fireworks and the waving of flags in the streets, Ofir Gendelman, a spokesperson for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Gendelman posted on Twitter a photo of the scene. Most of the flying banners were of the Palestinian Fatah faction, the armed wing of which claimed responsibility for the attack that killed Eitam and Naama Henkin. Revelers in Nablus, near the site of the shooting, set off fireworks, he said, adding that Palestinians on social media networks were “ecstatic” about the killings.

The Henkins, who were in their early 30s, were shot dead on Thursday night in northern Samaria while travelling in their vehicle near the Palestinian village of Beit Furik. Paramedics found them at the scene with bullet wounds to their torsos. Their four children, who were in the backseat of the car, were unharmed. The couple was buried on Har Hamenuchot in the Givat Shaul neighborhood of Jerusalem on Friday morning.

Leading members of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, Azzam Al-Ahmad and General Sultan Abu Al-Einen, praised the attack, Gendelman said. He added that General Al-Einen, who serves as Abbas’ adviser on NGOs, called for more attacks on Israelis.

Rival Palestinian terror group Hamas also applauded the attack. Spokesman Husam Badran congratulated Palestinians on the killings and referred to the shooting as a “heroic operation.”

Israel Defense Forces spokesman Peter Lerner said on Thursday that the IDF will deploy four battalions in the West Bank to prevent an escalation of violence and to search for the gunmen. He called the incident a “ruthless, heinous barbaric attack.”

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  • isaac

    Why isn’t this shown on CNN or other news stations? They should be exposed for the cowards that they are.

  • RiverKing

    Help me out here. What was unique about this couple that made their murders so important to Palestinians? Were they both high level government officials or maybe they were both IDF heroes?

    In any case, do Palestinians not understand that civilized people everywhere look on the murder of this couple as the absolute extreme of cowardice?

  • Steven Richardson

    What a despicable group of savages. What’s the difference between those that celebrate killing people in this manner and ISIS? One uses a knife across the throat and the other bullets.No difference. Immoral savages.

    And these are the folks the liberal left in the US feel such sympathy for. The left has really lost their moral compass.

    • jeremy

      Difference is one is reported on the side of the victim, and one is reported on the side of the perpetrator, and has been throughout Jewish history, and leftist Jews make money off of it throughout as well.

  • Zahra

    Death to all of them. this is a big shame to celebrate the sadness of a family who lost their life. That is why all Palestinian are hated specially in middle eastern. They are animal who breath dirt worst that poor pigs. Death to all of them soon.

  • Steve Kraus

    What do you expect from barbarians. These people are nothing but thugs, murderers and sub humans.

  • Michael

    The next time they celebrate like that, the IDF should deploy helicopter gunships to remove them.

  • peter schwarz

    evry step, must be taken,to protect,and defend,Eretz,Israel, and for jews-worldwide, in Diasporah.

  • veronoica bekker

    This is not heroic bue the worst display of cowardice and demonic barbarism. We take comfort in the knowledge that our Lord God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps and sees all, and they will suffer His wrath to come. My heart felt sympathy to the children and family of this couple.

  • sifter

    Since there is no longer any practical difference between Fatah ‘ moderates’ and Hamas genocidal murderers, Israel should simply terminate these Fatah heads who celebrate and egg on more attacks. Bibi’s Red Lines have become red with Jewish blood.

  • Ephraim

    Was Obama there celebrating with them?

  • Eric Chanin

    What sort of subhuman behavior from these animals is this? Is the human life so devalued by these animals that they celebrate the deaths of innocents. Where is the world condemnation? Sickening

  • Weardsteall

    This people are evil and barbarous,how can any civilized state live beside such vicious ,twisted criminals. It is time for Israel to solve this problem once for all;she must be allowed to inflict total and utter defeat on the Palestinian terrorists.

  • Larry A. Singleton

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    • david junkins

      Larry: Your experience with Facebook is not isolated. I read where others have also been deleted and blocked. Mark Zuk. has taken upon himself to be our ‘big brother’ in whatever he does or does not believe in. For this reason I never use Facebook. Most of my friends continually use it to socialize etc. but Mark takes note of our content and sells/ it to Obama and his minions. So me and my wife do not use it. If someone wants to contact me personally they can e-mail me directly. Even our e-mail is being monitored and given to the feds though but not as blatant as Mark does.

  • Cecil

    That’s the way with cowards to seek out innocent people to kill. The rest have moved to Europe. Those people aren’t going to shoot back either and look here–free lunch.

  • Never a Dhimmi

    Is there still anyone who has not yet understood that Nazis do not speak only German and that the solution to the problem of the Arabic-speaking Nazis is the same that was used against the German-speaking Nazis, and the sooner the better, before more blood is spilled?

  • Israel je vojni zločinac

  • jeremy

    Has any non-Jewish media reported this? No.

    Would they, without psychotic brainwashing and spin? No.

    Has any non-Jewish media reported that this has been a weekly behavior for 30 years? No.

    Have they ever reported this in 80 years since the Muslim Brotherhood handed out its first flyers that the Jews are “taking over” the Western Wall? No.

    Has any media reported when Jordan shot Jews on site, in Jerusalem for 20 years? No.

    Has any Jewish or non-Jewish media ever reported any Antisemitic genocidal behavior in all Islamic law systems, whether sometimes slightly temporarily ignored or not? No.

  • Mordecai Ben Natan

    Time for the UN to stop attacking Israel.
    Time for the UN to be disbanded.

    What is the rest of the world saying about this savage brutal murder?
    They will still blame Israel.

    Time for Israel to close the gates to any Palestinian, and not to treat any of them in Israeli hospitals

    Time for Israel to introduce the death penalty for terrorism.

  • Mark A

    What a sick mindset; murder innocent unarmed people by shooting them point black with rifles and then celebrate by partying in the streets.

    There can be no negotiation of peace with people who think like this.

    I think I’ll show my support for Israel by buying another State of Israel bond.

  • Linda Rivera

    Not one more pound, euro, dollar or shekel to the Enemies of all Non-Muslims – the evil, satanic Palestinian Authority Muslim Terrorist Organisation Occupation Forces.

    Not one more inch of God-given Jewish Holy Land to the Spawn of Satan.

    And God said, “What have you done? The voice of your brother’s blood cries out to Me from the ground.”

  • yussi

    All subhuman barbarians. They are unfit to live in any form of civilized society.Israel should just level gaza and do the world a favor by eliminating this kind of scum from the earth.

  • Julian Clovelley

    No “buts” – The murders were an outrage – there is no question of that. I am deeply horrified by the perpetration and celebration of these despicable acts of human cruelty

    English writing style would habitually put the word “but” in at this point, an annoying link word that automatically, but often unintentionally, modifies the preceding statement. So leave the “but” out. We should all try to get in the habit of not using that word so freely

    The settlements should not be in the West Bank. Israeli children should not be being driven round the West Bank. Israel should not be trying to “occupy” and regulate, through policing, the West Bank. The religious delusion that the West Bank belongs to “Jews” by Divine Donation should be treated as the deluded fantasy, driven by abuse of archaic and inaccurate mythology that it is

    The dangers of the situation are escalating rapidly in the Middle East to the point where wars are becoming more in the nature of Genocides. A return to the internationally agreed borders is essential or there will never be the essential starting point on which peace can be built – or even a successful protection of civilians

    It is not about “but” – It is about a catalogue of wrongs for which the Middle East, Muslim and Jewish communities outside the regions and the whole world is paying far too high a price

    The silence Bibi brought before the UN may well be appropriate

    The trouble is he cant seem to hear it himself…

  • David Wismer

    From Canada, my sincere condolences to all who suffered because of this barbaric act.

  • This is an obscene act of terrorism but can anything less be expected of so called palestinians. May the family find peace on this Shabbat Eve and may these terrorists be caught and receive just punishment.

  • danny kid

    Do today what should have been done in 1967. Declare that Aza, Shomron and Yehuda are muslim occupied Jewish Lands and move the barbarians out.

  • Mickey Oberman

    There you have a perfect picture of the pseudo Palestinians.

    They are brutal, bloodthirsty, howling savages. They lack even the tiniest vestige of humanity, of human dignity or sensitivity. Even love is not one of their characteristics as they willingly kill and celebrate the deaths of their very own kin. Wild boar are more humane and human than they are.

    There is no reasoning with them.
    Send them back to their places of origin or kill them.
    There is no other choice.

  • Gregory

    Monsters. This is why the Palestinians will always be losers. They can go live on their flag pole at the UN.

  • The Watchman

    This is the text of my letter to my MP having read of this outrage.

    Dear Bob,

    You may wish to pass this link to that moron in the Foreign Orifice who relayed via you that patronising garbage passed off as an explanation.

    Perhaps you could get Tobias Ellwood MP a book on middle Eastern history as opposed to the utter nonsense about “occupied territories” etc.

    What has Mr Ellwood to say for himself at this celebration for killing JEWS, not “settlers”, JEWS, not ” zionists “, JEWS?

    If the Foreign Orifice under a Conservative administration is so negative to Israel, why should we as a community support the Conservative Party.

    If the Conservative Party can back the formation of a so-called “Palestinian” state and instruct our craven “ambassador” to the despot filled UN to do likewise and ignore the incitement to Jew killing by the PA in its schools, training camps and mosques while condemning Israel in every single bogus “resolution” that vile organisation concocts, why should we as a community support you?

    There isn’t even any pretence, the UK votes AGAINST Israel every single time, not even a damned abstention. We are NOT friends of Israel, we are at best “fair weather friends”, we won’t even supply ammunition to help them defend themselves, yet we considered arming the Syrian ” rebels” when we didn’t even know who they are, the same”rebels” who kill Jews, Christians, Yazidis and the “wrong sort” of Muslims.

    As far as our choices go as Jews it is between a Conservative Party that seemingly sees no problem in the institutionalised Jew hatred and anti-Israel attitudes in the FCO and the UN and does nothing about it, and a Labour party infested with toytown Trots who do likewise but more overtly.

    Perhaps Tobias Ellwood will now read the attached article and will express in Parliament, horror and regret at this senseless killing of an innocent family by so-called “Palestinians” and he will likewise, PUBLICLY condemn the PA for their constant incitement and for their celebration of Jew Killing .

    I’d like to think that he would do the honourable thing, but I suspect that a formation of pigs will fly over Kenton to land at Northolt before the FCO condemns the so-called “Palestinians” for their barbarity.

    A comment or apology from Mr Ellwood would be appreciated.


  • Linda Golden

    Get out of the Wedt Bank and let these animals kill each other.

  • Not only shocking but disgusting. How can anyone celebrate with ecstasy the death of these people, with a disregard to their children? Israelis doi not celebrate with “ecstasy” thedeath of >palestinians nor does teh rest of tewhworld. On the contrary, we pray that the hostilities cease and reach a peaceful coexistence. This “tragic dispute” is nearly 70 years old. These Arabs are sick. They did the same joy on the tragedy of the WTC in 9/11. Let´s throw them some bacon rinds to counter this insult of celebrating the death of two young parents.

  • art frank

    What they have done tells the civilized world what they are: A race of inbred savages. The females are most likely ululating like animals and passing out sweets. Typical reaction to murder.

  • Michael Mayben

    This is the barbarism of Muslims. It’s what is within the heart and mind of Muslims. How could any race of human beings be this barbaric. It takes pure evil for people of the Islamic faith to celebrate the murder of innocent human beings. The Islamic religion is so vile it should for all reasons be wiped from existence for the sake of humanity.

  • brenrod

    to be frank, something is wrong with Jews…. they go on and on seeking peace with animals. they win the wars and still lose. the israeli left is the most responsible for dead Jews. Why doesnt the GOI go and kill all members of fatah?????

  • Benjamin Godder

    That`s why there is no even a slight chance to have any agreement with those Nazi Barbarians the same as no agreement with Hitler was possible ever and the British learned it the hard way.The leftist still do not understand it.

  • LS

    To be fair, this looks like a pretty small group of young males.