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October 11, 2015 12:37 pm

Israeli Traffic Cop Who Prevented Possible Mass Murder Recounts Encountering Female Terrorist (VIDEO)

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Israel Police Sgt.-Maj. Moshe Chen. Photo: Channel 2 Online/Screenshot.

Israel Police Sgt.-Maj. Moshe Chen. Photo: Channel 2 Online/Screenshot.

The Israeli traffic cop who prevented what could have been a major terrorist attack in Jerusalem Sunday morning recounted details of the event from his hospital bed for Israel’s Channel 2.

Sergeant Major Moshe Chen, a senior Israel Police officer, was injured in the failed suicide bombing – committed by a female terrorist — that took place in a vehicle at the A-Zaim checkpoint near Ma’aleh Adumim. With burns covering his face and body, Chen had managed to phone for medical help and back-up.

Chen, 45, described driving home to Jerusalem from a shift at work and noticing the woman’s car behind him, mainly because she was in the lane reserved for public transportation, security vehicles and cars with three or more passengers. She aroused his suspicion, however, when she began tailgating him at a fast pace. It was then that he stopped and went to her window.

“Luckily, I [had on] a bullet-proof vest,” he said. “I told her she was in violation of the traffic laws. And then she shouted, ‘Allahu akbar!’ – and smoke began to billow out of her car. I thought something was burning, so I went to get a fire extinguisher. Suddenly there was an explosion, and I realized she was a terrorist.”

While Chen suffered burns, the terrorist was flung from her car, and was clearly seriously wounded. Because of this, Chen said, he told onlookers who began to gather at the scene “not to shoot because she was already injured and the danger had passed.”

Chen continued: “I [later learned] that there was also a gas canister in the car, and that I had prevented a greater tragedy. This is why we serve in the police department, to protect the lives of civilians. I didn’t expect this would happen to me. I am always kept abreast of each terrorist attack, and I didn’t think I would be [involved in one.] I am nervous and emotional right now, as it dawns on me that I could have died, and yet here I am, alive and well.”

Chen said that when his four children arrived at the Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem, where he is being treated for his injuries, his eldest son called him a “hero.”

“I’ve been with the police for 33 years,” Chen concluded. “I have been through two intifadas, and I hope this one will be over as soon as possible.”

The terrorist was identified as a 31-year-old resident of Jericho. She was evacuated from the scene by Magen David Adom paramedics and taken to Hadassah Medical Center in Ein Kerem for treatment. She remains in critical condition.

Watch a video of Chen’s comments from his hospital bed below (Hebrew): 

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  • Tamas Foldes

    Very sad as a holocaust camp survivor to realize that this people hat us…Let her die

    • Tamas Foldes

      Very sad that after so many bad years we went trough all the killings,as a holocaust camp survivor send my best wishes to a hero. Shalom

  • A real hero indeed, and doing his duty while being alert. Israelis must be suspicious of any “Arab” driving a vehicle. Fanatism makes them break traffic laws.
    I only ask and wonder if anyone has ever explained to these medieval minded Arabs, that there is a hell and a heaven after this life. If anyone breaks God´s laws, he or she will end up in hell.
    The Arab myth of reaching 72(?) virgins, for males in the afterlife if you murder disbelievers, is Bull Sh**. Now for women doing the same, will they get 72 boyfriends in the afterlife?

    • morgan beaglemann

      Everybody knows that Arabs are incapable of an erection and that is why there is all this bluster about sex in the afterlife!

  • Al Cinamon

    Now the doctors in Israel will save her life so she can become a suicide bomber once again. They should just let her die!

  • Al Cinamon

    Now the doctors in Israel will save her life so she can so she can become a suicide bomber once again. They should just let her die!

  • I hope she dies.

  • ISRAEL time for military and IAF action full scale. No peace can be achieved with Moslems. Putin would probably advise same, this cannot go on. Deport the lot of them.

  • Speedy recovery.

  • If the Arabs cannot live in peace with the Jews in Greater Israel, the only solution is to evict them to Jordan or Gaza. Enough is enough.

    It’s time for Israel to take off the gloves and take the necessary steps to protect the Jewish people in Israel. One of the fundamental obligations of the government is to protect its citizens at all costs.

    Israel must adopt a policy of zero tolerance. By pacifying the Arabs and the world nations, Israel’s government is failing to take care of the Jewish people. It should not be necessary to remind the government that the Jewish people have suffered for over 2000 years at the hands of other people or nations who terrorized the Jewish people in Diaspora.
    Now the Jews in their own country must be protected at all costs. Israel has the power, means and resources to stop the ghetto mentality. Israel’s government must overcome the leftist attitude and their delusional mentality, Israel must hit hard all terrorists and perpetrators of violence with a no reprieve, “damn the torpedoes” policy.
    If the current government cannot protect its people, its time to change the government. Less talk and more action and results.

    Anyone who promotes terror and violence is as guilty as the perpetrators and must be punished and not ignored.

    Israel should send troops to arrest Abbas for inciting violence. He is not above the law.

    Any person or group who incites violence against the Jewish people must be declared an enemy of Israel and treated as such.

    YJ Draiman

    • Boris Kapilevich

      I am completely agree with Mr.Draiman. It is time to stop the terrorists and murderers. Passive response to the wave of the everyday attacks shows that the government absolutely not capable to do their job – protect life of citizens of Israel in their own country. This government must go! When Arabs killing Jews every single day, PM’s promises mean nothing but lies.

  • Tony Trenton

    The ‘fake PA’ are meant to be Martyrs for the New Islam Only World.

    They are not meant to survive the final conflict !!!

    They were never intended to make a peaceful settlement with Israel.




    • Luigi Rosolin

      Agree with you Tony the Islam ideology of superiority and imposition by force of the cult is blending well with the most non Jews resident. The only real help will come by the most high but Israel had to suffer unfurtunally more probably by the hand of the Islamic ideology that ride the hate against Jews, Christians and all world. Prophesy will be fulfil and at the end Jesus the Christ will be the one who reign from the new Jerusalem. For near God is limiting is intervention.

  • Tony Trenton

    The job of the Muslim, ‘fake PA’ THAT ARAFAT INVENTED 50YEARS AGO. Is to antagonize Israel into Military conflict.

    The demise of Israel would be the TRIGGER for the 150,000,000 Jihadists around the world to commence the Koranic directive of cutting the throats of ‘Infidels’,around the world.

    In preparation for their ISLAM ONLY WORLD, Without Infidels !

    ME Muslims want their ‘War of Blood as predicted. With their ‘MAHDI’ Leading them to a glorious victory over the “Infidels”

    Bibi is well aware of the implications and is the very best PM to lead us through this escalating ME conflict.

    • Luigi Rosolin

      That is what they thing and is correct in one way as they Mahdi is satan or one of is helper. But prophesy of Daniel Ch:12 that from the take away of the sacrifice and the standing of abomination will be 1290 day(years)and blessed are those who wait and remain until the end of the 1335 days! We are close by before the last thing when Jews saved will be rescue! As islam had take over Israel circa on the year 637 + 1290= 1927+45= 2017 (1335-1290=45) and build the Mosque at the Mount Mouth is close by. Also Israel will from 1948 to 2018 (one week)70 years protection from G-d. After? Probably the rapture of believer of Jesus take away and start of the 7 years with the antichrist standing in Jerusalem. I know most Jews still not accept Jesus as the Christ but that G-d plane also. G-d will honour his name and will bless the Jews but not because they are less sinful, but for the sake of His Holy Name! Fear not as I’m with you!

  • Sheila

    You and all of Israel are in my prayers from sun up to late at night…..may G-d heal you quickly and completely, may you know His Shalom. I pray healing, health both physical and emotional, may you be strengthened daily. Thank you for being there and protecting the People of Israel. You ARE a hero!!!

  • David

    I give the woman terrorist my blessing that she soon be among the 72 Virgins provided to a dead terrorist male.

  • a yid

    kol hakavod to this man, may he have refuah shalema.
    but please, israel, answer one question: why are you “treating” this terrorist at the hospital? why!!?? why??!!

  • Arnest Mekvan

    Great job! Moshe Chen. The ‘hero’ of Israel. God bless you and make you fit and fine in few days. We pray for your early recovery. May god bless your family members.

    With best wishes.

    Dr A. K. Mekvan from Gujarat India.

  • ART

    A terrorist is spared, given $100,000’s of medical attention even though she is clearly a terrorist and the NY Times will condemn Israel as will the EU un and others. The pa, plo, syrians, hamas deny medical attention or even the return of the bodies and all are silent.
    From now on just kill the terrorists we are condemned anyway

  • Wendy Gardner

    Get well soon, sir! I wish we had more like you over here in the States, and we could use some of your “onlookers” as well, ready to protect their people. Your son is right–you are a hero.

  • Thomas

    Thank you for your service Sgt-Maj Chen and making this world a safer place!

  • A brave person you are. I pray your recovery will be quick and painless. Good job well done.

  • George Jones

    Unless they think that she may be able to provide information about other terrorists I can see no reason to spend a lot of money keeping her perverted as* alive so if she lives they can spend more money to have her go on trial. Left to me I would torture her as soon as she is able to talk and make her last few hours hell on earth. She has earned her death and If I could make it the worst thing she could ever experience. Nothing so nice as water boarding.

  • Mark Anderson

    Full and speedy recovery Sgt. Major.

  • Atilla

    I wish Sergeant Major Moshe Chen a rapid recovery.

    Israel is so fortunate to have security forces of the courage and quality that they do.

    The onlookers, though , should have shot the terrorist. A dead scorpion cannot sting or breed.

  • Sofia B

    Thank G-d for Israelis, who have been taught from an early age to understand danger and try to prevent terrible tragedies. Sergeant Major Moshe Chen, you are a Hero, and we suffer and feel your pain, that you are living through right now. Your children are proud of you and so are we, and we thank you whether in Israel, or in Canada, as is where I am.

    We are all in danger from cowards and murderers who have nothing but hate and destruction, offer nothing else to the world.

  • nelson marans

    An important lesson to be learned is that a terrorist can be a man, woman or child. While previous security actions have been taken against male Palestinian Arabs of a defined age group, recent events demonstrate that anyone regardless of sex, age or appearance can if indoctrinated be a terrorist,increasing the danger to the Israeli public.

  • Elmo Glick

    So, he’s 45 years old and has been with the police for 33 years?