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October 26, 2015 12:57 pm

Anti-Israel, Antisemitic Rally in Morocco Has Demonstrators Mock-Executing ‘Orthodox Jews’ (VIDEO)

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Thousands demonstrated in a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Morocco. Photo: MEMRI Screenshot

Thousands gather at an anti-Israel demonstration in Morocco. Photo: MEMRI/ Screenshot.

Thousands marched in Casablanca, Morocco on Sunday, in a show of solidarity for Palestinians amid the recent wave of Israeli-Palestinian violence, according to a video released by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

Demonstrators — among them teenagers and young children — wearing smocks bespattered in red paint, or the colors of the Palestinian flag, chanted, “Death to Israel,” and “We will sacrifice our soul and our blood to you, Al-Aqsa,” in reference to the holy site in Jerusalem that has reportedly been at the center of the recent terror surge in Israel.

“We are proud of these strong ties, under the guidance of the king, in support of the Palestinian people,” Zohei Al-Shan — who was named in the video as the Palestinian ambassador to Morocco — said on camera.

Al-Shan also blamed the lack of peace in Israel on Israeli security personnel’s killing of Palestinians, many of whom were in the middle of carrying out attacks against Jews when shot.

Another part of the demonstration, also featured in a video uploaded to Facebook, shows two men dressed in Orthodox Jewish garb — albeit with obscenely tall cylindrical black hats — being led by West Bank Palestinian activists in black-and-white kaffiyehs (as opposed to the traditionally green ones worn by their counterparts in the Gaza Strip) holding toy assault rifles behind a miniature float of the Dome of the Rock.

At one point in the MEMRI video, the two “Orthodox” men are seen chipping away at the Dome of the Rock with pickaxes. They are subsequently rounded up, fake-stabbed and “executed.”

The current violence was prompted in part by rumors that Israel was trying to change the status quo on the Temple Mount, allowing Jews the long-barred right to pray there — a charge Israel forcefully denies. On Sunday, Israel and Jordan agreed to round-the-clock monitoring of the site to help maintain security.

Underneath the Morocco video posted on Facebook, the user wrote “Nazislamisme in action in Casablanca, Morocco on Sunday under the auspices of the authorities,” apparently using a portmanteau combining Nazism with Islam.

The demonstration showed clear demonization of Israeli soldiers and Orthodox Jews. Protesters marched across the Israeli flag laid out on the ground, and garbage collectors threw trash into plastic bags decorated with the Israeli flag.

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  • Driss

    I am Moroccan and like the majority of Moroccans. we dissociate ourselves with this demonstration so. We are in solidarity with our fellow Moroccan Jews

  • Mirele R.

    I have a feeling that the terrorists are paying huge amounts of money to the media and those people spouting lies about Israel just to turn the world against the Jews.

  • Rob White

    Interesting that all this violence is purportedly because Israel is planning to change the “status quo” when when in fact it is the Palestinian leadership that is in fact attempting that by having UNESCO rewrite Jewish history declare the Western Wall to be part of the Al-Aqsa mosque; thus denying the Jewish people’s attachment to Jerusalem.

  • anon

    Unbelievable. Why don’t they feel solidarity with all the Muslims who are being killed in Syria? Why does the whole Muslim world have such love for the Palestinians (as long as they’re not in their countries)? If Israel disappeared, “Palestine” would become another cesspool where every sect would start bombing every other sect.

  • Mordecai Bne Natan

    Where is Hashem?
    If ever we needed Hashem, it WAS DURING THE NAZI HOLOCAUST ERA, AND NOW.


    Islamis a cult, not a religion.
    It is built on lies, murder, and trying to spread their evil cult

  • And this is Morocco, one of the most “enlightened” Arab countries (together with Tunisia). Hopeless!

  • I am not a Jew or an Israeli and I don’t live in Israel, but if there should be any Jews left in Morocco, now is your time to make aliyah. Rather be safe than sorry, nuh?

  • steven L

    Genocidal Islamism, a core value of Islam.
    The western world to scared to admit it.

  • SteveHC

    Amazing that FACEBOOK sees no reason to take down or block such things on its websites.

  • Carl

    Shameful and very sad. I was in Morocco several years ago. At that time, they were proud of their Jewish community and relative acceptance of Israel. There was no overt anti-Semitism at that time. The state was renovating historical Jewish sites and Muslim caretakers displayed appropriate reverence towards Jewish cemeteries and vacated synagogues.

  • The next step is for The New York Times to minimize this incident, or whitewash it, or omit it completely.

    Then foolish Jews continue to purchase The New York Times, like drug addicts who cannot stop buying drugs that they know are harmful.


  • jeremy

    Where is the nearly million Jews of Morocco ? None, not even a one? The last one murdered on the street last year.

    This is the greatest evil in human history, Antisemitism.

    There should have been 30 million Jews in Morroco not one million, if the 3rd class citizen status and persecution had not been perpetual.

    forget that; today their are ZERO.

  • Eric R.

    Can Israeli Jericho missiles with nukes reach Morocco?