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November 1, 2015 2:04 pm

New Hamas Video Taunts Israel With Threatening Message, Shows Terrorists Training to Infiltrate Jewish Communities

avatar by Ruthie Blum

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Hamas terrorists training to infiltrate Israeli communities. Photo: Screenshot.

Hamas terrorists training to infiltrate Israeli communities. Photo: Screenshot.

A new Hamas video was posted Saturday on social media, in which the terrorist organization that controls the Gaza Strip demonstrates how it intends to infiltrate Israeli communities, Israeli news website Walla reported on Sunday.

More specifically, the 51-second clip makes reference to Kibbutz Zikim in southern Israel, near the Gaza border.

In the video, Hamas fighters are seen conducting urban-warfare drills – running among demo buildings, one of which has “Zikim” written on it in Hebrew — with assault rifles, vehicles, explosives and tunnel-maneuvering.

Kibbutz Zikim holds particular significance to Hamas. During Operation Protective Edge in Gaza last summer Israeli security forces detected and subsequently killed five terrorists trying to infiltrate the kibbutz.

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  • Esther Kaplan

    “After a violent intra-Palestinian battle in 2007 followed by Hamas’ takeover of Gaza and the expulsion of Fatah-allied officials and security members from Gaza, Hamas established a Hamas Government in place of the Palestinian Authority Government appointed by President Abbas.”

    Molly needs to do more research. She will find that Hamas is in control of the Gaza area, hides armaments in Palestinian schools, sends Palestinian citizens to serve as shields in battle areas, took the materials Israel gave the Palestinians for rebuilding Gaza and used it to build tunnels into Israel and Egypt…

    Furthermore, Barack Obama and John Kerry are already working as hard as they can to distance the US from Israel.

    • Stop susidies to PA group.Without necessary cash the Gaza people may rid themselves of Abbas, a deceitful(leader????)

      Don’t depend on Obama and Kerry. They are anti-semites, despite what the media states. Obama’s being taught in Muslims schools and Kerry’s Iranian family through marriage does not allow them to aid Israel

  • HP Benson

    Another example of why a two-state solution is completely naive. The Palestinians have their state now, Gaza, courtesy of Israel. Did peace “magically” break out? Of course not! Constant Chamas violence, needless killing and attempts to kill neighboring Israelis “broke out”. So what’s all this naive talk about two states? Get real. Arabs are taught from age two by their schools, on orders from their hateful dictators, to despise Jews and Israel. Israel is not on their maps. Until this stops, the irrational hate of Israel and Jews by Arabs will go on.

  • DockyWocky

    Gaza. The perfect homeland for anti-Israeli hatred.

    Troglodytes of islam unite!

  • steve

    HamAss war machine will be flicked off the planet in a new york second

    • Accept the Arab Peace Plan and Hamas ,withers away !

  • Like, “By their fruit you’ll know them.”

  • Molly Bloomerang

    Hamas controls Gaza Strip? Surely not from the air? i mean did Hamas fly all those attack jets that slaughtered so many innocent civilians; i can only hope America drops our connection to this dishonorable Israeli government.

    • Rosie

      Yes, Hanas does control Gaza. They just suck as an army and should not fire missiles into civilian cities in Israel.

    • Henna du Plessis

      You are ignorant.

    • OMG !!!
      Hear we go again … Blaming ISRAEL when they are Clearly the Victums in this War for
      Peace !!!
      The Jews Do Not Hide Behind Women & Children !!!
      The Jews Do Not Train nor do they Force Children to become Warriors & Force them to become Human Bombs and send them out to be Blown Up and in the process Murder Civilians. This is what the Coward Adult Terrorist, that you are defending do, so that makes you, An Uneducated Terrorist !!!

      The Jews Have Done Nothing Wrong !!!! They Give & Give to Palestine and they Take & Take and are Never Satisfied !!!

      Even if Palestine should become a State, they will still want to Destroy Israel. And That’s Wrong !!!
      Molly, Educate Yourself ….. The Jews Are Not The Enemy !!!

      The Jews are Highly Educated People. They Excel in Every Field & In Everything They Do.
      Yet,They continue to be Targets for Loosers. People that are Jealous of their Knowledge.

      “Israel Will Never Be Destroyed Because GOD Wins Their Wars”

      Everyone Wants Peace Except The Terrorist.
      We Need to Rid The World of these Cowards Who Hide Behind Women & Children and Use Them As Human Shields, so they can Blame the Jews when they are Wounded or Killed in Battle. And That’s Wrong !!!

      The Jews Don’t Start Wars …..They Finish Them !!!
      And I Support The Jews In Their Fight For Freedom ….. For They Are Not The Enemy !!!

    • Matt

      Hamas endangered its own people for purposes of fooling people into supporting its goal of genocide. Anyone who understands what happens in war knows full well that the use of human shields increases the number of casualties, and it is Hamas policy to use such shields as much as possible.

      The casualty count would actually go down if idiots didn’t fall for this tactic and blame Israel for the consequences.

    • racy we

      Hamas puts their children in front of the fire. They have no regard for any life including their children’s lives. They want them to be terrorists and jihadists and are proud when they die. Don’t blame Israel for bombing. Blame the terrorists. If you had crazies building tunnels to get to your children’s beds or classrooms to kidnap or kill them, you would do far worse than the Israelis. They drop leaflets before they attack, but the Arab terrorists don’t let the innocents leave. Open your eyes and see the truth.
      If you attack Israel, be prepared to lose.

  • steven L

    Without the complicity of the West this would not be possible.

  • .

    As you may be aware I INVESTIGATE THE ANTI SEMITISM OF THE PALESTINAN AUITHORITY . I am hacked, threatened, and insulted. Rest assure I will never give up or back down. Consider what I do JEWISH DEFENSE like in nature as I spread the word and fight for you, call it shomrim , guards if you wish. Our people are now being murdered daily. More to come on this subject. Never again….RABBI DR. BERNHARD ROSENBERG

    Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg to head entity to study and expose official Palestinian Authority…

    The Center for Near East Policy Research, dedicated to memory of Nahum Bedein, who succumbed to cancer four years ago, now engages|By David Bedein