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November 2, 2015 6:30 pm

Jewish Group Urges UC Berkeley to Probe Students for Justice in Palestine Over ‘Hateful, Antisemitic’ Actions at Campus Rally

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A Students for Justice in Palestine rally at University of California, Berkeley.

A Students for Justice in Palestine rally at University of California, Berkeley.

The Zionist Organization of America has urged University of California, Berkeley to investigate the campus chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine and possibly rescind its license to operate, the Algemeiner has learned.

ZOA National President Morton Klein and Center for Law and Justice Director Susan Tuchman called on Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks to condemn SJP by name for its “hateful, antisemitic, wrongful and possibly unlawful actions.”

The ZOA said SJP may have violated the Berkeley Campus Student Code, especially for threats of violence, harassment and for terrorizing behavior.

The ZOA was responding to eyewitness reports of a demonstration organized by SJP two weeks ago at Cal’s Sproul Plaza, where speakers rallied audience members to chant “intifada” and one pro-Israel counter-demonstrator was aggressively harassed by another SJP activist.

ZOA said chanting intifada was the same as calling out, “Violence and murder, violence and murder, we support violence and murder against Jews!”

It called for a zero-tolerance policy for antisemitism to be adopted according to the State Department definition, which includes certain forms of anti-Israel or anti-Zionist speech, such as the demonetization or delegitmization of the Jewish state.

“The ZOA is fully committed to ensuring that Jewish students at UC Berkeley are afforded the kind of campus environment that every student deserves – one that is physically and psychologically safe and conducive to learning.  That is their legal right under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. We urge you to protect that right by responding immediately and forcefully to the SJP’s hateful, anti-Semitic and violence-inciting conduct before the situation escalates further. If someone gets hurt, then the college administration will bear responsibility,” the group said.

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  • Jeff

    It’s not just Berkeley, Most University Campuses have an active Muslim advocacy type group that exploits the liberal free speech… atmosphere and uses it to demonize Israel and the Jewish people.

    • David Jeremiah

      I see, but Zionist groups don’t demonize Palestinians and Arabs, is that it? “Exploits the liberal free speech..” Yes — Israelis and most American Jews are not liberal and would like to do away with free speech altogether. We used to call these types “thugs”, but the term has fallen out of use. I assume American Jews are not liberal because the majority supports Zionism and its genocidal intent.

      • Fay

        David Jeremiah,where do I begin?
        You don’t seem to grasp what the terms freedom of speech or liberals mean.
        I am sure that you consider yourself to be a liberal. If so, you are wrong. I suggest that you start to acquire knowledge by reading the definitions for the terms: genocide,Liberal and Freedom of speech.
        Then you should try and understand another term: generalization.
        Your ignorance is showing.

  • Sven, you are so on the right track.

  • Mickey Oberman

    UC Berkeley is the headquarters for American haters of Israel and Jews.

    You may expect no cooperation from that vicious Islam loving quarter.

  • nelson marans

    It is about time that the state universities of California rein in the anti-semitic groups, including SJP, that promote not only hatred of Israel and its supporters but also incite physical violence agau inst Jewish students and pro-Israel speakers.
    Free speech for an anti-semitic group does not allow incitement to violence. For those responsible it is time that the state maintain that the actions of SJP are not only illegal but criminal.

  • All it takes is finding the postal address of the International Criminal Court, Th Hague, The Netherlands. Address your complaint to the Office of The Prosecutor. Jewish students must do that. Stop the solicitation of genocide now. I have sent them a similar complaint about Mahmoud Abbas and the leaders of Hamas.

  • Boris Kapilevich

    By the federal law in America any racial comment is a criminal offence.
    But justice doesn’t apply to Palestinians when they chant hateful, antisemitic slogans and terrorize Jewish students, making their life on campus unsafe and in danger.
    It is a duty of the government to protect citizen of America from harassment and violence!
    The silence is a sign of acceptance! Shame on our government!

    • David Jeremiah

      Shame on you! Israelis chant “Death to Arabs!” all the time, graffiti it on walls etc. And since when is any Jewish student at physical risk on a US campus. This is nonsense, rather it is “lawfare”. Just trash and nonsense.

      • ozgray

        Just where does this occur “all he time” David? Jewish students have been attacked on campuses but I suppose you’ve been able to turn a blind eye because that’s not the the facebook pages or twitter accounts that you receive. Your comments illustrate the common theme of irrational inbred and ignorant jew hatred. In your attempt to justify your fairytales you do manage to show everyone the fool you really are. Keep up the good work.

  • mal

    and don’t forget to put up some fake anti jewish graffiti on or near campus. That will generate more sympathy for our cause among the idiot media and the trustees will start to feel the pressure.

  • Ellenl

    DO NOT URGE. DEMAND. Hate speeck is illegal. How will you teach Arabs in this country what it means to be an American if you don’t protest illegal behavior? We must all be held to the same standard. Incitement and hate speech CANNOT be tolerated in America.

    • mortimer

      they are 90% white liberals who are part of sjp.

      • Alexi

        They think they’re liberals. There is nothing liberal about supporting terror, the wholesale destruction of a Nation State or the genocide of a Nation itself.

        They’re “good Germans”.

  • Sven

    Perhaps more significantly, the SJP should be investigated for being in violation of the Genocide Convention because it supports genocide against Israelis. A finding that SJP supports genocide would make all of its members war criminals.

    • mortimer

      your not going to stop white liberal idealistic students from standing up for human rights,it will only backfire on you.