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October 22, 2015 11:12 pm

UN Fires UNRWA Staff Over Antisemitic Social Media Posts

avatar by Eliezer Sherman

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U.N. Secretary General Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq. Photo: YouTube Screenshot

U.N. Secretary General Deputy Spokesman Farhan Haq. Photo: YouTube Screenshot

The United Nations fired some of its staff over social media posts the organization said violated its rules, including for antisemitism and racism.

After a U.N. spokesperson, Farhan Haq, parried a series of questions concerning antisemitic social media posts by some of the employees at the U.N. relief agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, the U.N. acknowledged later in the transcription of the press briefing that “Some allegations have found to be authentic, others not.”

In its clarification, the U.N. said it was “working closely with Facebook’s legal team” to remove postings in violation of its social media rules. “These postings have been removed and the staff have been subject to both remedial and disciplinary action, including suspension and loss of pay.”

At the same time, the U.N. said some 90 imposter or otherwise unauthorized Facebook pages had also been removed, in which the alleged “UNRWA staff” either never had been or were no longer with UNRWA at all.

The U.N. also said it was continuing to investigate other such allegations.

The clarification came after Geneva-based UN Watch submitted a report exposing about a dozen alleged U.N. employees posting incendiary antisemitic content to their Facebook pages, and called for their dismissal.

UN Watch welcomed the U.N.’s clarification and acknowledgment of the problem but demanded to know which of the U.N. employees profiled by its report were dismissed, the details of the U.N.’s findings and whether more cases of U.N. employees posting antisemitic incitement were discovered.

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  • G.Ben-Nathan

    If you seriously believe UNWRA people have been fired for ‘racism’ or ‘anti-semitism’ – you’ll believe anything!

  • David Goshen

    It would be advisable to check in Gaza if this has really happened.It is a known fact that Hamas vets each appointment
    in Gaza and every appointment has to be an active member of Hamas.In the same way all correspondents have their reports checked by Hamas and any statements not acceptablr by Hamas have to be changed and only when correspondents are outside Gaza can they honestly report.Not all correspondents are given entry to Gaza by Hamas.That is why the huge humanitarian cris in Gaza where no rebuilding of destroyed housing from the last Gaza War has commenced.Bank E Moon the Secretary General of the UN appointed Abu Mazem of the PA to supervise for the UN the rebuilding but Hamas does not allow Abu Mazem into Gaza nor do they agree to him supervising the rebuilding.All building materials shipped by Israel into Gaza each week are bought by Hamas in the Black Market and used to build more tunnels in preparation for the nexy war.I wrote to Bank E Moon 2 months ago warning him of the cris,I receivrd an acknowledgement but NO ACTION AT ALL!!!

  • June Getraer

    “…the staff have been subject to both remedial and disciplinary action, including suspension and loss of pay.”

    Where does it say fired?

    Are they giving them 3 strikes before they are dismissed?!

  • jeremy

    Symbolic and impactless.

    The UN has proven that all world governments and the concept itself is inherently ABSOLUTE evil.

    It will, not may, will, be used to bludgeon of course the Jews but other minorities too. Where power is concentrated antisemites will go to play their tricks and reversals.

  • Joann Krohn

    Good it’s about time. There are more Arab countries than 1 Israel this needs to be fair

  • Jason Neiman

    Check your sources. There were some suspensions and docked pay, not firings.

  • Dante

    A step in the right direction. A small step. As a helper of Hamas, UNWRA forfeited its existence.

  • Richard E Sherwin

    what’d they do? promote them to full members of the General Assembly, or the Security Council?

    • Ruth

      No, they probably promoted them to human rights committees!

  • Eliot Schickler

    The UNRWA only did the right thing because “The Heat is on” them!

    • L. Fayman

      Keep up the heat!! American Jews have been quiet for too long and look what that’s gotten us – just more unanswered lies. I keep remembering the saying If we are not for ourselves, who will be for us?

  • Who’s have thunk? The UN?

  • I’m shocked they actually fired UNWRA staff who serves as a de facto NGO for Palestinians.