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October 20, 2015 2:36 pm

Years After Sexual Assault by Palestinians, Israeli Woman Granted Status as a ‘Terror Victim’

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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A precedent was set by the Israeli Defense Ministry, enabling a woman who had been sexually assaulted by four Palestinians to be granted the status of a terror or war victim. Photo: Wikipedia.

A precedent was set by the Israeli Defense Ministry, enabling a woman who had been sexually assaulted by four Palestinians to be granted the status of a terror or war victim. Photo: Wikipedia.

For the first time in Israel’s history, a case of sexual assault is going to be recognized as an act of war or terrorism, Israeli media reported on Tuesday.

According to a precedent-setting ruling by the Defense Ministry, a young woman who was sexually assaulted at age 14 by four Palestinian teens in her Jerusalem neighborhood, will be eligible for all the financial and other aid normally granted to Israelis wounded in acts of enemy aggression.

The act took place more than 11 years ago, in June 2006, when four Palestinian boys, then minors, followed the girl one evening while she was out walking by herself near the Pisgat Ze’ev shopping mall. As she passed a bus stop, they rode up to her on their bicycles and began touching her, tugging at her shirt and laughing. After that, they blocked her way, hit her and shoved her down a slope in the road, where they sexually assaulted her. The girl managed to escape and later helped police apprehend her attackers.

According to the ruling, “The site of the attack and the general atmosphere of tension in that area related to the Arab-Israeli conflict, the type of event and the identity of the attackers — together constitute a reasonable basis to assume that it was an act of enmity.”

Once defined in this manner, the sexual assault is comparable to any attacks specifically targeting Jews – something that the legal counsel of the defense establishment determined was relevant to this specific case based on testimony provided by police and other sources.

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  • Pearl

    You’re right, they should be congratulated for this decision. Bur I have a question. What took them so long???

  • Anonymous

    Very important legal decision, not only for women in Israel, but for women around the world…

    Well done.

  • Vivienne Havalant (Leijonhufvud)

    The rest of the world needs to follow ISRAEL’s example, in particular Europe & Scandinavia where rape is carried out on a monstrous basis. 98% of rapes are carried by MOSLEMS who generally back so called Palestine. Not one single European or Scandinavian nation has had the good sense to recognize multiple rape against women and girls of all ages is tantamount to a war crime in today’s horrific climate of the establishment world wide of the The third caliphate.

  • Sue Deutsch

    It is about time. Rape is commonly used as an instrument of terror against women. In many societies this means that the victims are further victimized by their own people, because the victim is blamed for the rape. I was in Israel during the Six Day War. I remember various threats on English radio broadcasts from Arab Countries. One such threat was directed toward Jewish women. The threat was not explicit, but it was clear that it was that Jewish women would be raped after Arab conquest.

  • Tabitha Korol

    These are acts of war and should be acknowledged. A good precedent was set, because it’s happened in Nordic countries (Sweden being considered the rape capital of the civilized world and the perpetrators are Muslim invaders).

    • Gerald Jencks

      I feel the pain here in the U.S.I wish I could do more, but I can pray to a living,loving GOD to heal those women.thanks for tell about the problem.

  • Elisheva

    Too bad it took so long to get this ruling. I should have been obvious from the beginning. This girl suffered greatly and should have all the help she needs.

    • Atilla

      This is further evidence that all Jews should be able to carry a handgun, and even Jewish children need to have firearms training from an early age and be allowed to carry a small calibre hand gun for self defence once they have reached a standard of competence.

      This may sound too radical for some, but until the arab problem is resolved, radical measures are necessary.

      • I totally agree with you and no it is not radical. The truth is not radical. The Muslims have to be brought down any way it can be done. They are violent evil people and they care not for any one other than themselves and their kind. Israel has a right to life the same as anyone else. They are God’s chosen people also not the muslims. As we treat Isreal So will God treat us.

  • Good work, Israel. The West & the USA should follow this example.

  • Lex Talionis

    I think this decision is a just one. The article might want to revisit its math, however. By my calculations, June 2006 was not “more than 11 years ago”.

  • paddy

    Rape must be the most disgusting means of degrading a person’s humanity,it’s a power thing; anyone who indulges in it deserves the full impact of the law. If it’s perpetrated because of the victim’s race or creed, it is all the more dehumanising. Israel is to be congratulated for recognising the brutal act as terrorism; the victims may be able to feel some consolation and a sense of belonging to a people who care for them.

  • Charles Martel

    Finally some good news for the victims of these barbarians.

    • Mickey Oberman

      Rape or sexual assault should receive the severest punishment possible.

      When a criminal commits a crime using a weapon the weapon is always removed. This should be the case with sexual crimes.

      Total removal of the offensive weapon. That would completely eliminate the possibility of the criminal ever offending again.
      Call it Extreme Circumcision or anything else but do it.