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October 13, 2015 11:30 am

Mothers Rush to Pull Children From Ra’anana Pre-schools; Shops, Restaurants Deserted Following Stabbing Attacks

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Israeli Paramedics on the scene of a terror attack. Photo: Magen David Adom.

Israeli Paramedics on the scene of a terror attack. Photo: Magen David Adom.

“Due to the security situation, the shop will be closed today,” was among the signs that could be seen this afternoon in Ra’anana, the Israeli news site Walla reported.

Ra’anana, a city of 80,000 in Israel’s central Sharon region known for its clean streets, quality education system and large English-speaking community, experienced two Palestinian terrorist attacks on Tuesday morning. And its citizens are responding with trepidation.

The closing of some stores on the city’s main street, Ahuza, was one reaction to the stabbing attacks, one of which occurred at around 8:50 a.m., and the other at 10:30. Parents of pre-schoolers, too, became concerned and ran to kindergartens to take their children home.

“We are aware of the reality [in the country],” a shop-owner who witnessed the first attack, at a nearby bus stop told Walla. “But when it comes close to you, it’s unpleasant and scary. We always thought that this would only happen in Jerusalem; we didn’t believe Ra’anana would become a terror-struck city.”

At a municipal kindergarten nearby, a teacher’s assistant told nrg that she has been constantly checking the window to see who is outside. “One of the mothers phoned and said she was coming to pick up her child,” she said. “She’s right; there is no security guard.”

Within minutes, the mother in question arrived at the school to collect her son. “Of course it’s nerve-wracking,” she told Walla. “Ra’anana is [normally] a calm city.”

Unlike the attacks in Jerusalem during the same hours — which left 3 dead and dozens wounded, some critically — those in Ra’anana resulted “only” in the light-to-moderate wounding of 3 people. But residents of the Holy City are more used to living with violence or the threat of it, due to the delicate population balance and Temple Mount controversies.

A restaurant owner in the area of the second attack in Ra’anana, which took place across from the Loewenstein Rehabilitation Hospital, said it’s the first time his establishment has been so empty. He also claimed his fellow restaurateurs are experiencing the same phenomenon, because “people are afraid to leave their houses.”

“Even during Operation Protective Edge [last summer’s war in Gaza, when Hamas rockets were launched into the center of Israel on a daily basis] it wasn’t this deserted,” he said.

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  • Nothing I can do but offer those Parents suffering such anguish my deepest sympathy. All too easy for us to look the other way! I will always look straight ahead and condemn those whose perpetration of these vile acts, act against us all!

  • Jonah

    It’s a time for war not retailing! All the props are in place. The Palestinians no Israel is surrounded by its well armed enemy’s. They also suspect the President of the U.S. Is leading the pack and very discretely putting in place those situations which forcefully draw other players into the quagmire who were on the side lines are now at the forefront of the battle in order to protect themselves from the western lead caliphate. Israel, you must understand this is closing time for your enemy’s and Especially the Palestinians. They must be the catalyst! They will create a situation where as Israel is forced to defend itself the rest of the world and the lieing press will spin it so it appears Israel is the aggressor. All those forces that are fighting Isis will then turn their attention to Israel as the aggressor and may very well attempt to join forces to eradicate your country. This was and has been Gods plan for our President….which I can say he has done an impeccable Job of carrying out. I do have respect for Obsma because he has been the torch bearer and taskmaster formulating the plan for the take down of Israel. He is a genious he duped not only Russia but also China. But, Russia and China should take heed they are now blips on the screen of Gods radar. Now God had Obsama gather all the forces in the world in one place at one I time so he can destroy them. God has one other message for the world. The U.S. As conspirator of this scheme if not destroyed by Russia, if not destroyed by China, if not destroyed by Iran, will be and I will restate ….Will Be destroyed by God. The world can thank Obsama for Revelation 18, the great Satan is going down. God does have a message for Russia and China, “You have not crossed my red lines yet be very careful as you walk the guantlet”. “I love your people’s and your country’s….but if you raise my ire I will destroy you…in due time. Do not forget, Isreal is the apple of my eye and like an eagle I will protect my nest! Don’t be fool enough to test me on this!”

  • Peter Joffe

    We are at war with Islam. The press cannot see it that this is simply the path to open war. This is Kristal Nacht 2015. The press plays their violins whilst Israel burns not realizing that they are next. No one is safe from Islam – no one as even Islam is going to move back into the dark ages and everyone will hate everyone else. What a glorious future we have in store for us!!!

    • You are so wrong Peter Joffe. You are not at War with Islam. Israel is not at War with Islam! The Jews are not at War with Islam! It is time to quit these accusations. Israel is at War with Islamic fundamentalists who insist upon killing Jews. Let us call this what it is! Racist scum attempting to terrorize the Jewish People into reaction on too broad a front.

  • ART

    And Obama/Kerry even Hillary are SILENT. But heaven forbid Jews want to build a home.

  • Edna

    You mean the baaaa baaaaa who keeps making such enormous booo boooos that have encouraged the bestiality of Palestinian Arab terrorists vis à vis the Israeli population?

  • I live in Raanana and plan to have a falafel on Ahuza for lunch Wednesday. I am sure I will be in good company. The immediate reaction, when after two attacks it wasn’t clear if more were to come, is not necessarily indicative of any permanent shift in behavior.
    Keep in mind: we have more places to eat here on Ahuza after 10 PM than in the theater district of Manhattan.

    In any case, take note: when the attacks took place, people in Raaanana didn’t run away from the attackers – they ran towards them to subdue them.

  • Golum

    Now explain in PLAIN ENGLISH….

    what are you talking about Senior BooBoo???????

  • Ari Briggs

    Yes, of course, when terrorists strike in your home town, it is shocking and terrifying and people are understandably upset. However, we are one people, with one homeland and we are being attacked everywhere, all over. Like any living body, we feel pain wherever we are shot, wherever we are run over or stabbed or stoned. It doesn’t matter whether it happens specifically in Raanana again or not. It MATTERS if it happens again anywhere in ERETZ ISRAEL. This has to be a wake up call for us all.
    Remember this day, remember the fear, remember the terror.
    Use the memory to make a difference, enact a change, stand up, be counted. Take on a cause.
    Remember, the people of Sderot have been living with this fear for years. The people of Jerusalem face it every day. And the pioneers of the North & South and Judea & Samaria, they have to deal with this fear daily.
    Refuah shlema to all those injured and to all Am Yisrael. We will overcome!

  • John S. Cohen

    It’s not a nice thing to happen anywhere, let alone near home. The sole cause of these incidents are the incitement of the Arab leaders, including those who sit in the Knesset. But, whilst it behaves all of us to be alert, we must not cower and shy away from leading normal lives, because, this will give the terrorists what they want.

  • I am mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore

    How many Jewish lives have to be lost before the Israeli government takes a decisive action, no holds barred and zero tolerance? Death to the terrorists and no restraint to terror and violence. Eviction and demolition of homes, confiscation of property to compensate for the damage and barring Arabs in those areas. Let the Arabs know that if this terror and violence continues, the price will be high and non-negotiable. Stop talking; let’s see some serious action on the ground. This situation is spiraling out of control and the government and its security forces are deliberating and hesitating to take forceful and uncompromising actions. The Israeli government must consider first and foremost the safety and security of its people and not the biased world nations, who throughout history stood idle while Jews were killed, tortured, terrorized and persecuted. Israeli people are trained soldiers; they know how to defend themselves. If the government is not able to stop this wave of terror, it is the Job of the Israelis to defend themselves, this is not Nazi Germany, this is Israel our own historical land with our own government and a strong defense force, use it and stop the ghetto mentality. Death to the terrorists, nothing less will suffice. May the lord support you in defending yourselves, but G-d helps those who help themselves. Israel must take a strong initiative once and for all.
    YJ Draiman

  • Booboo

    This is Booboo.
    I am ordering all Jews to stock up on several weeks of Bamba and stay indoors.
    I want all Jews to cower while I hobnob with the billionaires in charge here and with my Arab and other goyim global masters.
    Do not take the law into your own hands – or else!
    IPledge to protect you with my beautiful promises and speeches.


    • Max Genghis Cohen

      Booboo, the clown. All you offer is leftist scorn. Where is your constructive advice on how to counter Arab terror tactics without resorting to a stampede of random retaliation?