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October 8, 2015 11:50 am

Father of Palestinian Stabbing Attack Perpetrator in Jerusalem: ‘I Am Proud of My Son and What He Did’

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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The Old City of Jerusalem. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Old City of Jerusalem. Photo: Wikipedia.

The father of a 19-year-old Palestinian man who went on a stabbing and shooting spree in Jerusalem on Friday said he was “proud” of what his son did, apparently under the pretense of religiosity, the International Business Times reported on Thursday.

“I am proud of my son and what he did − he has done what 1.5 million Muslims have failed to do,” said Shafiq Halabi, who’s son, Muhannad, was shot dead by Israeli police last Saturday, after he fatally stabbed two ultra-Orthodox Jewish men — off-duty soldier Aharon Bennett (21) and settler activist Rabbi Nahamia Lavi (41) — as well as wounding Bennett’s wife (22) and two-year-old son.

Shafiq noted that his son was a “polite,” albeit slightly rebellious, child and said he was unaware of his son’s intentions when he left him at the bus stop in Ramallah earlier that day, bound for the university at which he was a student.

According to the Times, Halabi had posted messages on his Facebook wall heralding the outbreak of a “third intifada,” or armed resistance against Israel, especially over ongoing clashes at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Judaism’s holiest site and Islam’s third holiest.

The security situation across Israel has crumbled over the past week, with several fatal attacks against Jews in the West Bank and in and around Jerusalem, as well as stabbings with weapons ranging from a screwdriver to kitchen knives, outside the Tel Aviv IDF Headquarters and targeting military personnel in Kiryat Gat.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu earlier this week laid out a series of security measures meant to tackle the concerning rise in terrorist attacks — many of them labeled “lone-wolf” attacks — and blamed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for fanning the flames of violence by accusing Jews of desecrating Islamic holy places like the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Among the measures are the expediting of the razing of terrorists’ homes, increased use of administrative detention and dispatching more security personnel in flashpoint areas. Security forces erected several metal detectors around the Old City of Jerusalem on Thursday, in an ateempt to stem the rising tide of attacks.


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  • Mickey Oberman

    “…..Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for fanning the flames of violence by accusing Jews of desecrating Islamic holy places like the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

    The Muslim rioters barricade themselves inside al-Aksa along with their rocks and fireworks and Molotov cocktails.
    Rather than try to get them out, Israeli security should seal all the access/egress points and toss in Israeli fire bombs.
    All in the interest, of course, of cleansing the structure of its desecrating filth in preparation for its removal to a Muslim country.

  • Elaina

    I do not care what happens to the father, and I do not want to know that the father and all the family are healthy and free to wander around Israel doing their harm.

  • Atilla

    Israel must expel every one these murderous
    ‘Palestinian’ scum from within its borders.

    Their continued existence is an affront to the civilized world and must end.

  • Paul

    The pride of the muslims is their curse.
    This same pride is what makes father slit the throats of their daughters if they are raped.

  • Wm. J. Levy

    Nothing has changed. Arab leaders keep their people in poverty and refugee camps paid for by U.S. taxpayers since 1949 and they are fed a steady diet of hatred for Jews, Israel and the West.

    Their maps and books paid again by Americans are full of lies and distortions but it seems no one cares. Egypt openly sells Mein Kampf in their bookstalls and no one cares.

    Now we are in the beginning of another Intifada and innocent Israelis and soldiers are being killed.

    The Arabs only understand force and strength. Sheer terror is called for and this father should be made to be a laughing stock throughout the world and to be shown as a fool.

    Their leaders have expensive villas in Europe and the U.S. while they live without adequate food and water.

    They’re too stupid to rise up against them. Oh yes, they did and we got Hamas in Gaza and Iran was the winner again.

  • And that is exactly what I have been saying for the longest time, the immediate and extended families of all the terrorists have to be deported and their homes demolished, only then will you see that the parents will take a more active role in properly bringing up their children.

  • Tony Trenton

    We are in an Intifada now !!!

    THIS IS THE END GAME FOR THE ‘FAKE’ PA. That the Egyptian Terrorist Arafat INVENTED 50 YEARS AGO !!!

    The ‘fake PA’ are the occupiers in the Jewish Land of Israel.


    • Streelsh

      Actually if you believe Lt General Ion Mihai Pacaepa – the head of Communist Rumania’s intelligence service and the highest communist to defect DURING the Cold War (he defected in 1977 or 1978 I don’t remember)the PLO was not a creation of Yassir Arafat’s nut actually “a creation of the KGB” (in interview on – March 2004)

  • Now Mr Halabi can refer to his late son (but for sure, he’ll be claiming the PA pension).

  • Sheldon Tupperman

    The father of this terrorist is proud of of the “heroic” deed of his son who no doubt will be declared a “martyr” by the PA, Hamas, etc. and as such will be received with open arms in Allah’s paradise, where he’ll be rewarded with a harem of 72 virgins (assuming that this killer had heterosexual inclinations) and other amenities, that’s why I can’t understand why the friends, relatives, etc. swear revenge when they get killed by the army or the police when they try to make more victims among the Israeli population, they should be elated that such an individual is having such a great time…

  • Michael Garfinkel

    “Among the measures are the expediting of the razing of terrorists’ homes, increased use of administrative detention and dispatching more security personnel in flashpoint areas.”

    OK, if that’s the case, why isn’t Shafiq Halabiof, who applauds his murderer son, not already in administrative detention?

    Why does he still have a home to return to, when he finishes his press interviews?

    Just when, exactly, are the Israelis going to get serious about all this?

  • tobi love

    I am sure he is proud of his son. Now, because his son sacrificed his life to murder innocent people, Shafiq can collect a monthly income. Most parents want their children to grow up, get a job, support themselves, have a family of their own, and lead happy, productive lives. Shaft doesn’t seem at all upset that his son will never do any of these things.

  • art frank

    Shows the mindset of these inbred savages. He’s proud his son is a murderer. The Israelis have to put these savages down. You can’t let them exist and breed. Their brood sows produce these savages prodigiously. Put them all down.

  • David S

    Very sad. The father should be deported.

  • Seared Conscience
    Those who praise this behavior are showing this debilitating
    effect,by praising and ignoring the wrong,and collaborating in it.

  • shloime

    temple mount is not “islam’s third holiest site”!

    according to moslem scholars, the real al-aqsa mosque mentioned in the koran, must be located in arabia. the mosque on temple mount was built to deny access to the jewish and christian holy site, and the myth of it being “al-aqsa” was added later, long after the death of mohammed.

    its supposed “holiness” varies widely, depending on the need to rally “the faithful” to wrest it away from the infidel. which might explain why it was neglected to the point of collapse, or why NO arab leaders, other than the king of jordan, visited the supposedly third holiest site in islam during the 20 years that it was under jordanian occupation.

  • Wake-up world to the real Muslim mission.

    Israel has no choice but to continue to fight for its survival with a unified people and a unified nation.
    I have long said, this is not about land, but extermination of a nation, religion and culture which is not accepted by another, I have actually asked the question, what if there was no ‘holy land’. Say a natural disaster, dissolving the place into nothing, but not the people. Would the Arabs still fight? Well, the answer was chilling and emphatic, it saddened me greatly. The answer was over and over, “we have the right to kill all non believers”. I have read and re-read everything, from both sides, also, many non-biased writings.

    I have come to the conclusion that Israel must protect herself in every way possible or face genocide. The Arab countries have terrorized and expelled over a million Jewish families and their children, confiscated all their assets, businesses, homes and Real estate totaling over 120,000 sq. km. or 75,000 sq. miles (which is 6 times the size of Israel) and valued in the trillions of dollars. Those expelled Jewish families were resettled in Israel and account for over half the population of Israel today.
    Those in power in the Arab-Palestinian leadership have rejected again and again any and all attempts to recognize Israel’s right to exist. They continue to teach their children to hate, terror and violence. They behave no different to other Muslims in the world. Look around the world; wherever there is Muslims, there is conflict and genocide.
    Don’t start with who was there first, even-though in actuality there has never been an Arab-Palestinian Nation, but there has been a Jewish Nation there for the past 4000 years, the Jews are the only surviving indigenous people, although sometimes occupied. Israel has won and liberated its historical ancestral land in a defensive War; possession is nine tenths of the law. Israel is the rightful successor, having won and liberated its land in war forced upon it, numerous times. Sadly, it will continue, because when one Arab culture wants another’s elimination, there is no talking.
    I hope Israel does not concede to any of the Arab demands, or give up any more land, because they will only make themselves more vulnerable and endanger the safety and security of its citizens. Israel must undue all its concessions, since the Arabs did not abide by any of the agreements.

    The Muslim mission in the world is not only Israel but the rest of the infidel non-believers. Might I remind you, on 911, there was Arab terrorists who wished our extermination, right here in America. This will continue until education and humanity replaces a hatred, for no other reason, than to not accept that you exist.
    The Muslims have killed over 500 million people since its inception 1500 years ago, and they will continue to kill anyone who they consider is an infidel. They have colonized the Middle East over the years. Furthermore, they are slowly but surely taking over Europe, and if we are not careful to protect ourselves, they will take over the United States and other countries. Then we the non-believers would have no place for safety.
    YJ Draiman