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October 19, 2015 11:30 am

Jubilant Palestinians Hand Out Candy to Celebrate Deadly Attack in Beer Sheva; Hamas Calls Carnage ‘Heroic Act’

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Shuafat, following Sunday evening's terrorist attack in the Central Bus Station in Beer Sheva. Photo: Facebook.

Shuafat, following Sunday evening’s terrorist attack in the Central Bus Station in Beer Sheva. Photo: Facebook.

Following Sunday evening’s stabbing and shooting attack at the Central Bus Station in the southern Israeli city of Beer Sheva, during which IDF soldier Omri Levy (19) was killed and many other commuters wounded, candy was distributed to passers-by in the streets of Shuafat, in east Jerusalem, to celebrate the “victory” of the successful act of terrorism against Jews, Israeli news website Walla reported on Monday.

The terrorist, later identified as 21-year-old Muhanad Alukabi of the Israeli Bedouin village of Hura, had wrested the soldier’s rifle, and shot at commuters, before being killed by Israeli security forces.

During the attack, Haptom Zarhum – a migrant worker from Eritrea – was thought to have been an accomplice to the terror attack. He, too, was shot by security forces on the scene and subsequently killed by a mob of angry citizens. Police launched an investigation and were seeking suspects in what Israeli media began calling a “lynch.”

Meanwhile Hamas in the Gaza Strip glorified Alukabi’s attack, with a spokesman calling the event “another heroic act against the occupation, which is in high alert. This confirms the resistance of our people, who will not be deterred by anything.”

He added that the attack at Beer Sheva’s central station was a response to the “fatal executions committed by the occupation army,” Hamas’ epithet for the Israel Defense Forces.

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  • steven L

    They live and think like in the 8th or 9th century. So expect no less.

  • jeremy

    As the thousands of Muslim Brotherhood front-groups each play their role in the Ummah. And the dozens of Turkish “human rights” groups play their role in ISIS and killing turkey’s perceived enemies and recalcitrant minorities.

    Hamas and American/EU real colonization, real neocon, real warmongering, real imperialism Fatah/PLO, play good cop bad cop. Hamas also has front groups for things it doesn’t want to take credit for in its Syrian (temporarily called “palestinian”) Ummah, those go to Islamic Jihad and the like.

    ISIS is already in Israel, as is colonialist turkey as was Al Queda for decades, read the Koran this is how Islam has always worked, each plays their role for the Ummah in the genocidal colonialist Jihad.

  • duPont

    I used to mightily criticize Rabbi Meir Kanaha for what I thought were his inhumane pronouncements. Unfortunately, I think he was right. He knew something way back in the 70s and 80s that we did not. He knew that the Arabs were devoid of any humanity and that their religion was one of murder and mayhem. It will only get worse until Christians, Jews and other religions unite, stand up and fight back. The UN is useless- they will never act on behalf of the Israelis-they are made up of too many anti-Semites.

  • there is no moral equivalence there is no “cycle of violence” that our us govt and the israeli left decry — this is a continuation of the original war on the jewish state from the beginning — islam cannot tolerate a jew standing tall in their midst be in the market in baghdad (where we no longer exist) or anywhere on the planet they decide is “theirs” they never ever imagined Israel would survive their onslaughts now they martyr their children and get the world to cry out against israel — jews could not defend themselves as second class “dhimmi” in arab lands — Jews are defending themselves now in their own country called Israel. this to Islam is an abomination. they will manipulate anything and anyway to get jews out of the region or to live UNDERNEATH them.

  • DAMNABLE: This praise of murderousness

    These who did,and would do so, or laud this have seared consciences.

  • Herve Bosquet

    When I suggest that Israel needs to get tough on these demonic possessed Palestinians, my comments are not published. How many more Jews need to be killed before the government has a backbone to push these bastards into the sea.

    • zorka

      they are subhuman, evil, they should be pushed into hell, rethink the sea which houses God’s creatures, to hell, the devil embraces them.

  • Tony Trenton

    The fake PA that the Egyptian terrorist Arafat invented 50 years ago are the usurpers and Occupiers in the historical Jewish Land of Israel.

    There are not and never have been a legitimate people called Palestinians.

    These usurpers are Muslim Arabs trying to steal the Land of Israel.

    Islam is a demonstrable Apartheid Death Cult that reveres Death and Martyrdom instead of Life and Liberty.

    Muslims have chosen Genocide as their means
    to have their ‘Islam only world’ without Infidels.

    • Tony Trenton

      The fake PA women breed psychopaths and rejoice at the atrocities their offspring inflict upon innocent Israeli public.

      They are a very, very sick collection of Arab Muslims !!!

      These are not and never will be persons to live with.

      They want their predicted ‘War of Blood’. With their Mahdi leading them to a glorious victory over the Infidels !!!

      Muslims the world over join them in rejoicing their murderous agenda.

      While Israel lives their world wide Jihad is on hold and Infidels will keep their heads on their shoulders.

  • I love Israel, so many have mention
    they are going to Israel. I would love to go and walk
    On land Jesus walked! See the Mount of Olives. Most of
    all be there when Jesus comes back. I love Jesus and thank
    him for saving my soul. Come soon Lord Jesus!!!

  • Doodad

    Murderous, animalistic, death worshiping barbarians. And the “international community,” worships the Jew killing celebrants.

  • Gary Katz

    Polls have shown that Palestinian Muslims are the most terrorist-supporting Muslims in the world.
    Articles like this demonstrate the poll results, as it applies to real life.

  • Ashara

    Yes, and may all the lynch mob receive the reward they deserve too – to be kicked in the head, spat upon & cursed as they lay dying.

  • John Cohen

    This is typical of the extremist Palestinians who have no intention of making peace and who prefer death to life. As long as there are leaders like Abbas who praise murderers and incite their people to kill. Those who support and host these leaders are as guilty as if they had wielded the knife or fired the gun or thrown the rock it Molotov cocktail. May they all receive the reward they deserve and desire….DEATH

    • Tony Trenton

      You are 100 % correct !!!

      This is WW 3.

      Islam against the rest of Humanity !!!

    • Luigi Rosolin

      But here they talk about Hamas: Abbas is really supporting the killing?

    • Sam

      I wonder how the U N. will review these new atrocities

      • Sam

        Who will now provide the moderation? I suppose they (whoever they are) do not like to hear the truth.